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Monday, August 20, 2018

ADAB SOLUTIONS - Cryptocurrency transactions that are in accordance with Islamic financial principles based on Sharia norms

Islamic economic principles differ from western economies. Because the principle of Islamic economics is racing on the Qur'an and the Sunnah which is adapted to the existing Islamic norms. As in the world of banking, Islam presents a sharia bank which eliminates usury which is prohibited by the Qur'an. In accordance with this, there is a Muslim project that follows Islamic finance named Adab Solution. In accordance with the word "Adab" which means behavior or way of life. Therefore, in Adab Solution, the priority is the right behavior for a Muslim such as abstaining from usury, gambling, immoral services, and financial pyramids. Adab Solution is the first Islamic crypto platform in the world's. Adab Solutions makes it possible to carry out cryptocurrency transactions in accordance with Islamic financial principles based on Sharia norms.

The Goal

The ADAB Solutions project goal is to create crypto-exchange platforms, stock exchanges, and services that comply with Sharia norms and operate on Islamic principles. While the main objective is to develop the FICE (First Islamic Crypto Exchange) based on Sharia norms. And the ADAB Solutions project mission is to create conditions and services based on high Islamic moral and cultural values and provide access to all crypto economic users. Then, its main task is to create a structure that will establish new ethical standards for doing business in the industry.

There are several principles from Adab solution, including the following:
  1. ADAB Solutions is an activity guided by Islamic values ​​and Sharia norms.
  2. ADAB Solutions guarantees that the FICE exchange will prohibit:
    a. Credit transactions using interest
    b. Flower-bearing transactions
    c. Gain profit from discharge (riba - nasiah) and
    d. Get the benefit of exchange (riba - fadli).
    e. ADAB Solutions guarantees FICE will prohibit margin transactions with significant uncertainty (ghoror).
  3. ADAB Solutions guarantees that FICE will prohibit the use of platforms as certain finances in the economic sector, including gambling, pork production, alcohol production and others (maysir).
  4. ADAB Solutions guarantees that you will eliminate Ghoror's excess transactions (al-ghoror al-katsir).
    • Ghoror (or speculation, excessive risk) cannot be accepted according to Sharia teachings. Any type of transaction on the exchange technically may be checked for the existence of Ghoror by the Sharia Advisory Board. Under no circumstances will FICE carry out all transactions containing market manipulation. This can be ascertained by adjustments to the conditions for the risks to the benefits and losses between members in the transaction, in which case the operation has many risks.

Adab Solutions integrates Islamic management models into management and business risk management systems as an integral part of the company's management system. The governance model of Islam Adab Solutions that you want to follow will be based on the following approaches: 
  • The supervision of ADAB Solutions management in adapting to Islamic principles 
  • ADAB Solutions' responsibility to comply with Islamic principles
  • Sharia Advisory Board, which will oversee the adjustment of Adab Solutions practices with Islamic legal norms and principles 
  • Implementation of internal Sharia supervision (Shariah Review)
  • Internal research and development department work (Sharia Research) 
  • Conduct routine audits of ADAB Solutions (Sharia Audit) 
  • Manage the risk of non-compliance with Islamic principles 
  • Development and publication of reports on ADAB Solutions activities, key provisions and expert opinions (resolution)

The uniqueness of Adab Solution is:
  1. The first exchange in accordance with Islamic norms 
  2. Aimed at a large audience
  3. Establish a new market system 
  4. Unique project design and high security

ADAB Token

Adab solutions launch a token named ADAB Token. ADAB Tokens are based on the ERC20 standard and correspond to automatic execution when a predetermined condition occurs. This token will be accepted as a payment instrument for the First Crypto Exchange Islamic product and its partners. This token can be used for payment of all ADAB Solutions services.

ICO Crowdsale

The purpose of the ICO is to raise funds for the development and scaling of the Islamic crypto exchange (First Islamic Crypto Exchange) and provide access to ADAB Solutions products for various users. ADAB Tokens will be distributed in accordance with the rules and provisions in proportion to the amount transferred by ADAB Solutions participants during the ICO. The distribution of tokens will take place within 30 days after the completion of the ICO. After ICO, ADAB tokens will be posted on the main exchange, and after the launch of the exchange itself, also on FICE.

Terms of ICO

The price of tokens and the number of tokens distributed does not mean that the company can collect more funds. The accusation ended after the achievement of a difficult project cover.

Therefore, let's start joining and participating in this project. Of course, it will get the lowest price for ICO and this project also has high potential. Hopefully, the explanation above is useful for readers.

Team & Advisors

  • Timur Turzhan - CEO, Founder
  • Rustam Turzhan - COO, co-founder
  • Maxat Salpyn Deputy - CEO of Islamic Finance
  • Aleksander Mamasidikov - Director of Marketing
  • Dmitriy Rovenskikh - Director of project promotion
  • Asset Barakbayev - СТО 
  • Pavel Krayev - Head of development Department
  • Didar Bidam - Senior IT Advisor and DevOps
  • Khalil Ben sassi - Graphic designer
  • Mamoun Jamaladdin - Community Manager (Arabic)
  • Abeer Mousa - Community development manager
  • Sulaiman Al-Fahim - Advisor on Investment and Strategic Development
  • Ali Al Khamis - Business Development Advisor
  • Md Mofassair Hossain - Advisor Marketing and PR
  • Gaurav Areng Chakraverti - Marketing ICO Advisor
  • Jorge Rodriguez - Security Advisor 

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