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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Traveler - Offers the lowest cost in the market for business and Travel

Traveling is one of the activities that in each person as one of the entertainment in his life. Because by traveling at least refresh the brain from the saturation of daily routine. In traveling, of course, we need some things like lodging, flights, or cars and other travel services. Therefore, becomes the solution. is a travel platform that receives cryptocurrency for hotel bookings, flights, car rentals and other travel services with a zero profit margin added to the net price paid by customers to the aggregator. In other words, is a crypto discount-based travel aggregation platform that offers lower prices on travel products and services to consumers than traditional outlets, via internal real-time crypto for fiat exchanges and use of original Tourist toll utilities. developed a $ 7.6 trillion global travel industry today by receiving cryptocurrency and including the use of TVLR tokens. encourages savings by combining content and the lowest price possible from resellers at the best price worldwide. Optimal savings of up to 60% are forwarded to the customer. The goal of is to offer the lowest cost in the market for both business and leisure.

The TVLR token sale enables to:
  • An exclusive discount for TVLR token holders
  • Increased offerings and content with more suppliers and resellers through direct contracts and best net seller rates without markup.
  • The secure platform for crypto holders to spend on Travel Services, with a continuous range of Travel Products and Services, including Cruises, Luxury Tours and Safaris and other premium products almost never discounted in the retail market.

TripX and TripX have interrelated relationships with each other. The relationship is beneficial for both parties. TripX will take the solution to the supplier market and drive a large number of content offerings for TripX will develop blockchain for the travel industry, which specifically focuses on Payment Solutions.

TripX payment solutions will provide travel companies with significant savings across all office related expenses related to billing, invoicing, reconciliation, audit, commission management, and payments. Intelligent Contract Development and real-time payment solutions will offer significant savings and efficiency. In many cases, these customers will then become suppliers for In the process, TripX will also encourage significant awareness of the offer, and special opportunities with suppliers and bring it to

TVLR Token

Traveler.Com launches tokens that are named with TVLR tokens. This token is an ERC20 token developed on the Ethereum platform. This token is used in transactions on the platform Payment gateway designed for the TVLR project represents a means of payment based on the use of a TVLR token to cover a portion of the travel expenses. It is designed using an API-based microservices architecture that communicates with blockchain.

The main advantage of the payment gateway is to lower the transactional costs for payments made through the platform. This means that overall travel savings will increase, allowing all customers to spend more for less and less experience on airline tickets, hotels, cruises, car rentals, and other travel expenses. Another advantage is the ability to choose our own provider and create exclusive partnerships with bigger discounts than other players in the market. The use of TVLR token to cover expenses also allows the user to purchase this token using cryptocurrency and put them all together in one token.

That's the explanation of Wait let alone let's choose on your way. And for investors please join in mutual success.

ICO Crowd Sale Details

Team & Advisors

  • Michael Culhane - CEO
  • Rees Morgan - CTO
  • Alex Pellegrino - Founder
  • Sasha Favelukis - CFO
  • David Metzler - CMO
  • Mandy Budare - Community Manager
  • Allyson Robinson - Administrative Manager
  • Landis White - VP of Product
  •  Brad Yasar - Advisor, Co-founder & Managing Partner of KrowdMentor
  • Craig Carter - Advisor, President & CEO of LUXE Travel Management
  • Jeff Hoffman - Advisor, Co-Founder, Former CEO & Chairman of
  • Jason Pontin - Advisor, Former CEO & Editor-in-Chief of the MIT Technology Review
  • Bryan Larkin - Advisor, CTO of Blockchain Industries, Founder and CEO of SKYLab Technologies, Original designer of MySpace

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