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Monday, July 23, 2018


Energy is one of the most needed things of all countries. With energy, we can run various tools. Global energy demand is increasing every year. Each country has a different energy demand in both developed and developing countries, all dependent on many things such as population, area, and so on. The demand will be met by the electrical energy generated from the burning of fossils. With such a potential, the share of the energy market will be easy to upgrade if the innovative technology is used as applied by WPP Energy.

Business Explanation of WPP Energy

WPP becomes the right solution for many circles and industries in the world because it can make technology fast, safe, and cheap. Not only for the hotel industry, shopping center, school, or community only, WPP can also be used for government and military needs. The main focus of WPP is in 3 main categories, namely: 
  1. Government project
    WPP Energy is a joint venture partner in a major project for environmentally friendly energy production in several countries worth the US $ 50 billion. WPP is the right solution to resolve housing and energy issues in second and third countries. To meet the needs of all government contracts from different countries, WPP will provide several energy solutions: power generation from waste, hydropower, biomass, HHO, solar power, environmentally friendly village development, and agricultural tower. A certain percentage of the WPP profits will be used to increase the production of electricity to a country in need as a form of humanitarian assistance from WPP.
  2. Two WPP Energy digital platforms
    The platform is ready to provide its services at wholesale prices in Q4 of 2018. Two WPP digital platforms are a combination of two important sectors: blockchain and renewable energy. With this platform, the equitable distribution of green energy will be easily achieved so that the cost of producing environmentally friendly electricity can be reduced. In addition, this platform also allows various currencies to be used in any energy transaction.
  3. Solutions to problems in making environmentally friendly technology
    WPP has plans to improve/clean this energy industry with lower production costs. The provision of a complete power supply is the way WPP does to get rid of electricity bills in no time.

Power Plant and HHO Conversion

WPP has a nuclear power plant placed in a 40-foot container and can produce 1MW to 2.5 MW per hour. This technology is an innovative step of WPP by converting water into HHO that can be applied to a safe environment. The cost of electricity required will be less than using a traditional plant. In addition, using this technology coupled with the ease of distribution makes any area that has not got electricity will soon have electricity.

The type of HHO energy used by WPP is very appropriate to achieve environmentally friendly energy. HHO is also suitable in any climate and no harmful emissions will be generated so that pollution and global warming can be reduced. The HHO power plant is equipped with a powerful retractable parabolic antenna and is winded at 100mph. The internet connectivity in the power plant is also strong thus allowing power production data to be transmitted to the server to monitor the performance of the power plant.

WPP Energy Platform

The WPP platform will be built using advanced technology, partnership, licensing, affiliation, and third-party relationships. In addition, WPP also invites environmentally friendly energy suppliers in the fields of geothermal, hydrogen, and so on to reduce energy costs globally. This platform is a medium of exchange between crypto-to-crypto energy traded against digital tokens. There are 20 types of energy that can be traded in WPP with various types of currency options can be seen in the table:

Green Energy Rebate Program

As a form of WPP business to always innovate it issued a program called Green Energy Rebate Program that offers big energy companies to "going green" and say no to pollution and global warming. WPP will work with leading energy suppliers to be awarded a rebate and provide customers with preferred options in cash and WPP Token payments. All Token WPP holders can join this program for free.

WPP Token

WPP tokens are needed to use WPP's platform. The token is created using blockchain technology and based on ERC20. Tokens will be offered as many as 5 billion tokens with a personal selling price of $ 0.16 and a pre-$ 0.20 ICO price. Currently, tokens can only be purchased at pre-ITO prices and this is valid until September 1st.

Token Sale Info

PreICO price
1 ETH = 2,700 WPP
Bonus Pre Sale 
10% tokens for the first 3 days
Tokens for sale
Distributed in ICO
50 %
Soft cap
5,000,000 WPP
Hard cap
250,000,000 WPP

Team & Advisors

  • Rafael Ben - Chairman & president
  • Robert Kohn - Chief Financial Officer
  • Troy MacDonald - Chief Operating Officer
  • Natour Ahmad Zuhir Mohammad - Chief Executive, Middle East & North Africa
  • Jean Pierre Dube - Senior Waste to Energy Engineer
  • Ziao Dramane - Senior Waste to Energy Engineer
  • Mentor Shala - UI/UX designer
  • Heinrich W. Otterpohl - CEO of AEG industrial engineering
  • Katerina lianoudaki - M.SC. financial advisor
  • Mehmet Durmaz - BSCEE. nano electrical engineering advisor
  • Carlos Barcala - Senior Firmware Engineer
  • Javier Moreno Garcia - Firmware / Software Engineer
  • Grace Duke Don Kristian Frich - Founder Partner and Chairman of Frich Martínez de Velasco
  • Le Van Vui - IT Director, Blockchain Developer
  • Chanthai Sihabouth - Web/Mobile Developer
  • Arturas Svirskis
  • Sydney Ifergan
  • George Han
  • Jason Hung
  • Anders Larsson
  • Joakim Holmer
  • Jared Polites 

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