Hello, welcome to my blog. I will tell you a bit about this blog. This blog is named coinsauruscrypto.blogspot.com. many are asking why I give a name like this? this is a difficult question I answer. actually, I give this name just for fun anyway. probably because I love Dinosaurs and when I was a kid I once bought a dinosaur doll for my mother and I really liked the dino doll. and take the name of coin and crypto because all the contents of the article on this blog about cryptocurrency and digital coin to be created in a project.

then, my goal is to create a blog that contains about the world of cryptocurrency because I want to introduce to the public about a crypto world that can make people supplement the income from this cryptocurrency world. and also I would like to invite investors to join ICO project which is listed in my blog article.

maybe that's all I can say. have a nice day. thank you.

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