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Sunday, October 21, 2018

ConcertVR - Enjoy real concerts in Virtual Reality on Demand

Discussing a technology developed by humans today will never run out. Because the current technology continues to show a trend that moves very fast and makes us have to keep on following it quickly so that it is not outdated. And one of the newest technology products that are currently popular is Virtual Reality (VR). VR itself is a digital device that is useful and useful to provide a virtual environment experience to humans. Even though on some sides this digital device is reaping controversy, it must be admitted that Virtual Reality (VR) has its own functions and uses in supporting human life. 


With VR, we don't have to bother to travel far to see the outside world that we have never visited and we have never even done it before. And this is the project built by concertVR. By creating the first blockchain cross-platform market for high quality. VR content from the music and entertainment sector, concertVR strives to revolutionize the entertainment industry one concert at a time.

Statistics show that audiences who attend concerts and festivals reach record highs and are expected to generate sales of more than $ 1.1 billion annually in Germany alone. However, this potential is still not fully achieved. Because of popular demand, concert artists like Bruno Mars and U2 are usually sold out within hours, if not minutes. This resulted in thousands of prospective concert-goers unable to buy tickets. But what if it is possible to sell an unlimited number of tickets for a live concert? The music industry can produce a much higher income stream if a larger audience is reached.

ConcertVR users will be able to enjoy real concerts in Virtual Reality, either in real-time or on demand at any time of their choice. After they buy tickets to certain concerts, users will be able to enjoy quality content on any platform - smartphones, VR glasses, browsers, or SmartTV.

In the concertVR world, users can choose from a different camera perspective, or in other words, where they want to feel the concert from. There are various options to choose from - in the VIP stands, right in front of the stage, or even on stage right next to their favorite artists. In addition, there will also be special features like watching your favorite singers doing their songs, unplugged, in the studio - near VR and specifically for you. You will also get the chance to experience pressure and stage fright by spending the last few minutes before the concert with backstage artists.

Transaction Security

All data on concertVR will be stored in a decentralized cloud-based bank data, which will be stored on the internet by nodes. This makes the trade repository and user data unchanged and therefore will be safe against fraud and hacking. Furthermore, the use of smart contracts will not require intermediaries, which will not only save time and money but also guarantee the highest security standards. By implementing smart contracts, sometimes very high transaction costs for regular concert tickets can be greatly reduced.

ICO Token Sale

The ICO Concert will begin on April 15 and continue for one month until May 2, unless the 60,000 Ether hard-stamp is reached before that. The price of each concert token VR (ticker: CVT) is set at 0,00015 ETH during ICO, which means that the total supply of CVT is 400,000,000 tokens.


  • Sebastian Deyle - Founder / CEO
  • Andreas Knuffmann - Co-Founder / CCO
  • Frank Zahn/exozet GmbH - Head of Development / CDO
  • Stefan Schulz - Executive Board Advisor
  • Giovanni Cicivelli - Financial Advisor 
  • Samuel Ewig - Social Media Management 
  • Jan Mewes - Artist Acquisition 
  • Raimund Saier - Financial Advisor
  • Julia Hennings - HR Board Advisor
  • Robert Clemens - Development MVP
  • Thilo Richter / Jan Bollmeyer - Crypto-Advisor

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writen by : Ludmilla
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Thursday, October 18, 2018

MONET - Mobile Ad Hoc Blockchains

The number of online services that we use every day only involves people who have close proximity, and even almost completely we rely on third parties as coordinators who manage clients to the server. With this third party, we will lose privacy, transparency, and control over their data and calculations. What is needed is a system for mobile applications without servers, where people can interact directly with each other without fully returning to a third party or a group of extended participants. From the problems that I discussed earlier, a project called MONET has now arrived. I will explain everything about MONET in this article.

MONET is an open network architecture, realized by a set of software tools and protocols, designed to overcome this problem. The MONET Team and Developers will build a free and open source Software Development Kit (SDK) that allows developers to add blockchain consensus to their applications. It introduces a new paradigm where users dynamically join or form local blockchain during their interactions, and eliminate the need for servers. MONET utilizes blockchain technology so that each user can record records that cannot be changed and can be audited from group correspondence, providing a basic layer of accountability and interoperability.

MONET Hub optionally supports the first application on the network with services such as ID, peer-discovery, NAT-traversal, and cross-chain communication. This is a Smart Contract platform where anyone can deploy programs with non-temporary logic and benefit from a secure distributed computing network.


MONET brings decentralization and blockchain that is easily measurable to mobile devices. Based on a strong consensus system, Babble, MONET ad hoc blockchains can process thousands of transactions per second with near instant finality. Because blockchains are temporary, each off-shelf device can participate in the blockchain. The result is no intermediary fees, no risk of centralization, no slow blockchain speeds, and no compromise costs.

  • Multiple ephemeral blockchains dynamically formed by users with their mobile devices.
  • Inter-Blockchain Communication, enabling these blockchains to speak to one another.
  • MONET Hub, an always-on network, that provides optional infrastructure services to the first applications and ad hoc blockchains.

The advantage of MONET

The MONET project has 4 advantages including:
  1. MONET creates infrastructure for distributed cellular p2p applications. The architecture aims to drive the economy to share by bringing blockchain to mobile phones.
  2. MONET consists of several ad hoc blockchains that appear and end when the application participant interacts.
  3. Inter-Blockchain Communication facilitates interoperability between this blockchain.
  4. Finally, MONET Hub is a blockchain that is always active, allowing distributed applications to begin with the use of existing infrastructure services.
That was a brief explanation about MONET Network. To find out more details about MONET, you can directly visit their website at https://monet.network/

Team & Advisors

Core Team
  • MARTIN ARRIVETS - Co-founder and CEO of Mosaic Networks
  • GIACOMO PURI PURINI - Co-founder and CFO of Mosaic Networks
  • KEVIN JONES - Software Developer at Mosaic Networks

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writen by : Ludmilla
bitcointalk profile : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1064448;sa=summary
ethereum adress : 0x29ac4A201C36b7922430F0A37976C1bA1c617339

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

IUONO - Complete banking ecosystems published on the blockchain

The Bank is a financial intermediary institution established with the authority to receive deposits, lend money, and issue promissory notes or known as banknotes. However, do you know the bank has a bad system in it? The bank has a system of oppression and exploitation. Everyone who participates in the banking system, they will be forced to give up their assets to a group of irresponsible financial criminals. They designed a system to punish people who have less and subsidize people who have more. The less money you have, the higher the cost of accessing banking services. If you are rich, most of the costs are set aside and interest rates are low. This makes people trapped in a vicious circle and there is no way out.

The bad system in the bank can be completed by the IUNO project. IUNO is a complete banking ecosystem based on tokens supported by assets published on the blockchain. The ecosystem includes payment gateways for e-commerce providers and banking services for participants. Tokens will be 100% supported by each Fiat currency partner to ensure value stability and can be predicted as the main driver to be adopted in various industries. Market participants can utilize blockchain technology and smart contracts, while enjoying all the famous banking capabilities, such as payments, savings, investments, and more.

Vision and Mission

The IUNO project has a vision and mission that is very feasible for each of their clients. IUNO has the Vision to provide decentralized wallet services, allowing individuals to have complete control over their assets. Individuals lend each other, individuals invest in one another, individuals transact with each other without the need for intermediaries. While IUNO mission is to build a revolutionary peer-to-peer banking ecosystem on a distributed blockchain platform that is guaranteed by a bulletproof identity management system.

IUNO and Unbanked

IUNO will offer an alternative way for those who do not have bank accounts or are underbanked to access various financial services without having to deposit their assets with a central institution. The IUNO project will provide services to industries that have difficulty accessing traditional banking services for regulatory and risk management reasons.

IUNO Payment Gateway

The introduction of a sophisticated and easy-to-use payment gateway is a key aspect of the IUNO project. This gateway can be used by clients to allow receipt of credit card payments in industries that are traditionally excluded from access to credit card services. The IUNO payment gateway can also guarantee that the person making the transaction is actually the person he claims. Identity management solutions eliminate the possibility of identifying fraud and allow the creation of audited but encrypted transaction records that guarantee a safe environment for all participants in the network.


The IUNO project has utility tokens as their currency, this token is named IUNIT which effectively addresses the main challenges in developing a transparent, easy to use, and highly decentralized market for goods and services by giving incentives to members to operate exclusively within the closed IUNO ecosystem.

IUNIT special function as a currency in the IUNO ecosystem is strongly related to the interaction of participants in the network with the world of “fiat” outside.
  1. IUNIT is paid to exchange IUNO Asset Tokens
  2. IUNIT is paid to master node operators to record transactions on the blockchain and provide processing power for dApps
  3. IUNIT numbers are limited
  4. IUNIT provides incentives to token holders (both consumers and traders) to operate within the IUNO ecosystem.

In addition to the IUNIT token, IUNO also has an Asset-backed Token that is anchored to the chosen currency (for example ABT-US if the token is supported by the US dollar, ABT-EU if the token is supported by the Euro) and its liquidity is guaranteed by funds stored in a dedicated trust account with only beneficiaries being the respective token holders. ABT has zero volatility because the exchange rate with the currency stored in the trust account is 1: 1. When ABT is purchased, a new token is created, when ABT is redeemed, the relevant token is destroyed.

ABT has special functions and characteristics related to trade in the market in the network
  1. ABT is paid by the Customer to the Trader in return for the goods or services provided
  2. ABT is paid by Traders to Selected Participants to be exchanged for wholesale goods
  3. ABT is paid by the Trader to Participant Employees for the services provided
  4. ABT is paid as interest charged by Consumers who lend ABT to other Consumers on the IUNO P2P Lending platform 

Token Sale

The IUNO project will hold a token sale to determine community interest in this project and to begin adoption of the platform. The funds collected during the token sale will be used for the design & implementation of the platform and for operating and marketing costs to encourage adoption and penetration of the platform. Part of the proceeds from the sale will be used to obtain the regulatory license needed to operate the platform in the jurisdiction to be activated. To promote the initial implementation of the platform, IUNO offers IUNIT in presale with large discounts for initial token buyers.

Details of Fur Token Sales and potential benefits of IUNIT ownership are provided in this paper and white paper. The binding terms and conditions of the IUNIT Token Sales are outlined in the Terms & Conditions provided at https://IUNO.io/.

Price of IUNIT token 0.001 ETH
Soft Cap Minimum of $3 million
Technical limit to the number of tokens 300,000,000 (three hundred million)
Adjustable distribution Unsold and unallocated tokens will be added to the reserve
Further token issues A single token issue within the Sale
Secured methods of token purchase Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), fiat payments and others

Team & Advisors

  • Amin El-Gazzar – CEO
  • Lorenzo Delzoppo – Legal/Compliance Counsel
  • Thomas Wawra – Head of EU Operations
  • John Czelusniak – Chief Marketing Officer
  • Patricia Marinho – Compliance
  • Michael Mildenberger – Capital Markets
  • Avi Rushinek – Academic
  • Sara Rushinek – Academic
  • Giovanni Soleti – Capital Markets
  • Sebastian Galleitner – Visual Arts & UX Design
  • Mike Skowronski – Software
  • Jaime Ramirez – Due Diligence
  • Nina Hülsken – Payment Systems
  • Shehzad Khan – Advisor

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writen by : Ludmilla
bitcointalk profile : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1064448;sa=summary
ethereum adress : 0x29ac4A201C36b7922430F0A37976C1bA1c617339

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Vendio - The crypto advertising platform

Ads on a website that are already familiar are listed at the top or bottom of a web page. This time that will be discussed is a video-shaped advertisement in the blockchain world called Vendio. What is Vendio? The following will be explained in this article.

Vendio is a digital advertising platform designed to take into account videos. This platform bridges the communication gap between the publisher's media, the interest of viewers and advertisers by connecting relevant advertisements to the publisher's media consumed by viewers. This platform is built around smart contracts that are run using Vendio tokens. Vendio implements an ownership tagging algorithm that is added to parts of the video content at a specified time for the duration of a particular video, selected by the publisher. These tags accurately describe the visual content that is displayed for the selected duration of time. Data in tags and asset information are then shared with prospective publishers of the publisher's choice, who then selects the best ad to match the specific content marked by the publisher.


VendiCoins is a token created with the purpose of using the Vendio platform that will allow members to use involved in all functions in the application. VendiCoins is a utility token that gives the owner privileges when using the Vendio platform and services. VendiCoins are not securities. VendiCoins are available at discounts during ICO & Pre-ICO events.

The benefits of Vendi tokens for some parties are as follows: 
  1. Advertiser
    Advertisers use VENDI tokens for the following things;
    • Gas price feeds involved in bidding to run ad campaigns on publisher content.
    • Price of the feed gas is involved in launching advertising campaigns.
    • Price of feed gas involved in rewarding publishers for encouraging delivery to campaigns on content.
    • Price of feed gas involved in a funding account.
    • Giving gifts to viewers with VENDI tokens because they are involved in their advertisements.
    • Big discount for using VENDI instead of fiat.
    • Advertisers with 5000 or more VENDI tokens stored on the platform get a large discount on the price per click
  2. Viewers
    Viewers use the VENDI token as follows;
    • Price of feed gas involved in withdrawing account funds.
    • Spend VENDI tokens generated on products and services offered by advertisers.
    • Donate VENDI to publishers making their favorite content.
    • VENDI token users get a large discount on the vendor's website when clicking on the ad link.
    • Platform users are rewarded with VENDI tokens by referring to the new sign up to the platform (Not valid for token sale)
  3. Publisher
    Publishers use the VENDI token as follows;
    • Gas price feeds involved in the content list.
    • Price of feed gas involved in withdrawing account funds.
    • Giving gifts to viewers with VENDI tokens as an incentive to share content.
    • Big discount for using VENDI instead of fiat.

Token Sale Overview

SEPTEMBER 15, 2018

The Vendi Crew

  • Ricky Diaz - Founder | CEO
  • Anthony Drake - Software Development Project Manager
  • Karin Shaw - Chief of Staff
  • David Lehre - Media Influencer
  • Cess Laguardia - Community Manager
  • Milendrasinh Jadeja - Project Manager
  • Rohit Rathod - Frontend Developer
  • Vishal Parshana - QA/QC Tester
  • Maksud Belim - Software Developer
  • Alpesh Koyani - Software Developer
  • Brent Feldman - Crypto / Marketing Advisor
  • Tyler Fumero - Crypto / Marketing Advisor
  • Ivan Begunov - Business Consultant / Advisor
  • Corey Jackson - Crypto Advisor
  • Sergei Motov - Legal Advisor

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writen by : Ludmilla
bitcointalk profile : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1064448;sa=summary
ethereum adress : 0x29ac4A201C36b7922430F0A37976C1bA1c617339

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Gym Rewards Ledger - Motivate People To Exercise With Digital Currencies

In the blockchain world, there are many ICO projects, one of which will be discussed here is The Gym Rewards Ledger. What is the Gym Rewards Ledger and everything about the Gym will be discussed below

An innovative mobile application that allows to mine GYM cryptocurrency with the body. The GYM rewards application requires exercising to get cryptocurrency. GYM Ledger uses heart rate monitors and calorie tracking to mine GYM Rewards and various Tokens supported. The Gym Rewards Ledger was built to support GYM Rewards Mobile APP and to provide a new format for hardware wallets. The GYM token is hosted on the EOS blockchain and the contract has been developed to work as a Proof of Exercise. POE is a contract based reward system that is activated by detecting locations in geolocation of contract coordinates and using heartbeats through the GYM mobile application to give gift blocks after the required work time has been met.

The Goal

The goal is to motivate people to exercise and be healthy with currencies and to compensate those who care for themselves every day. this application is a step further by sending GYM Ledger, a sports band that also has an integrated hardware wallet.

The GYM Ledger has two different roles.
  • First, it functions as a health band capable of carrying out cardio monitoring activities
  • Second functions as hardware wallets to protect your cryptocurrency.

GYM Ledger tries to solve two main problems and overcome them with GYM rewards Mobile Application Support. The two main problems are:
  1. lack of motivation to stay
  2. clear lack of physical activity has proven to be a risk factor for disease

The solution is: 
  1. get compensation for training
  2. Increase physical activity that can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes

LGR Token

Gym Rewards Ledger launches ERC20 token called GYM (LGR) Token Ledger. This token will become a token sold during ICO. Tokens that are not sold during the ICO will be available for mining/printing in the GYM Reward's APP after the ICO ends. The EOS-based GYM Award Token allows customers to transfer and withdraw their tokens free of charge.

That's the explanation of Gym Rewards Ledger. For more details, you can visit the official website of the gym, https://gymledger.com

Team & Advisors

  • Carmelo Milian - CEO & Lead Blockchain
  • Manuel Leal - Development Lead & Blockchain App
  • Armando Santana - Bunsiness Development Manager
  • Canice Phillips - Community Management
  • Oleh Khoroshko - Board Advisor
  • Ron B Palmer - Board Advisor
  • Carroll Moon - Board Advisor
  • Flavio Calonge - Board Advisor

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writen by : Ludmilla
bitcointalk profile : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1064448;sa=summary
ethereum adress : 0x29ac4A201C36b7922430F0A37976C1bA1c617339

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