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Friday, June 1, 2018

Mensarii - The platform decentralized to overcome the obstacles of the traditional banking industry

In this modern life, credit cards are widely used by society, especially the upper middle class. Credit cards can be both positive and negative for the users. Its positive benefits help in purchasing the desired goods easily and quickly. But the negative is to increase the debt due to a bill that makes the user unconsciously have made many purchases. In the world of the blockchain, there is an ICO project related to credit card named Mensarii. What it is Mensarii and everything related to Mensarii will be explained below.


Mensarii is a decentralized platform that aims to help consumers and traders overcome barriers from the traditional banking industry. With a blockchain validated system, inbuilt errors and ancient bank processing irregularities could eventually become a thing of the past. Blockchain-validated systems provide inherent protection against fraud and are a haven for transparent payment processing. Mensarii is designed to eliminate money-skimming in the form of hidden fees and fees that are so common in banking and credit card agencies around the world. Through intelligent contracting and democratic voting, Mensarii is controlled by the community it serves. Members will determine the latest implementation to follow or stay ahead of global economic growth.

The benefits of Mensarii for consumers are:
  1. Free No Cost Account Fees (Gas Fee Can Be Applied)
  2. Free Membership of the Union
  3. DAO Democracy
  4. No Monthly Account Fees
  5. Credit card
  6. Community Probate Service (Recovery ID in Unexpected Case of Death)
  7. Account Proof Letter (Account in Good Standing Letter, Account Verification, Fund Proof of Proof, Length of Account Letter, Sponsor Letter, Bank Confirmation Letter)
  8. Free Blocking Service on ETH Block

How Mensarii work?

Very simply, using a decentralized cryptocurrency platform that interacts with Ethereum blockchain to complete all payment processing. All processes are validated and tied to decentralized blockchain that cannot be manipulated, creating a safe and transparent market for consumers and traders worldwide.

The goal of Mersarii is to bring greater transparency to the market in terms of processing and fraud costs by building the first decentralized platform that interacts with the Ethereum blockchain to complete the payment process, which includes Visa, MasterCard, Check 21, ACH, SEPA, Foreign Exchange, FTS BOJ -NET, China Union Pay, ETH, LTC, BTC and many other payment methods. Mersarii also aims to provide transparent market services for:
  • Acquirers
  • Payment Service Provider (PSP)
  • Payment Facilitator (PFs)
  • Independent Sales Organization (ISO)
  • Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Other Value Added Service Providers (VASP) that offer services to merchants seeking access to payments and services.
  • APIs for banks, merchants, and processors to report information to a global payment ID related block.
  • Chargeback, fines, problems with merchants, customer complaints.
Mensarii attempted to identify fraud before it became a systemic problem. To combat merchant fraud, Global Pay ID will be used to collect data from global payment data points and provide customers with reports on transactions of goods and services they purchase. This enables the future protection of "automatic" bullying by billing from other members of the industry through the lack of careful materials and services that take advantage of hard work, and free from the funds that are worthy of admission.

Token and ICO Protocol

Mensarii has a utility token called Token Mensarii (Mii). This token has the functionality as a Cost discount on the Platform. Even the Mensarii token (Mii) is also capable of improving product usability by introducing new mechanisms for user adoption. The total supply of tokens is 2,000,000,000, of which a total of 1.1 billion will be released for sale. In addition, 400,000,000 Mensarii (Mii) will be held for development funds to provide incentives to the development team and to recruit more talents for Mensarii.

That's a brief review of Mensarii. Hopefully useful for all of us, especially for investors who want to join in this Mensarii project.

Mensarii Team

Bernie Pollard : Head of North American Operations, Native American Affairs
Yongping ‘Doug’ Luo : Core Developer
Jason McKinley : Core Developer, Director of Software Development
Arash Kiani UK : Advisory
Tomas Yi : Compliance Advisor
Michael (Mike) Biggs : UK: Core Developer – Infrastructure & Security
Ahmad Alokush : Advisory
Bryan Maille : Head of Design
Leanna Decker : Influencer, Social Media Expert
Chad Edward Elie : Founder

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