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Monday, July 30, 2018 - Global Accessible Cryptocurrency Exchange

There is a strong need for global cryptocurrency for fiat exchanges that can be used in the maximum number of countries around the world. has basically done that in India and they are working to add new countries every day to the testing platform. wants to make it easy on the minds of users who use cryptocurrency to be used as a means of exchange and trade, rather than just looking at complex investment assets. The exchange has a very large and complicated interface that is a non-merchant environment or just messy in terms of fiat money to cryptocurrency conversion. is working to simplify how one can exchange their cryptocurrencies with fiat and vice versa. intends to make user interface and user experience very simple and very intuitive. The interface is inherently very simple and easy to see, along with the Live Chat and Ticket System for handrails and support.

Ethx started his journey, 8 months ago as one of the first Ethereum exchanges in India. The motto of ethx is to launch is simple, then ethx wants to make an easy-to-use exchange, which is fast, secure and also serves as a wallet. After 8 months have passed, now Ethx is now opening the gates to the world by launching


Although blockchain itself has been able to solve many macro-level problems, the advantages of this amazing technology have not been a direct benefit to end users. We are trying to create a platform that will allow even non-technical people to easily use cryptocurrency and blockchain. This project works on additional features.
  • Most cryptocurrency exchanges are made with attention to advanced users, so when someone maps their path on this side of the world, they are afraid of jargon.
  • Poor Technical Architecture is what we see, at present, when it comes to exchanges and merchant services associated with cryptocurrency. They are put together in an ad-hoc way and it shows. The truth is they have to work from the ground up. The ethx platform is currently built to scale, our system can handle millions of transactions every minute and can be upgraded automatically, to handle spikes.
  • Security has become one of the main reasons why exchanges lose client trust and fail. In ethx, we apply some level of security and encryption to the infrastructure and web level. To ensure the security of the client's assets, only 3% of the assets held in the hot wallet, the rest are automatically transferred to cold storage managed by redundant servers in Tier 4 data centers.
  • Lack of liquidity is another disturbing problem, the existing system. Ethx has been trusted by tens of thousands of users who actively trade on the platform. With transactions running tens of millions of dollars, liquidity has never been a problem on our platform.
  • Customer support usually goes beyond when it comes to exchanges, we pride ourselves in creating a double level support team to ensure that our users are never stranded high and dry. We intend to provide live chat and email support at all times to ensure that user questions are addressed immediately.

The solution 

The essence of is making blockchain accessible to everyone, it means that users should be able to benefit directly from the technology. After much planning and thinking provided by the team and adviser, decides to issue features in a way that will ensure that it is an inclusive platform, benefiting the end user. Currently, is building a platform that will add functionality, in terms of features, gradually ensuring that end users can actually have easy access to the blockchain. will start with a global cryptocurrency exchange, which will give users the freedom to exchange their virtual currency into fiat and vice versa. Posts create ecosystems with convenient crypto-to-fat conversion and will focus energy into Enterprise offering.

Ethx Coin will issue a complaint of the Ethereum token with ERC20 to be referred to as ethx token or ethx coin. A total supply of 100 million tokens will be issued. This token can be used to: 
  1. They can be exploited against Trade fees at 
  2. They can also be used for crypto withdrawal charges.
  3. Payment of goods and services after the merchant's service launch. 
  4. After the second quarter, 25% of our own profit will be used to buy back tokens from the market and then destroyed until inventory reaches 50%. This will be done up to 50 million tokens burned and will ensure a fair economy

Cryptocurrency supported will support the following coins:
  1. Bitcoin - BTC 
  2. Ethereum - ETH 
  3. Ethx Coin - ETHX (Launch in July 2018) 
  4. Litecoin - LTC
  5.  NEO (Coming soon)
  6.  SIA (Coming soon)
More coins will be added as per user request, after security permit and scalability test blockchain. That was a brief explanation of with their tokens. What are you waiting for? immediately join and invest in it for mutual success.

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