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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Gemstra - The Future of Social Selling

Current marketing techniques can be done easily, namely using social media. Social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Line, BBM and so on are not only for means of communication but can also be used for marketing the goods or services offered by the business being run. This closeness between consumers and social media has encouraged more and more business people to also utilize social media, as currently many businesses are found in the business of culinary, fashion or even property has a social media account to do marketing. Social sellers today can market seamlessly through online channels, especially with the advent of social media.
At present, a project called Gemstra is building an integrated blockchain ecosystem (ASTRA Platform) and token economy (GMS Token) to unlock social sales throughout the retail market. Gemstra is an integrated blockchain ecosystem for a social sales economy. The project utilizes blockchain technology to return data to the seller and allows retailers (called "traders" in the Gemstra ecosystem) and brands from the global $ 24 trillion retail economies to join social sales. Gemstra provides open source software and SDKs for Merchants to integrate with ASTRA. GMS tokens will reduce friction as ASTRA exchange values, power classification and original prize models for social sales, and provide governance to democratize ecosystems.


As we know that social sales are dominated by giants like Amway ($ 8.8B), Avon ($ 5.7B), and Mary Kay ($ 3.5B). These merchants hold their Seller's prisoners by making it difficult, if not impossible, to transfer customer data, transaction data, and genealogical data (network). So that sellers risk losing their opinions. Today's traders have too much influence and power in the relationship with the seller. In addition, expensive and fragmented systems are needed to manage commissions, rewards, accounting, customer service, back office operations, and trade - limiting the number of new traders. The lack of market entrants further reduces sellers' choices and opportunities, enabling incumbent monoliths to corner developing industries. Merchants in social sales can often get away with overpriced products, resulting in inefficient markets for sellers. Sellers cannot compete with brands in the wider retail economy. 


To address the above-mentioned problems, Gemstra provides the concept for Decentralized Social Sales. Gemstra launched a proof-of-concept social sales market called BOUTIQUES in July 2017 that gives sellers the ability to choose the brands and products they want to sell and invite the brand from a larger $ 24 trillion retail economy to participate simply by integrating their catalogs.
The success of BOUTIQUES inspires Gemstra to build a broader solution to free social sales into the broader retail economy. ASTRA is an integrated blockchain platform that serves as a technology infrastructure for social sales. ASTRA's blockchain technology allows sellers to keep their customers' data and networks working hard for them to generate, traders to trade between brands and numerous sellers and brands to offer customized commissions and prizes and portable catalogs that can be integrated with a wide variety of merchants.
By authorizing ASTRA with GMS Tokens, Gemstra reduces friction in social sales transactions. GMS is an ERC20 token that serves as the most cost-effective method of exchanging and storing values. GMS can be used to purchase products in any Merchant. More importantly, GMS employs a customizable gamification system for brands and traders for sellers.


Gemstra Project provides benefits for Sellers, Merchants, and Brands. The benefits will be discussed below:
  • Seller
    The seller encourages sales for Traders and Brands through direct promotion and social influence. Sellers have the freedom to choose what they want to sell and who they want to sell. Sellers may participate with any Merchant (or Brand) within the Gemstra ecosystem.
  • Merchants
    Merchants manage software, host genealogy (networks), determine compensation plans (architecture), and provide a platform for sellers to transact with their customers by selling products from Brands. Traders can easily participate in ASTRA by using the open source BOUTIQUES software or integrating ASTRA with the existing platform through the SDK.
  • Brands
    The brand provides catalogs and specifies the level of the commission specified in the Merchant that is integrated with it. Brands can integrate with many Traders to access different pedigrees (networks) from Sellers and Customers. Brands can become their own Merchants at ASTRA as well.

ASTRA platform

ASTRA is an intelligent contract platform built on the Ethereum ERC20 framework. ASTRA creates an open ecosystem for social sales where principals (see below) can determine how to interact with each other through commercially tailored commission, gamification, and recognition models. With the ASTRA Platform, Merchant's economy can exist on multiple platforms to connect Brands and Sellers. Brands can participate with several Traders or operate as Merchants themselves. The seller can sell several brands in one particular merchant or brand in several traders. ASTRA creates a commonwealth economy that gives each operator the freedom to choose how to maximize their sales model.

GMS Token

A GMS token is a utility token that provides value exchange/storage by default and provides incentives on ASTRA social sales aspects. Goods in ASTRA will always be cheaper when paid with GMS than with ETH or Dai. ASTRA constantly obtains transaction costs from ETH or Dai transactions. The natural benefits of the GMS utility token reduce the commission payment and friction for the seller. The main value of the GMS Token is to offer a strong reward for the actors involved in the economy. The GMS Token is the perfect vehicle in ASTRA to present best practices in gamification from traditional social sales into the Gemstra ecosystem.

GMS Tokens (GMS) can be used in the following ways:
  1. Unit of Exchange: GMS will become an atomic value exchange unit throughout the Gemstra ecosystem, with the creation of transactional economics between Traders, Brands, Sellers, and Customers. Tokens consist of features that allow users to get value and spend it on goods and services that are internal to Permata ecosystems.
  2. Subscription: Just like paying a toll to use the freeway, the GMS token will be used as a monthly subscription unit that is worth paying for per-use for sellers and brands to use the Gemstra platform.
  3. Incentives: GMS Tokens will be used as incentives, it will be offered to get the first time adopters to join the Permata ecosystem, for example when you join Gemstra as a buyer, seller, or registered brand, you receive 100 free GMS tokens for your wallet.
  4. Currency: The GMS will function as a payment method and a preferred transaction engine. This will allow frictionless transactions in ASTRA. We will operate a proprietary payment processing gateway that will be exposed via API for other services to integrate and accept GMS exchange units.
  5. Rewards, Income, and Remittances: Rewards and prize income will be paid at a GMS that can be sent to partner and individual services.

Token Sale Details

Token Symbol
Token Price
0.01 USD
Token for sale
6,400,000,000 GMS (40%)
Token supply
16,000,000,000 GMS
Soft cap
8,000,000 USD
Hard cap
30,000,000 USD

Team & Advisors

  • Jay Cheng - Chief Executive
  • Joseph Lau - Chief Revenue
  • Kevin Gambill - Chief Operations
  • Janelle Mitchell - Chief Finance
  • David Odere - Chief Technology
  • James Kuo - President Epox International
  • Ivan Ramirez - Serial Entrepreneur
  • Connie Tang - President & CEO Princess House
  • Paul Sri - Blockchain Advisor
  • Steve Raack - Ex C.O.O. Of BeautyCounter
  • Ted Hong - Chief Marketing Officer
  • William Hsu - Co-Founder, Mucker Capital
  • Tudor Stomff - BountyHive CEO

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