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Monday, June 25, 2018

Goods Digital Passport (GDP) - Provides information on important product data using blockchain technology

Authenticity and product information is paramount for consumers in deciding to use it. Therefore, each product should publish either from the website or directly in the product itself. In this regard, an ICO project has utilized blockchain technology in its project called Goods Digital Passports (GDP).

Goods Digital Passports uses blockchain technology to provide information on important product data that is Origin, Authenticity and Ownership. Counterfeiting is an enormous problem that is growing rapidly damaging the economy and is dangerous. for example, From luxury bags to artwork, used products, and other items often purchased online can be forged. All due to lack of information. Therefore, GDP is the solution by bringing in blockchain technology to track the history of all products at a low cost so that no one can be deceived by a fake product.

Goods Digital Passport (GDP) is the beginning of an ecological system that not only has a significant impact on counterfeit goods but will allow consumers to understand the products they buy.

There are several GDB Platform Architectures, among others:

  1. User Access Control
    Manufacturers can register with the platform. Once the admin grants them access after verifying the KYC details, they can use the portal. Manufacturers can connect to other agents who buy products from the manufacturer and sell them in the market. Only authorized manufacturers/admins can access the platform. Consumers may register to the system or may be invited by the manufacturer/agent when purchasing the product. 
  2. Product registration
    Only registered agents can register new products on the GDP platform. Smart blockchain contracts for products will be made at this stage. This smart contract can have many entities of the same product in batch or item level. Once a smart GDP contract for a product is created, it can not be modified as it will be used on the distributed blockchain. Only authorized registered manufacturers/agents can access registered products and create many entities from those products, all of which will enter the same smart contract of GDP product. Ex. Smart GDP Watch contract keeps all watch entity information, has different serial numbers, colours, prices, origin, and more.
  3. Product QR Code Detail Scannable
    After the details of the product entity are completed in a smart contract for the product, the system will generate QR code for each product entity, which can be used to track product details. The PDB manufacturer/agent can select a product information template that specifies specific product information in which format to display on web pages related to QR code. When consumers purchase products from the manufacturer/agent they transfer ownership of the product entity to the consumer. After that, the consumer will have all the right product information to allow on the web page related QR code. Manufacturers/agents now can only view product entities using QR codes shared by consumers.
  4. Transfer of ownership
    When the owner of the product entity sells the product to another consumer, the former owner may invite the new owner to join the platform, and after the new owner's registration succeeds, the old owner may transfer the ownership to the new owner. After that, the old owner can only view product information using QR code. New owners can update what product information templates are allowed on web pages related to QR code.
  5. Insurance & Certification
    The owner distributes the product information to the insurance company to prove ownership of the product and to prove that it has the product from the original source.
  6. Verification on Public Blockchain Explorer
    Because we make separate smart contracts for each product that has multiple entities, we can also share standard Ethereum network explorer links such as ether to verify product originality, authenticity & ownership in decentralized blockchain networks.

From the above explanation, it is very clear that GDP is very useful for us.

Token Value & ICO

Total Token Supply
Total Token Supply for Sale at ICO
Team, Community and Growth
Unsold Tokens Burned
Soft Cap
1000 ETH
Hard Cap
35,000 ETH

GDP Tokens will sell 85% of tokens during the ICO period. Unsold tokens from that period will be burned. 15% of tokens issued to the team will be locked in for a period of 24 months.

GDP Team

TARAS TSARENKO - Lead Technical Development
IVAN SOLOMICHEV - Blockchain Expert
Devendra R - Blockchain / Ethereum Expert
Kashyap Prajapati - Blockchain Team Lead
Ilesh Malani - Blockchain Ethereum Developer
DANIEL HARBUZ - Head Marketing
DEEP JOHAL - Head of Community Growth
KHRYSTYNA MILIAK - Technical Project Manager
AMANDA CASWELL - PR and Social Media
JACOB PARKER-BOWLES - Cyber Security & Financial Crime

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