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Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Big companies do thousands of tests and DevOps tasks every day and it takes a long time. In order to improve the quality, the company will contribute to improving the infrastructure. As a result, the DevOps infrastructure will be complex, expensive, and require maintenance at all times. Buddy has three solutions to overcome those problems: the Open DevOps Marketplace, Private Automation GRID, and Shared Automation GRID that allow Buddy to play thousands of dAppsOS using GRID Shared Automation.

Buddy app

Buddy was founded in 2015 with the mission of making developers focus on creativity challenges. Since its release, Buddy received a positive response from the community and got good quality partners. With the vision of being the backbone where talented people can build applications and services that change the world, Buddy has contributed to the Blockchain technological revolution and is trusted by teams and leaders from many countries who are mostly partners and shareholders. As a company built in a market with intense competition, Buddy succeeded in becoming the solution to the problems that exist in the market. In addition, Buddy has established cooperation with several leading companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.

The solution from Buddy

With over 80 automation actions, Buddy can help users to develop software. The action will be organized into the pipeline, building, testing, and executing it in a few clicks. Buddy is open to third-party developers to provide their actions and benefit from the actions they provide. In addition, it is possible for third parties to publish plugins for free. This indirectly contributes to advancing Blockchain technology. All actions have the same form as the app on Google Play and can be free or paid.

In Buddy's policy, the user can choose for himself what will be used to run Buddy instances. Buddy can also create new instances and remove on-the-fly instances by using IaaS or GRID Buddy provider integration. In addition, there is the idea of ​​GRID Joint Automation which aims to remove high intensified automation. Specifications in GRID Joint Automation are 2 vCPU, 2GB RAM, and 4GB of SSD storage. Buddy also introduced dApp OS which is a turn-key solution for bootstrapping of Blockchain-based projects. dApp OS can be run through Buddy's Cloud so users can work on projects from anywhere. As a training tool, dApp OS can serve as a foundation for a Blockchain contract or contract project. This can make programmers focus on training because of easier preparation.

BUD - Token

From the Buddy concept, users will be given a Buddy token at the maximum and minimum price that can be arranged. In addition, the user can set a schedule and price to sell it. Buddy has set some security measures for suppliers among which activities must be open-source, and bad users will be automatically eliminated by the system and reporting. There is a 3-pronged parallelism system created to create strong demand for Buddy Computing Units. This will encourage the use of additional resources outside the private network and deliver faster. Earlier there was no tool for developing Blockchain but slowly changed due to Buddy.

BUD is a utility token based on Ethereum (ERC20) that can bring together developers, experts, and users, both SMB and enterprise to send more secure, faster, and better-quality apps. BUD has several goals including:
  1. Ensuring user transparency and security
  2. Provide correct & powerful utilities
  3. Developing strong economic incentives
  4. Improve the platform with the effect of network ownership
  5. Standing as a source of government

ICO Details

1 BUD = 0.0002 ETH
Total Sale Supply:
From 300 million to 470 million. The final amount  will depend on the bonuses that would be applied in the Crowdsale.
Total Supply:
Maximum 670 million BUD tokens will be generated. Minimum 500 million.
Hard cap:
upon achieving this cap, token creation will stop and no further contributions will be accepted. The hard cap amount which will be sold in the crowdsale is 60,000 ETH
Emission rate:
No new tokens will ever be created
Token Emission Date:
up to 30 days after the tokensale ends

Buddy Team

Simon Szczepankowski - CEO, Product Manager & Co-Founder
Raphael Sztwiorok - CTO, Project Manager & Co-Founder
Thomas Korwin-Gajkowski - Blockchain Solution Architect
Martin Kudla - Software Architect & Co-Founder
Michael Hankus - Senior Software Engineer & Co-Founder
Thomas Prus - Senior Software Engineer
Alexander Kus - Chief Growth Officer
Paul Olek - Head of UX/UI & Co-Founder
Lucas Czulak - Data Analyst
Paul Kapala - Senior Full Stack Web Developer
Darek Sztwiorok - Java Developer
Chris Stryczek - Head of Test Engineering
Michael Bigos - Test Engineer and Technical Support Specialist
Octavia Nowakowska - Head of Customer Support
Patrick Trojanowski - Customer Support Specialist

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