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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Advantages of Cryptocurrency with Underlying Real Estate Business

Advantages of Cryptocurrency with Underlying Real Estate Business that you must understand. The majority of cryptocurrency is very vulnerable to high volatility. By combining ELES tokens with real estate we aim to offer a level of support. By supporting cryptocurrency with difficult real estate assets, we hope to improve the stability of the token itself and still gain high potential value growth. Because tokens will be used by parties to buy or rent property from a platform fund, transactions will often mean that tokens will not be responsible for market stagnation. Experience has shown us that tokens that have a real use and are used every day are far more stable than those that don't.

What is a distressed asset?

Since the 2008/2009 financial crisis all EU member states have experienced post-recession recovery, some faster than others. Because different member countries have begun to recover at different levels, it has brought many opportunities in special markets (NPLs) of special markets supported by real estate guarantees. Most of the financial problems of accidents in 2008 were caused by the emergence of bad credit and overvalued property throughout Europe. Simply put, the party is no longer able to pay for their mortgage which has caused one of the biggest financial crises ever.

NPLs and financial institutions

Performing loans will provide banks with interest income; he needs to make a profit and give a new loan to other customers. When a customer does not meet the payment agreed upon arrangement for 90 days or more. Banks must set aside more capital on the assumption that the loan will not be repaid. This reduces its capacity to provide new loans. To be successful in the long run, banks need to maintain a minimum level of bad credit. So they can still make a profit from giving new loans to customers. If the bank has too much bad credit on the balance sheet. Its profitability will suffer because it does not get enough money from its credit business. In addition, he must set aside money as a safety net in case he needs to cross out all loan amounts at a time.

What are the NPLs and Opportunities in Using Cryptocurrency?

After extensive research, Elements Estates concluded that the time was right to buy depressed assets from the bank portfolio. There is still a large amount left after the 2008 financial crash and banks have a degree of urgency to remove this from their ownership. They will usually do it at a less valuable level because even this is more effective as if they stepped out of their core business and started the process of completing their own construction. And in reality, such opportunities have never really disappeared as it seems there are always areas that pass through difficult economic times. Exactly of this type of property appears and offers unique opportunities.

The Elements Estates team will see each property individually. As with every investment, the most important factor when measuring investment potential is the price entered. The difference between entry and exit prices is a sweet part of a depressed deal and will allow the Element Estates team to extract the hidden value of underlying real estate assets, build a sound base and be stable for token values.

Basically, when the value of a real estate portfolio increases in value, the IMF can place assets in more projects. In the end, this means more units for sale or rent that will result in higher demand for ELES tokens. And produces a significant increase in the value of each token. This is because increased use will result in an appreciation of value. Especially when we consider that with every transaction 50 percent of tokens in transactional value is locked up.

That was the explanation of Element Estate. For more complete information, you can visit their official website at 


Elements Estates is a token for your unique real estate opportunity

Token symbol:
Total supply:
250 .000 .000
Ethereum, ERC-20
Token Price
1ELES= 0.55 USD
Fiat ,ETH , BNB

Team & Advisors

  • Peter Gorinšek - Chairman & Founder
  • Žiga Silič - CEO & Co-founder
  • Grega Mulej - Development Manager
  • Matej Grum - Chief marketing officer
  • Tal Navarro - Brand ambassador
  • Tilen Travnik - Head of development
  • Boris Savič - Blockchain developer
  • Blažka Radoja - Administration & Project support
  • Klemen Kastelic - Blockchain developer
  • Martin Širok - Blockchain developer
  • Peter Pohar - Web project manager
  • Marija Ćurko - Senior Operations Manager
  • Savvas Liasis - Financial Advisor
  • Uroš Grujič - Real estate advisor
  • Filip Vucagić - Real estate advisor
  • Cal Evans - Legal & business advisor
  • Gregor Gololičič - Blockchain Adviso
  • Sanjeet Bhavnani - Strategic advisor

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