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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

What is Coinbase and How is the Coinbase Founder's Track Record?

Unlike digital currencies, Coinbase has become a place to store coins or bits of Bitcoin. Coinbase founder named Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam. Precisely in 2012. The place operates in the United States. What are the story of Coinbase's trip and its founders? Please search this first.

Is it really Coinbase?

Simply put, this Coinbase company works the same way as a bank for conventional currencies. It's just every transaction and storage via online. The focus is indeed to save Bitcoin pieces. Not other digital currencies. If you are one of Coinbase's new partners, it's a coincidence. At Coinbase the platform has been provided for trading Bitcoin into various popular currencies in the world. Not only buying and selling, you are also given the facility of making a wallet for free. The withdrawal process in Dollars is also quite easy. Not convoluted at all.

How is Coinbase developing until now?

In March 2018, Coinbase established a new company focused on managing assets. The amount of information and the various needs of the community are met thanks to Coinbase, this company is growing over time. Until now, the assets have been in fantastic numbers. Since its launch, Coinbase has attracted worldwide attention. Even in 2014, Coinbase managed to attract more than 1 million users. Coinbase partners are also quite a lot, namely Overstock, Expedia, Dell, and others. That way, the alternative payment and withdrawal of funds will be more varied.

Brian Armstrong's Track Record

The founder of Coinbase is not an arbitrary person. His name has been listed as one of the richest people in the world. Brian is a graduate of Computer Science and Economics. In the Bitcoin community, he was nicknamed The Rockstar because it managed to become a star in the midst of soaring Bitcoin prices. Now he is 35 years old. Throughout life, Brian Armstrong already has an interest in technology-based markets. He diligently makes instruments for the market instruments. Including active in providing solutions to problems in the field. Thanks to his success, he was often invited to seminars, resource persons, and at workshops.

Fred Ehrsam Track Record

His name is not as big as Brian Armstrong. But his ability is very convincing. He used to be a Wall Street trader and writer in the Duke Economic Journal. He was only interested in cryptocurrencies in 2012. Just when he founded Coinbase together with Brian Armstrong. The goal is to facilitate the use of Bitcoin. He entered the top 30 in Time Magazine as an influential person in the world in 2013. Then in 2014, he entered the top 30 in the same list on Forbes. His age is younger than Brian. The difference is 6 years with Brian being 35 years old. Besides Coinbase, Fred Ehrsam also partnered with Goldman Sachs and BlackRock.

With the growing number of Bitcoin, then, of course, Coinbase in the future will be part of a new historical printer. Digital currencies are increasingly hunted. People like to make wallets and trade digital currencies, including Bitcoin. As Coinbase's founders, Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam agreed that the direction was good.

That was the explanation about Coinbase and the two founders. if you don't have a Coinbase wallet, you can register your account here.

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