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Thursday, June 21, 2018

USAT Inc - Australian organizations that use blockchain technology to decentralize intellectual property processes

In the blockchain world, there are many ICO projects. ICO is the first step in fundraising for project and team success. This time the ICO I will discuss is USAT Inc.

USAT Inc. is a non-profit organization that is legally all revenue generated can only be used to reinvest into the organization. Funds collected during ICO will be used for the funding, development and commercial implementation of the USAT platform project and to drive the token request. USAT is incorporated in Queensland, Australia and is subject to annual audits and reports to the Australian government. USAT Inc. affiliated with the Australian Institute of High Energetic Materials (AIHEM). AIHEM is an Australian-based professional alliance, founded in 2009 with a mission to facilitate research in basic and applied sciences that is geared towards expanding human knowledge. AIHEM is involved in a vast international network of collaborations with leading scientific organizations and leading scientists and individual engineers.

USAT will also launch the token. USAT tokens are joint ownership tokens of all current and future patents stored in the USAT Inc. IP repository. USAT tokens are used in all transactions between the United Scientists Association of Technology Inc. and third parties, including the IP acquisition of the inventor and IP or the sale of the product to non-governmental buyers. USAT tokens can be purchased with Ethereum during ICO on USAT Inc. platform. and in the secondary market 14 days after the ICO's Allocation Ending Date. USAT tokens are denominated in US dollars. All USAT Token holders may exercise the right to store tokens or sell them on Crypto Exchange Markets.

USAT Token

The Advantages of the USAT token are:
  • USAT Inc. subject to government reporting, since it is listed as a non-profit in Australia
  • USAT Inc. has government support. For example, solar wind farm projects have the support of LNP and financial support
  • USAT Inc. has tangible assets. USAT Inc. has a valuable patent
  • USAT Inc. supported by AIHEM and the reputation of its members: well-known universities and institutions, or members of the recognized scientific community.

The following distribution process Token USAT, among others:
  1. USAT Inc. Platform. implement a smart contract and manage the address of the corresponding Ethereum site will be sent.
  2. The launch of ICO will take place on the USAT Inc. website.
  3. Orders will be collected from the USAT Inc. website. where a smart contract will automate the Ether exchange for a USAT Token.
  4. The USAT tokens obtained by the contributors will be allocated to their nominated account.
  5. The Ether Exchange to USAT Token takes place on the USAT Inc. website.
  6. USAT tokens are denominated in US dollars.
  7. Allocation of USAT Token to a nominated address must be completed within 24 hours of the end of the ICO ("Expiration Date").
  8. Token USAT will be allowed access to secondary market 14 days after the Ending Date of Appropriation.
  9. Information about the ICO launch will be available on the USAT Inc. website.

That's a brief explanation of USAT. May be useful. For more details can directly visit the official website of USAT



Alexander de St. Amatus - Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Md.Mofassair Hossain - Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Ivan Jasenovic - Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Peter Banjanin - President & Co-founder of USAT Inc.
Dr. Jason Hung - Top 5 Ranked Advisor on ICO Bench
Dr. Sally Eaves - Brand Ambassador (Blockchain's Most Influential Woman)
Sydney Ifergan - Marketing Advisor
Artūras Svirskis - Marketing and Investment Advisor
Richard Lofgren - Product Development Advisor
Maksym Dolzhenko - Investment Advisor
Jason Butcher - Networking Advisor
Timo Trippler - Investment Advsor
William Cartmell - Legal Advisor
Dr. Benedict de St. Amatus - Co-Founder & Chief Scientist Usat Inc
Natasha Cain - Head of Public Relations
Joey Smith - Technology and Marketing Advisor
Andy Banjanin - Web Design & Development
Mike Alonso - Senior Developer
Matt Swezey - Senior Developer
Rich Merrill - Senior Developer
Beryl Chavez-Li - Blockchain Developer

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