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Saturday, November 3, 2018

[AIRDROP] BitcoinBing Exchange will be live from December

You want to invest in the ICO but don't have the capital to invest in the ICO coin? Now you don't worry, because many ICO projects will give their coins for free. In an easy way, you will get free coins from the AIRDROP program. Here I will give you how to get BING coins from a project called BitcoinBing. But beforehand I will explain in advance about their project.

Bitcoinbing is a cryptocurrency exchange project providing users with enhanced feature offers, unlocking and making advanced features and tools available. To run and realize this project, they will raise funds by selling Bing Tokens. And this is what you will get for free later. BING Token is a Utility token. Revenue distributed by Features also comes in the future, BING Tokens can be used to trade another cryptocurrency. The BING value can increase because trading volume increases in exchange.

To get this BING token, you can simply register yourself at https://www.bitcoinbing.io/register and fill out all the forms there. And of course, you also have to verify the email address that was sent. Next, you can see on your dashboard. You have got 30 BING for free. To get more rewards, you can invite your friends and family through program referrals. You will get 15 BING if one of your friends or family join it.

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