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Saturday, June 2, 2018

AQUA Intelligence - Data-based platforms in blockchain to monetize and validate consumer personal data

The world of blockchain has brought rapid progress in life. This time, blockchain is present in the hospitality industry called AQUA Intelligence. What is Aqua Intelligence and everything about aqua intelligence will be explained below.

AQUA Intelligence is a data-driven platform in blockchain that allows consumers to monetize and validate their personal data. Based on trusted data and other sources, AQUA Intelligence creates the most comprehensive and decentralized profile for every consumer. By utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) along with additional tools, comprehensive profiles allow hotels and other businesses to increase sales, improve operational efficiency, increase profits/revenue through personalized offerings to customers, improve the overall consumer experience, and use machine learning to do effective marketing. At the same time, AQUA allows customers to validate their data and optimize their loyalty benefits through participation in the AQUA Token ecosystem. Aqua intelligence utilizes discrete data sources such as AQUA RMS, AQUA Mobile, AQUA PMS and more.


Aqua RMS uses data and analysis from AQUA Intelligence to improve the sales and marketing efforts of hotels and other hospitality businesses. Using AI, AQUA RMS and AQUA Intelligence can process more data, analyze more trends and develop better predictions for various demand and supply scenarios.

Given that AQUA RMS is an all-in-one platform, the team offers several different use cases including:
  • Private Combination Bid
  • Distribution Channel Management
  • Guest Survey and Digital Management
  • Digital Marketing Services

AQUA Mobile

AQUA Mobile is an application-facing consumer for the web and mobile, designed to take advantage of the AQUA token ecosystem. AQM is a travel/lifestyle app that provides an interface between AQUA Intelligence and consumers. Applications can also enable loyalty management and reward points across various providers along with the utilization of AQUA Tokens (AQX). AQX tokens can be converted into loyalty points, get discounts, and are used for service payments at participating hotel partners and other retail companies.


AQUA PMS is software as a service solution (SaaS) that offers scalability, flexibility, fast implementation, 24/7 accessibility, and resilience. AQUA PMS eliminates the need to work in multiple applications and reduces the boredom of manual tasks. With an intuitive design and easy-to-use function that enables application with minimal training, AQUA PMS reduces operating costs and response time, so customer needs are met quickly and efficiently. Its superior features and capabilities instantly attracted the attention of the hotel industry, and AQUA PMS is currently integrated with Hilton Worldwide, a large hotel chain. The AQUA team has a vision, idea, experience, and proven capabilities to provide a daunting solution for the hotel industry.

Thus, By utilizing blockchain aqua intelligence technology facilitates consumers to monetize data through a complete token ecosystem model. AQUA INTELLIGENCE will be the first comprehensive consumer profile system for the hospitality industry.

Certainly very clear, AQUA INTELLIGENCE is very useful both for consumers and hotels. Therefore, let's join in this project to gain mutual success.

ICO & Token Sale

AQUA will create a mechanism to enable the purchase of AQUA Token on the open market by creating a DApp and Smart Contract powered dot address that will convert the received Ethereum (ETH) to AQUA Token (AQX). These will be represented on a front-facing web platform with an intuitive yet easy-to-use (UI) user interface. Dynamic conversion formulas will be programmed into Intelligent Contracts and published to websites so that all parties will be notified of conversion rates. This can be presented in a simple UI such as two fields: one for input of the number of ETH to be sent, and one for output for the number of AQX to be generated and sent.

Token sales will fund the full development and adoption of the AQUA Intelligence network. Sales begin on May 07, 2018, and will expire on September 30, 2018, or when a hard stamp of USD $ 50 million is achieved. The total supply of tokens would be 500,000,000. 45% of the total AQX supply will be distributed during the crowdsale token. At the start of the token sale, each AQX token will be priced at $ 0.25. A bonus will be available on a sliding scale depending on the period of purchase.

Monday, May 7, 2018 at 9 EDT
ETH tokens only
1 AQUA: USD $0.25*
US $50,000,000
US $50,000,000 / (USD/ETH rate)
Depends on the USD/ETH rate 1 hour before the token sale, and the amount raised in ETH at each bonus stage (see below).
15% Bonus until May 11th
12% Bonus until May 25th
9% Bonus until June 15th
6% Bonus until June 30th
3% Bonus until July 30th
0% Bonus until September 30th


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writen by : Ludmilla
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