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Sunday, June 10, 2018

INS - First Global Decentralized ecosystem

The market is where sellers and buyers meet. In the marketplace, economic activity is a transaction called the sale and purchase. Related to this, in the blockchain world there is an ICO project. The project is named INS Ecosystem. What are INS Ecosystem and all about INS will be explained here? INS Ecosystem Limited, incorporated as a BVI ("INS") company, is an authorized entity that creates INS tokens, platforms and technologies. INS focuses on releasing open source cryptography technology that enables operations within the INS ecosystem. The INS ecosystem will be a wholesale market where consumers can buy products directly from manufacturers, enjoy low prices for a wide range of high-quality products, and save on direct promotions. Manufacturers compete for consumers and interact directly.

There are several Participants in the ecosystem:
  • Platforms
  • Consumer
  • Producer
  • Fulfillment (operator of fulfillment centers and workers, couriers).


The INS platform is a decentralized market that allows manufacturers to join, publish products for sale, loyalty campaigns, feedback from consumers. This allows consumers to order the product and facilitate order fulfillment process.

The role of INS is as follows:
  1. The creation of an INS token and a token release to fund development and expansion
  2. Determination of decentralized, fair and secure model for order execution
  3. Smart contract development to run the payment and order fulfillment process
  4. Website and customer app releases, fulfillment apps for worker and messenger center fulfillment, and web interface for manufacturer and operator center fulfillment
  5. Creating an effective incentive model for all parties to join the INS ecosystem
  6. Development of an active marketing campaign to ignite initial traction
  7. Elaboration of aspects of ecosystem regulation


Consumers are individuals or companies who want to buy high-quality online shopping at a lower price. Orders may be placed through INS sites, INS applications or manufacturer-specific apps from app reference implementations.

Consumer roles include:
  1. Find products listed by manufacturers, make orders and pay for them
  2. Participate in feedback requests
  3. Receive promotional gifts, loyalty, referrals, and feedback


Producer are companies or individuals in the business of fresh produce, groceries, and household goods that can be consumed, for example, local farmers to large multinational companies, such as Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Coca-Cola, etc.

The Producer role includes:
  1. Publish products
  2. Provide products ordered by consumers to the fulfillment center
  3. Promote INS ecosystems by bringing traffic through the promotion of derived apps


A. Central operator
The fulfillment center operator is the owner or operator of the existing warehousing and/or shipping facility. They provide a space where workers take products sent by manufacturers and assemble orders. INS will involve an independent fulfillment center operator to join the ecosystem to trigger rapid geographic expansion.

B. Worker center
A fulfillment center worker, employed by the fulfillment center operator or acting as an independent contractor, follows instructions received through the INS compliance application to:
  • collect products sent by the manufacturer to the fulfillment center
  • Assemble products into orders
  • Pass the order assembled to the courier


Couriers are employed by courier companies or act as independent contractors, following instructions received through the INS compliance application to:
  • Receiving orders from fulfillment centers
  • Providing orders to consumers 
That was the explanation of the INS ecosystem. Hopefully this article useful for you all. Especially for Investors who want to join this project, please visit the official website of INS Ecosystem.


Team & Advisors

  • Peter Fedchenkov - Founder
  • Dmitry Zhulin - Founder
  • Pavel Scherbinin - Chief Technology Officer
  • Dmitry Khovratovich - Blockchain Development Lead
  • Ted Lisitsyn - Business Development Manager (USA)
  • Frank van der Tol - Business Development Manager (Europe)
  • Natalia Zhoykina - Human Resources Director
  • Max Krugov - Marketing Manager
  • Dmitry Gladkov - Lawyer
  • Sebastian Stupurac - Strategy advisor
  • Eyal Hertzog - Product advisor
  • George Li - Strategy Advisor
  • Ilya Perekopsky - Strategy Advisor
  • Milo Sprague - Technical Advisor
  • Dr. Rawi Abdelal - Academic advisor
  • Michael Terpin - Community advisor
  • Prabhakar Reddy - Growth Advisor
  • David Wachsman - PR advisor
  • Min H. Kim - Community Advisor
  • Moe Levin - Community advisor
  • Suk Won Harold Kim - ICO Advisor

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