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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Darico - The professional and user-friendly investment tools

In the crypto world, investment activity is an activity that many users do. Because investment is one way that is done to gain future benefits for users. To gain success in investing, blockchain creates DARICO as an investment solution. Darico is a professional and user-friendly set of investment tools that empower people to monitor, trade, invest, and spend cryptocurrency currencies with confidence.

The Darico ecosystem provides a professional and standardized investment tool, which makes it possible to make informed cryptocurrency investment decisions. Services available exclusively to Darico Coins holders are:
  • Darico Wallet, Gnius
  • Darico Terminal, Nyus
  • Darico Debit Card, DePay
  • Darico Exchange, DarEX
  • Darico Index Fund, Chawk
  • Darico Liquidity Pool

The explanation of the exclusive services of coin holders as follows:
  1. Darico Wallet
    A multi-coin purse (ERC20, BTC, etc.) that is safe and suitable for all crypto investors will be the first Ecosystem product to be launched and will also include Debit Card integration. The Darico wallet will be available at www.darico.io/wallet from mid-March 2018. It will be a subscription based on DEC holder and there will be mobile versions and desktop Dompet Darico available. The functionality of the wallet is:
    • security
    • place of sale and purchase
    • portfolio management
  2. Darico Terminal
    The terminal will be the information center that makes trading with crypto easier. The unique blend of Darico Terminal will make it one of the best and most convenient sources of information on the market. 
  3. Darico Debit Card
    Darico debit cards enable crypto transactions anytime, anywhere, and allow the use of DEC and other cryptocurrencies for everyday transactions.
  4. Darico Exchange
    Darico Exchange allows DEC holders to access markets quickly and easily trade DEC and other cryptocurrencies
  5. Darico Index Fund
    This will be a fully customized cryptocurrency fund for private investors who will hold a diversified portfolio of 10 highly liquid cryptocurrencies. Considerations are given to jurisdictions offering investment fund regulations. DEC holders will have the opportunity to benefit from a vibrant crypto market with diversified risks by investing in a diversified portfolio of highly liquid cryptocurrencies that are always monitored and balanced by professionals.
  6. Darico Liquidity Pool
    To ensure stability in Darico's assessment will establish a "Liquidity Fund". Up to 50% of the proceeds from the sale of the Darico Coin Ecosystem during the General Sale Period will be used to purchase Gold, BTC, and ETH for the fund. These assets will be held in the following proportions: 35% gold, 55% BTC, and 10% ETH ("Liquidity Pool"). The substantial reserves stored in the Liquidity Pool will contribute substantially to improving the sustainability of the Darico Ecosystem. The Liquidity Fund will contribute to strengthening and growing the ecosystem through the progressive development of new applications that will add value to ecosystem users. This pool will also enable the development of its own Darico Blockchain which will begin in the first quarter of 2019.


Darico vision is to become a world version of Bloomberg or Reuters, providing accurate, reliable, and timely information that investors need to make the right investment decisions.

Darico Ecosystem Coin (DEC)

Darico Ecosystem Function will be supported by DEC, Darico Coin Ecosystem. DEC is an appropriate token of ERC-20 issued on blockchain Ethereum. It is designed to give holders access to products and services available in the Darico Ecosystem. Because the Darico Ecosystem is getting users, the demand for DEC will grow. Because the people will need it to pay for services such as the use of Darico Terminals, Debit Cards and Wallets, Once Darico Blockchain is released, all DEC holders (ERC-20) will receive new DEC coins that will be used to burn the Darico Blockchain, and thus bring all components of the ecosystem together. DEC will be the original token used in Blockchain and will be used to facilitate all operations performed on the network.

Utility Token

The Darico Ecosystem Coin (DEC) is a utility token. DEC is used in Darico Ecosystem to:
  • Paying subscription fee to access Darico Wallet service
  • Paying subscription fee to access Darico Terminal service
  • Link Darico Handbag to Darico Debit Card so payment can be made in the fiat.
  • Pay for discounted trading fees and commissions from Darico Exchange and to receive any bonuses and gifts offered by the Exchange to DEC holders.
  • Subscribe to units in Darico Index Fund and get discounted subscription and redemption fees and, potentially, bonuses and certain rewards.
  • The Blockchain Darico, once developed, will be driven by DEC through transaction fees and subscriptions and other charges.
  • Bonuses and prizes will be available to DEC holders who operate an extra incentive from Darico Blockchain to use DEC.

DEC Token

DEC is an ERC-20 utility token that holders can use to access products and services available in the Darico Ecosystem. The value of the DEC token will be driven by its use and the number of people who use it and thereby increase the demand for tokens. After Darico Blockchain is released, the DEC will be converted from ERC-20 to original coin from Darico Blockchain. All DEC holders (ERC20) will receive a new DEC (Token Asli) after they register their ETH Address on the website. Each DEC holder will receive the same number of DEC tokens as the previous user has the ERC20 version of the token. After this, the old DEC token will become inactive and can not be used in the DEC ecosystem.

Token Sale Details

Token name Darico Ecosystem Coin
Ticker Symbol DEC
Investor exclusions US, China and more
Blockchain used Ethereum
ICO dates 30th January - 30th July, 11:59pm GMT+01
Token Type
Min. Purchase US $100
Price per token US $0.50
Total tokens in ICO 72,000,000
Hard Cap US $36 million
Total Supply
120,000,000 DEC


Team & Advisors

  • Mojtaba Asadian - Founder and CEO
  • Liwaa Chehayeb - CBO
  • Luke Szkudlarek - CMO
  • Mario Colombo - CTO
  • Kelly Stafford - Marketing & Community Manager
  • Kirsten Morel - Content Manager
  • Gerti Sterling - Investment Analyst
  • Chris Bernat - Frontend Developer
  • Victor Yunenko - Developer
  • Alexei Strasser - Product Manager
  • Elliott White - UX Designer
  • Artiom Rapinchuk - Smart contract developer
  • Mr. Obaid Saeed Bin Manana - Investment and Commercial Adviser
  • Professor Nabil Baydoun PhD, FCPA, MSc, BSc, CFE, CICA - Financial Adviser
  • Nathan Kwabena Adisi (aka Bola Ray) - Business Development Adviser
  • Marc X. Ellul - Legal Adviser
  • David Drake - Investment & Commercial Adviser
  • Jason Hung - Cryptocurrency & Strategy Adviser
  • Simon Cocking - Marketing & Strategy Adviser

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