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Friday, June 1, 2018

Coinnup - Blockchain Powered Fintech Platform

Blockchain technology is growing rapidly to date. Related developments Fintech leads more than 30% of the overall share of blockchain technology that has emerged so far. Although fintech is the most developed component of the digital economy, the sector as a whole is still scattered and there are no practical solutions available to ordinary users. The large gap between the current evolutionary conditions and the use of blockchain technology requires a sustainable and centric integration. Coinnup comes up with a team of experienced developers, economists and fintech experts to design an all-in-one platform that delivers solutions to B2B, B2C, common buyers, investors, and traders.
These solutions include the following:
  • Fiat centers that bring merchants and buyers to just one point from the sales terminal
  • Exchange for merchants and a wallet approach to securing digital assets that will be synchronized across all devices
  • Pay utility bills or phone charging, send and receive domestic or international payments, online or offline shopping.
  • Pay for your vacation trips, hotel messages, and direct flights from one app.


Coinnup is the only ICO launched using in-house ICO launchpad. Coinnup ICO launchpad will be another core component that will offer turn-key solutions for ICO to come. All components and services are accessible on this platform. Coinnup begins with two main components: Portfolio management and coin ratings followed by fiat and exchange centers. Coupons are registered as businesses in Australia and Hong Kong. Coinnup token sales (PMZ) will be based in Hong Kong. The Coinnup ecosystem develops five core platforms, namely Crypto Exchange, Fiat's central gateway, B2B & B2C, Debit cards and POS networks along with universal purses. The only ecosystem that provides ease in doing all with fiat and crypto.


Coinnup aims to offer an integrated interface for users and businesses, connecting the dots between all the major components of digital asset management. The all-in-one Coinnup platform will work with major banks globally to ensure users receive domestic level services along with 24-hour customer support. Measurable and centric platforms are built to handle day-to-day transactions in the form of cryptocurrency or Fiat, trades, deposits and withdrawals. Coinnup's vision of a centralized approach to decentralized innovation is "the difference that makes a difference." The Coinnup model allows scalability to grow and anticipate user needs


Diverse approaches to wallet security will ensure bank-level encryption protocols protect ownership. Coinnup is pursuing a partnership with an industry leader specializing in Wallet multi-signature and multicurrency. Coinnup Storage adopts a spread-based wallet solution to ensure all assets are not based on a single location or accessible to an individual. This will be possible by adding additional wallets that are guaranteed by private network systems controlled by multi-layer firewalls. Some wallets will be stored in multiple locations with the ability to process synchronized transactions and provide uninterrupted transaction flow despite hardware failure. Two different secure keys will be required for approval requests initiated by the internal exchange system.


Coinnup will use a single wallet approach for selected coins and the ERC20 token. Using polling mechanisms users can send and receive cryptocurrency, as well as cryptocurrency trades from their desktop, exchange, and mobile wallets. Set refresh rate based on time or event will be used to synchronize all user wallets. Ownership is synchronized across all portfolio wallets and user managers. All wallets will use C-Key, a single security key to restoring a wallet on a new or existing device. Unique security pins protect the wallet on every device to authorize transactions. C-KEY will be one-off randomly locked keys that will not be stored on the server.


Coinnup has a utility coin with blockchain Ethereum called COINNUP COIN (PMZ). This token is the ERC-20 type. COINNUP COIN will be issued at maximum supply 298.500.000 COINNUP COIN without an increase.
Total Supply
Public Offering
104,475,000 (35% of Total Supply)
Soft Cap
$2,000,000 USD
$21,000,000 USD
Extended Hardcap *
$32,000,000 USD
 * Extended hard cap will only be enabled after reaching hard cap.

Min Purchase
250 PMZ
May 11 (1:00 AM, Sydney, AEDT)
October 30 (11:59 PM, Sydney, AEDT)
United States of America, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Crimea Region



ICO Crowdsale

Hardcap = $21,000,000 USD  |  Extended Hardcap = $32,000,000 USD

Team & Advisors

  • Myroslav Gavryliak - Co-Founder & Lead Engineer
  • Tayyab Rahman - Co-Founder & CEO
  • Sergey Novoseletskiy - Full-Stack Developer 
  • Bogdan Ruptash - Full-Stack Developer
  • Marko Pajic - Marketing Head
  • Rachna Pandya - Marketing Head - Asia
  • Maks Voloshynovskyi - Art Director
  • Diego Barrionuevo - Illustrator
  • Diana Tomka - UI/UX Designer
  • Illia Havryshchuk - Front End Developer
  • Volodymyr Shorinov - Front End Developer
  • Oleg Badichka - UI/UX Designer
  • Pavlo Laptiev - Android Developer
  • Jitendra Rathod - Content Manager
  • Oleh Mihalezkiy - UI/UX Designer
  • Yagub Rahimov - Marketing & PR
  • Shafique Ibrahim - Cross-Border Payments
  • Richard Shibi - Security and Technical
  • Michele Mazibuko - Marketing
  • Ashish Verma - Trading, Liquidity and Risk Management
  • Kenji Cheung - Marketing

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