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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

IUONO - Complete banking ecosystems published on the blockchain

The Bank is a financial intermediary institution established with the authority to receive deposits, lend money, and issue promissory notes or known as banknotes. However, do you know the bank has a bad system in it? The bank has a system of oppression and exploitation. Everyone who participates in the banking system, they will be forced to give up their assets to a group of irresponsible financial criminals. They designed a system to punish people who have less and subsidize people who have more. The less money you have, the higher the cost of accessing banking services. If you are rich, most of the costs are set aside and interest rates are low. This makes people trapped in a vicious circle and there is no way out.

The bad system in the bank can be completed by the IUNO project. IUNO is a complete banking ecosystem based on tokens supported by assets published on the blockchain. The ecosystem includes payment gateways for e-commerce providers and banking services for participants. Tokens will be 100% supported by each Fiat currency partner to ensure value stability and can be predicted as the main driver to be adopted in various industries. Market participants can utilize blockchain technology and smart contracts, while enjoying all the famous banking capabilities, such as payments, savings, investments, and more.

Vision and Mission

The IUNO project has a vision and mission that is very feasible for each of their clients. IUNO has the Vision to provide decentralized wallet services, allowing individuals to have complete control over their assets. Individuals lend each other, individuals invest in one another, individuals transact with each other without the need for intermediaries. While IUNO mission is to build a revolutionary peer-to-peer banking ecosystem on a distributed blockchain platform that is guaranteed by a bulletproof identity management system.

IUNO and Unbanked

IUNO will offer an alternative way for those who do not have bank accounts or are underbanked to access various financial services without having to deposit their assets with a central institution. The IUNO project will provide services to industries that have difficulty accessing traditional banking services for regulatory and risk management reasons.

IUNO Payment Gateway

The introduction of a sophisticated and easy-to-use payment gateway is a key aspect of the IUNO project. This gateway can be used by clients to allow receipt of credit card payments in industries that are traditionally excluded from access to credit card services. The IUNO payment gateway can also guarantee that the person making the transaction is actually the person he claims. Identity management solutions eliminate the possibility of identifying fraud and allow the creation of audited but encrypted transaction records that guarantee a safe environment for all participants in the network.


The IUNO project has utility tokens as their currency, this token is named IUNIT which effectively addresses the main challenges in developing a transparent, easy to use, and highly decentralized market for goods and services by giving incentives to members to operate exclusively within the closed IUNO ecosystem.

IUNIT special function as a currency in the IUNO ecosystem is strongly related to the interaction of participants in the network with the world of “fiat” outside.
  1. IUNIT is paid to exchange IUNO Asset Tokens
  2. IUNIT is paid to master node operators to record transactions on the blockchain and provide processing power for dApps
  3. IUNIT numbers are limited
  4. IUNIT provides incentives to token holders (both consumers and traders) to operate within the IUNO ecosystem.

In addition to the IUNIT token, IUNO also has an Asset-backed Token that is anchored to the chosen currency (for example ABT-US if the token is supported by the US dollar, ABT-EU if the token is supported by the Euro) and its liquidity is guaranteed by funds stored in a dedicated trust account with only beneficiaries being the respective token holders. ABT has zero volatility because the exchange rate with the currency stored in the trust account is 1: 1. When ABT is purchased, a new token is created, when ABT is redeemed, the relevant token is destroyed.

ABT has special functions and characteristics related to trade in the market in the network
  1. ABT is paid by the Customer to the Trader in return for the goods or services provided
  2. ABT is paid by Traders to Selected Participants to be exchanged for wholesale goods
  3. ABT is paid by the Trader to Participant Employees for the services provided
  4. ABT is paid as interest charged by Consumers who lend ABT to other Consumers on the IUNO P2P Lending platform 

Token Sale

The IUNO project will hold a token sale to determine community interest in this project and to begin adoption of the platform. The funds collected during the token sale will be used for the design & implementation of the platform and for operating and marketing costs to encourage adoption and penetration of the platform. Part of the proceeds from the sale will be used to obtain the regulatory license needed to operate the platform in the jurisdiction to be activated. To promote the initial implementation of the platform, IUNO offers IUNIT in presale with large discounts for initial token buyers.

Details of Fur Token Sales and potential benefits of IUNIT ownership are provided in this paper and white paper. The binding terms and conditions of the IUNIT Token Sales are outlined in the Terms & Conditions provided at https://IUNO.io/.

Price of IUNIT token 0.001 ETH
Soft Cap Minimum of $3 million
Technical limit to the number of tokens 300,000,000 (three hundred million)
Adjustable distribution Unsold and unallocated tokens will be added to the reserve
Further token issues A single token issue within the Sale
Secured methods of token purchase Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), fiat payments and others

Team & Advisors

  • Amin El-Gazzar – CEO
  • Lorenzo Delzoppo – Legal/Compliance Counsel
  • Thomas Wawra – Head of EU Operations
  • John Czelusniak – Chief Marketing Officer
  • Patricia Marinho – Compliance
  • Michael Mildenberger – Capital Markets
  • Avi Rushinek – Academic
  • Sara Rushinek – Academic
  • Giovanni Soleti – Capital Markets
  • Sebastian Galleitner – Visual Arts & UX Design
  • Mike Skowronski – Software
  • Jaime Ramirez – Due Diligence
  • Nina Hülsken – Payment Systems
  • Shehzad Khan – Advisor

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writen by : Ludmilla
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