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Saturday, July 21, 2018


Many companies in the transportation industry have been successful, but none of them succeed without creating social damage. Though customers are not only looking for trendy services but also that have the best quality and sustainable security with low price competition. In addition, the transportation industry has huge potential for demand in large cities that reach the US $ 285 billion in 2030. A survey data says that 91% of drivers are working part-time to increase their income and 87% for non-fixed income. This industry can actually contribute greatly to the economy of a country. But with the problems that occur cause the difficult economy to advance with such potential.


RedCab LLC is a decentralized blockchain-tech enterprise. Aims to provide affordable, transparent, and well-suited services in everyday life, and make the company the right solution to ever-increasing global demand and address peer-to-peer (P2P) transportation issues. RedCab LLC, established in 2016 always ensures every customer trip gets the best service and guaranteed security so that customer satisfaction can be fulfilled.


The quality of existing equipment at RedCab LLC has proven to be able to reach many countries without any high price/cost spike during holidays or bad weather. Evidence that RedCab LLC has given its best service can be seen from the categorization of car models that are done in between:
  1. Economy Cabin: With less fuel consumption showing lower rates. This model is suitable for daily travel.
  2. Luxury Cabin: Luxury car service for customers who want to arrive at the destination with a little style and do not mind the additional cost.
  3. Family Cab: Model cars with larger sizes and destined for families who will travel long.
  4. Red Cab: Supermodel car with red color for customers who are willing to pay a lot for a valuable journey.

Some of the services offered by this company are car-hailing, carpooling (get a ride/travel companion through multi-drop off and location pickup), hotel & airport transportation, delivery service and pick up service. These services can be enjoyed through the RedCab LLC app which will be available on Google Play and the App Store making it easy for customers to download it. The RedCab LLC app can be customized with 6 languages that will reach the global scale. In addition, this application can be integrated with various travel routes/family so easy to ensure the security and comfort of family members. Customers can also arrange travel schedules through timers and notifications, so customer activity will run smoothly.


Benefits are not only obtained by customers only, there will be many parties who benefit from RedCab LLC include:
  1. Customers
    • The waiting time becomes less
    • There will be a free trip for customers who frequently travel with RedCab LLC
    • Rates are low and there will be no dynamic rates
    • The number of choices of car models that can be tailored to travel
  2. Driver
    • Extra income
    • Flexible working hours
    • A large selection of transportation service options
    • 100% commission will be given to the driver without any cost cut
  3. Hotel & Restaurant
    • Service can be done more efficiently
    • Can make big savings without a new delivery fleet
    • Income earned will be more with promotional ads and discounts


RedCab LLC is run using blockchain technology and required tokens to enjoy its services. The token will be made depending on the number of driver's supply. The number of tokens will decrease if many drivers are on the road as it inhibits the formation of tokens. It can increase the sale value of tokens. RedCab LLC will also contribute to the progress of blockchain by investing 5% of its annual profits on ICOs that have just entered the market. In addition, RedCab LLC has a referral program, whereby if someone refers a service to another person then the person will get additional tokens. Additional tokens reach 3 levels, the more referring more tokens are obtained.

Token Sale Details

Token Sale Schedule June 22 - August 15, 2018
Purchase Token Ethereum
Price Token2.333 REDC / 1 ETH
Bonus 15%
Total Supply -


Members Mohamed Mousa - Co-Founder & CEO
Walid ElGendy - Co-Founder & CBO
Asser Yehia - Co-Founder & CTO
Mohamed Ameen - Co-Founder & Creative Director
Fadi Nashed - Founder & COO
Amr - Chief Trading Officer | Co-Founder At Bitpeaks.Com
Anna Basters - Community Manager
Majed Morsi - Media Content Creator
Ragy Albeer - Team Lead Front-End Development
Hassan Hussien - Animation Manager
Hala Salah Eldin - Senior Web Designer
Ahmad Dewanto - Campaign Manager
Advisors Stefan Bergström - Business Strategic Advisor
Danny J. Christ - ICO Advisor
Daniil Morozov - Advisor
Salma ElHariry - Founder & CEO - SkaleUP Ventures
Farooq A. Rahim - Technical Advisor
Alaa Gabr - Advisor - IT Business Consulting - Dell
Amr Tantawy - Field Channel Manager - Oracle
Ahmed ElShawa - Support Escalation Engineer - Microsoft
Yasser Ameen - Senior Technical Engineer - Kaspersky Lab
Mohsen Deeb - Chief Executive Officer At Anzma|Tech
Binod Nirvan - Smart Contract Advisor
Richard Trummer - ICO Advisor
Mohammed Ebrahim - Board Member & Advisor

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