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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

WeGold - A new wave of global tourism in Asia by applying blockchain technology

The development of the internet brings significant progress. More and more technology circulating and certainly shows that the progress of progress. One of the tangible evidence in blockchain technology is now taking over the role in all industries. This time the tourism industry is more accurately known as travel (travel) has adopted the blockchain so that makes the first travel blockchain in the World that fills the aspiration travel ecosystem in Asia is Wegold.

WeGold is one of the ICO projects in the blockchain world. WeGold (WGD) will enable the platform to realize the vision of the "Fair Share" ecosystem. This will be used to reward and incentivize all players to grow and scale platforms. WeGold Travel Token will drive the growth of "Travel PathFinders". people aspire to make a living by traveling, exploring and connecting the most aspirational world travel experience to the WEGOGO platform and getting the Token WeGold.


The WEGOGO platform was established in 2015, aiming to connect the growing FIT (Independent and Independent Visitors) in Asia with the world's most innovative travel experiences (eg island holidays, adventure activities, ecotourism tours and authentic local events). The WEGOGO app validates visitor requests for travel experiences. WEGOGO Private Limited is headquartered in Singapore, has its own development department in Shanghai to take over localized application development and customer support.


WeGold-WEGOGO's Travel Tokens (WGD) will be a new wave of global tourism in Asia. WeGold's goal is to apply blockchain technology to create a new type of collaborative tourism ecosystem. WeGold will adopt a leader-centered innovative business model and through WeGold Fair Reward and motivate all participants to share and connect with imaginative travel experiences from long-tailed markets around the world. A revolutionary "fair share and distribution" model will challenge today's market participants in the tourism industry and the "win-take-all" economic model through the characteristics of the decentralized blockchain.

Token WeGold (WGD) is a blockchain token created based on a standard Ethereum ERC-20 token. The WeGold test platform (WGD) allows a vision of a "fair share" ecosystem. It rewards and encourages all participants to grow and expand the platform. WeGold travel token will accelerate growth in the number of "tour guides". "Tour guide" refers to volunteers interested in traveling and/or exploration to connect the imaginative world travel experience with the WEGOGO platform and get the WeGold token. This Token is also used as platform-specific currency in the WEGOGO travel platform, so buyers do not have to pay for local currency exchange for various activities and travel experiences. Customers can purchase and receive WeGold token prizes based on their loyal behavior assessment such as their use and support. Future development projects aimed at enhancing the growth of the WEGOGO ecosystem can also be funded through the WeGold token. Another goal of WeGold is to allow WeGold tokens to be used by other travel platforms and encourage them to further improve the adoption and use of WeGold tokens.

Token Sale Details

The purpose of the WGD token sales is to accelerate the rapidly growing ecotourism of Asian ecosystems. The relevant WGD sales mechanism and details are as follows:
  • Token WeGold at a price of $ 0.037 per token.
  • The ETH price for each token is 0,00005769, so 1 ETH = 17,335 WGD
  • The limit is the US $ 88 million. The WGD token is available for sale. Token sales will end on July 28, 2018, 9:59:59 or after reaching the $ 88 million purchase limit. If all available tokens (3,400,000,000 tokens) have been sold, ETH (Ethernet) worth $ 88 million will be upgraded. Management has the discretion to end the initial sale of virtual currency on July 28, 2018.

Team & Advisors

  • WONG TOON KING - Chairman of WEGOGO & Managing Partner of FarSight Capital
  • MAK CHEE WAH - Founder & CEO of WEGOGO
  • RICHARD TAN - Co-Founder & COO of WEGOGO
  • YUE YEW HOONG - Co-Founder & CFO of WEGOGO
  • REENE HO-PHANG - Founder & MD of BrandStory
  • KATHLEEN TAN - President of China, AirAsia
  • DR ANDREW CHUA - Executive Chairman EASB East Asia Institute of Management
  • ROBIN YAP - Asia President of The Travel Corporation
  • JOHNSON CHNG - Executive Director of Chong Sing Fintech Holdings
  • PETER PHANG - China Managing Director of Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority
  • LINUS THAM - Group CIO Parkway Healthcare
  • JASON THAM - CEO Rational Systems, Blockchain Technology Advisor
  • ELDWIN WONG - Entrepreneur & ICO Consultant
  • CHRISTOPHER YONG - Partner, Kennedys Legal Solutions

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