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Monday, July 2, 2018

Paygine - an open financial platform designed to help businesses and their customers using blockchain technology

Fintech is an abbreviation for 'financial' and 'technology' which is an innovation in the field of financial services that use technology systems. This time the technology is here that is blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is a technology solution that revolutionizes the workings of the Internet, banking and applications to be serverless, decentralized and transparent, and secure because every event recorded in Blockchain cannot be changed.

An ICO project that is paygine utilizes blockchain technology in its system. Paygine is an open financial platform designed to help businesses and their customers use cryptocurrency as regular money. The platform model is based on banks based in different countries, and inconvenient jurisdictions for the use of cryptocurrency. The platform will be based on the company's advanced PayEngine LTD (listed in the UK) solution currently in use in the fintech world.

The Goal

Paygine's goal is to build an open financial platform to serve worldwide fintech businesses, providing services based on white label principles. All Paygine platform services will be provided to clients through the integrated Application Programming Interface. Paygine will not provide direct services to individuals. However Paygine will work with Fintech companies, internet shops and financial service providers, as well as aggregator sites, and they will, in turn, provide services to their customers, individuals and businesses, thus creating an entirely new ecosystem around the platform. Paygine does not aim to develop electronic wallets, crypto purses, bank cards, transfers with its own brand. These products will be built by customers under their own brand, and private individuals and businesses will be able to choose services among Paygine clients. Paygine creates a system that will help grow the client's business, and not compete with them. Because Paygine provides financial and legal back-end to clients, within the existing legal regulatory framework (including the AML / CFT procedure).

There are two benefits when working with the white label principle:
  1. For clients:
    • new product and service launches faster
    • lower implementation and maintenance costs of financial services
    • the ability to provide payment instruments to end users with their Branding, as part of their sales service or process
    • the ability to focus on core business without diverting resources to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements
  2. For Paygine platform:
    • the ability to provide services to clients in new markets and new segments
    • an increase in sales revenue without excessive spending on advertising.
Paygine's key competitive advantage over similar projects is that it can take advantage of the services and technologies of Best2Pay currently used by businesses, e-commerce, and FinTech. Utilizing the existing Best2Pay technology, Paygine Platform will offer the following services:
  1. Transferring cryptocurrency to from bank card
  2. Pay in stores and shops using cards in cryptocurrency
  3. Receive cryptocurrency as payment for goods and services in online stores
  4. Transfers cross-border fiat currencies using cryptocurrency at minimal cost.
  5. Keep the wallet in both the fiat currency and cryptocurrency with the ability to easily and quickly convert funds between them.

There are several services available on the paygine platform for clients that are as follows:
  • Peer-to-peer aggregator platform that integrates people to sell products or provide services directly without intermediaries, such as Airbnb, Avito, Uber, and others
  • Solutions for international money transfers on the basis of cryptocurrency:
  • Internet stores and Internet services
  • Exchange and trading platforms
  • The FinTech Company
  • Insurance companies

Token & ICO

PGC Token

Paygine presents a token called a PGC token. Each Token PGC = $ 1.00. this token may be used to pay the Platform for its services, pay for goods and services provided by the Platform client, and as an internal currency on the Platform. The total amount of PGC tokens will be limited to 151,750,000. This total will be broken down as follows:


During the ICO, 41,508,000 PGC tokens will be presented for sale, including 1,218,000 offered during the pre-sale. 10,290,000 of the ICO tokens will be reserved for bonuses. 

A further 87,742,392 tokens will be reserved for bonuses. All unsold tokens will be reserved for future use and will be kept by the Paygine platform. Reserve tokens will be put on hold for two years, pegged in a smart contract. The remaining 22,500,000 tokens will be distributed among the project team members.

Team & Advisors

  • Kirill Radchenko - CEO, Best2Pay and cofounder of Pay Engine Limited
  • Michael Luposhtyan - Senior Vice President, Best2Pay and cofounder of Pay Engine Limited
  • Maxim Neshcheret - Business Development Director, Best2Pay Singapore
  • Raniya Luposhtyan - Chief Financial Officer, Best2Pay, US, and cofounder of Pay Engine Limited
  • Alexander Petrov - Chief Technology Officer, Best2Pay Russia
  • Vitaly Furmanov - Senior Vice President, Best2Pay
  • Elizaveta Plisova - PR-manager
  • Michael Vehorev - Developer, Best2Pay
  • Vadim Buneev - Developer, Best2Pay
  • Gary J Ross - Partner, Ross & Shulga PLLC
  • Arina Shulga - Partner, Ross & Shulga PLLC
  • Azat Nugumanov - Partner
  • Anastasia Klimenko - Vice President
  • Djibril Diallo - Vice-President, TransferTo
  • Byanmunkh Volodya - Director, «Truly Digital Bank»
  • Salah Abci - Partner, Grant Thornton

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