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Sunday, October 21, 2018

ConcertVR - Enjoy real concerts in Virtual Reality on Demand

Discussing a technology developed by humans today will never run out. Because the current technology continues to show a trend that moves very fast and makes us have to keep on following it quickly so that it is not outdated. And one of the newest technology products that are currently popular is Virtual Reality (VR). VR itself is a digital device that is useful and useful to provide a virtual environment experience to humans. Even though on some sides this digital device is reaping controversy, it must be admitted that Virtual Reality (VR) has its own functions and uses in supporting human life. 


With VR, we don't have to bother to travel far to see the outside world that we have never visited and we have never even done it before. And this is the project built by concertVR. By creating the first blockchain cross-platform market for high quality. VR content from the music and entertainment sector, concertVR strives to revolutionize the entertainment industry one concert at a time.

Statistics show that audiences who attend concerts and festivals reach record highs and are expected to generate sales of more than $ 1.1 billion annually in Germany alone. However, this potential is still not fully achieved. Because of popular demand, concert artists like Bruno Mars and U2 are usually sold out within hours, if not minutes. This resulted in thousands of prospective concert-goers unable to buy tickets. But what if it is possible to sell an unlimited number of tickets for a live concert? The music industry can produce a much higher income stream if a larger audience is reached.

ConcertVR users will be able to enjoy real concerts in Virtual Reality, either in real-time or on demand at any time of their choice. After they buy tickets to certain concerts, users will be able to enjoy quality content on any platform - smartphones, VR glasses, browsers, or SmartTV.

In the concertVR world, users can choose from a different camera perspective, or in other words, where they want to feel the concert from. There are various options to choose from - in the VIP stands, right in front of the stage, or even on stage right next to their favorite artists. In addition, there will also be special features like watching your favorite singers doing their songs, unplugged, in the studio - near VR and specifically for you. You will also get the chance to experience pressure and stage fright by spending the last few minutes before the concert with backstage artists.

Transaction Security

All data on concertVR will be stored in a decentralized cloud-based bank data, which will be stored on the internet by nodes. This makes the trade repository and user data unchanged and therefore will be safe against fraud and hacking. Furthermore, the use of smart contracts will not require intermediaries, which will not only save time and money but also guarantee the highest security standards. By implementing smart contracts, sometimes very high transaction costs for regular concert tickets can be greatly reduced.

ICO Token Sale

The ICO Concert will begin on April 15 and continue for one month until May 2, unless the 60,000 Ether hard-stamp is reached before that. The price of each concert token VR (ticker: CVT) is set at 0,00015 ETH during ICO, which means that the total supply of CVT is 400,000,000 tokens.


  • Sebastian Deyle - Founder / CEO
  • Andreas Knuffmann - Co-Founder / CCO
  • Frank Zahn/exozet GmbH - Head of Development / CDO
  • Stefan Schulz - Executive Board Advisor
  • Giovanni Cicivelli - Financial Advisor 
  • Samuel Ewig - Social Media Management 
  • Jan Mewes - Artist Acquisition 
  • Raimund Saier - Financial Advisor
  • Julia Hennings - HR Board Advisor
  • Robert Clemens - Development MVP
  • Thilo Richter / Jan Bollmeyer - Crypto-Advisor

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