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Sunday, June 17, 2018

CyClean - Making a Clean World

A clean environment is certainly our own creation. By keeping the environment clean and healthy of course good for ourselves. Therefore, present advanced technology that replaces petroleum vehicles with electric vehicles. This is not only good for the purpose but also economical for its users. Maintenance costs and management efforts become much smaller. Since bicycles and motorcycles are focused on short-haul trips, their performance is more than capable of potential users. Just selling electric bikes and motorcycles is not enough motivation for the masses to switch to a clean vehicle. Therefore, there is a CyClean platform that strengthens the net cycle by benefiting users by using CyClean products. In this platform, users will be able to rent CyClean vehicles and products and obtain CyClean coin emissions by using the CyClean product. Eco-friendly CyClean products are quite fitting to be computerized and combined with wireless networks.

Later, CyClean coins will also support A / S purchase services and spare parts. This mode of emission is more advantageous than previous methods of mining cryptocurrency because it does not consume much electricity and promotes the long-term use of CyClean products that ultimately result in significant contributions to combat environmental problems. With resources accumulated, the CyClean platform will continue to grow and strengthen the net cycle. CyClean will expand sales of electric motorcycles to Southeast Asian countries where the use of motorcycles is very high. The CyClean team has partnerships with organizations that have long-term sales experience in the Asian region and can provide a price advantage and network advantage in the sales business.

The CyClean coins are integrated with the JPAY platform already deployed and used as a cryptocurrency payment system throughout South Korea. In this platform, CyClean coins are used to pay for cellular services, rental fees for electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, ESS sun panel units, JPAY machines, JPAY Kiosk and indoor health bikes based on their smart contract features.

A smart contract is a triggered condition, an applicable electronic contract, based on a blockchain network that may include the payment of cryptocurrency and the possibility of performing another automated action. Like the lines of code in a program, there are many possibilities for smart contract features. Because of blockchain technology, foreigners can now trust each other and trade in value without requiring third-party guarantees. Furthermore, due to the smart contract features, foreigners can now make detailed arrangements with each other without the need for third-party guarantees. The advantages of smart contracts are significant for almost all types of businesses. The most remarkable advantages are Accuracy of Agreed Terms, Transparency of Ledgers, Clear Communications, Speed ​​of Accounting, Security, Process Efficiency, Free Paper Features, Storage & Reserves, Savings, and Trust. The central point is that smart contracts make digital contracts and are remotely realistically possible that was only possible by prior paper and personal signing. A strong blockchain system enforces requirements that must be executed once conditions are met.

That was the explanation about CyClean, may be useful for us all.

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