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Friday, May 25, 2018

Viva Network - Transformative financial technology that introduces large-scale, decentralized mortgage financing to the world

When we talk about buying a house, we will discuss mortgage lending. Mortgages are used by individuals and businesses to make real estate purchases without paying the entire purchase value in advance. Over a period of years, the borrower repaid the loan, plus interest. Until finally, the owner of the property is free and complete the entire loan. Mortgages are also known as "property rights" or "property claims". If the borrower stops paying the mortgage, the bank can seize the property in question. In a housing mortgage, a home buyer promises his home to the bank. The bank has a claim on the house if the home buyer fails or fails to pay the mortgage. In the case of foreclosure, the bank can evict the tenant of the house and sell the house using the revenue from the sale to remove the mortgage debt.

Mortgage rates are almost entirely controlled by central banks whose policies are influenced by local currency and economic landscape. In this regard, there is now an ICO project dealing with Blockchain-based Mortgage discussions that utilize decentralized technology to cut intermediaries, leave bank system inefficiencies, and thereby provide better rates for borrowers and better returns for investors. This project is named VIVA NETWORK. What is Viva Network? Let's see this summary of my article to completion.

Viva Network

Viva Network is a transformative financial technology that introduces large-scale, decentralized mortgage financing to the world. The Viva platform will use smart contracts for a crowdfund home loan, connecting borrowers and direct investors in a decentralized ecosystem. Utilizing ultra-secure blockchain transactions, Viva cuts intermediaries, resulting in a more lucrative and efficient lending process for all.

The Viva Network is a decentralized ecosystem that connects mortgage borrowers with global investors in an unlimited, blockchain-secured cloud platform. Viva's innovative technology uses smart Ethereum contracts to cover and secure personal home loans into Fractionalized Mortgage Shares (FMS) that can be easily purchased and sold on Viva FMS Exchange (Secondary Market) applications.

The Viva platform will consist of apps that will continue to evolve, improve, and update to meet end-user needs and preferences over time. In addition to a patented mortgage financing system, this platform will include applications that provide artificially intelligent capabilities such as Real Value Home 2.0 Appraisal App, and other applications that enhance the fundamental aspects of the lending/borrowing process.

Vision and mission

Viva Network has the vision to revolutionize an outdated mortgage lending industry by cutting off intermediaries and decentralizing processes, thereby applying funding approaches that are fundamentally more accessible and transparent. The Viva platform will be exploited by them in developed and developing countries, enabling the world to take a major step toward equality of geographic wealth - by breaking down barriers and making both parties better.

The mission of Viva Network is to disrupt the mortgage industry by allowing buyers and home sellers to set their own terms. Every individual, from any country in the world, will have access to credit financing for home loans through a decentralized open market network in Viva Platform. In addition, Viva's function as an investment and savings platform accessible only by mobile means that all Viva users will have access to credit financing, savings and investments, and secure transaction services supported by standard blockchain - regardless of the country in which they live.

Three Pillars of Viva

Unlike a central bank-controlled mortgage, Viva Network has three pillars that are not owned by another. The three pillars are:
  1. Mortgage Financing
    The Viva network will allow its users to get mortgage housing loans from the global crowlenders network. For the first time, regular home buyers will have an alternative way to finance their home purchase; eliminating the need for traditional local banks by providing access to global markets, decentralized investor candidates.
  2. Residential Property Assessment
    Viva Network will improve the current home valuation process with innovative Real Value 2.0 Application ("RV2"). RV2 is a proprietary home valuation software that enables users to pay with VIVA Tokens and receive an algorithm-based home valuation that is unbiased using current market data and advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence perspectives.
  3. Credit Rating
    The Viva Network user will receive a transparent and traceable digital identification known as "V-ID". Using V-ID, users will be able to build their Viva credit profile on the "V-Score" app. We intend for V-Scores to improve the current credit assessment process and are inefficient and allow members to build reliable credit scores, regardless of national boundaries and permits from other centralized credit institutions.

Viva Profit Model

In the early stages of The Viva Network, its companion apps will be entities that cannot maintain and defend themselves. Although when the Viva Network is fully functional and capable of doing a crowdfund mortgage, the Viva Network operators will maintain a small profit on every mortgage spread by crowdfunding through the platform. This profit model will be a vital part of Viva's operations and long-term success and will enable market penetration on a global scale. With a fully self-contained core structure, the business model will attract talent for the company, and more and more investors to participate in the products it offers. Most importantly, the profit model will accelerate the expansion of the Viva Network and enable the team's vision of the future to come true.

The Viva Network Profitability

Profitability of hybrid structures, including third-party contractors that will be part of the ecosystem together with local Hub Viva (at an early stage), are key components of the profit model. Viva Hubs will be operated semi-independently by local mortgage brokers, underwriters, and property professionals. They will be given an incentive to deliver quality businesses through the following operations:
  • The origination fees for mortgages and reinsurance facilities brokered by Viva Network are paid every six months based on Hub's overall portfolio performance
  • Ongoing agency fees to monitor loans and distribute interest to FMS holders;
  • The cost of a broker to offer mortgage insurance to the borrower.
Since the Hub-hub itself will be profitable, we anticipate that Hub-Hubs will grow rapidly in quantity, contributing to the organic growth of the entire Viva ecosystem. This will lead to more demand for FMS in the secondary market.

Expansion of scope

Once the network operates, there will be opportunities to expand the product range. The dual function of the product will enable portfolio diversification and provide liquidity to Viva FMS Exchange. The network will be used for more than just a mortgage, and early users of VIVA technology will benefit from expanding the scope to other markets in the future.


VIVA Tokens ("VIVA") is a toll-based ERC20 Ethereum blockchain, designed to provide utilities in the exclusive application of The Viva Network Platform. VIVA Tokens will initially be distributed, to the early adherents of the vision for the Viva Network Platform, in recognition of contributions made during Token Generation Events. VIVA Token will act as an "in-app currency" that serves as an integral driving force for incentive-based ecosystems.

The desired function of the VIVA Token 
  1. Network Currency
    VIVA Token will be used as Network Currency (Exclusive App or "in app") on various Viva Platform apps.
    The key ingredient for an effective decentralized technology is a powerful incentive system. VIVA Token will serve as an incentive system and will be an integral driving force for the various applications to be developed and available on Viva Platform.
  2. Ability to use the Home Rating Software 'Real Value 1.0'
    VIVA Token holder with the ability to use the original Home Valuation software, "Real Value 1.0".
    This is an algorithm designed to assess residential properties located in the test market, Bermuda. There is no integration of machine learning to be used to create RV2 with, but it retrieves all currently available residential data into account to provide a rating that is often 5% of the sale price of the property. This will provide short-term value to VIVA Token holders and will serve as a preview for sophisticated RV2 applications, which are planned to be launched soon.

ICO Details

1 ETH = 35,714 VIVA
Minimum investment
0.001 ETH
Hard cap
75,640 ETH

Token Alocation

Team & Advisors

  • Christian Fiddick - Chief Architect
  • Nick Thomson - Chief Executive Officer
  • Benjamin Erichsen - Chief Operating Officer
  • Paul Montero, ACCA - Chief Financial Officer
  • David Erichsen - Chief Technical Officer
  • Tarek Waked - Chief Strategy Officer
  • Wilson Carter - Chief Marketing Officer
  • Greg Maybury - Accounting Manager
  • Katherine Masters - Director of Public Relations
  • Jeff Hooton - Full Stack Developer
  • Blake Carter - Director of Business Expansion
  • Alex Brown - Financial Advisor
  • William Lewis - Director
  • Linc Kupke - Assistant Architect
  • Nikolai Paloni - Branding Expert
  • Kenneth Thomson - Real Estate Analyst
  • Stan Stalnaker - Founding Director and Chief Strategy Officer
  • Loretta Joseph - Government Blockchain
  • Dennis O'Connell - Global Architect, CTO
  • Stephen Thomson - Real Estate Developer, Entrepreneur
  • Marlon Weems - Director of Business Development, FinTech Consultant
  • Gilbert Darrell - Blockchain Entrepreneur
  • Kyle Masters - Barrister & Attorney, Bermuda Regulatory Authority
  • Max Borders - Co-Founder Voice & Exit, Author, Executive Director
  • Dr. Kishan Sudusinghe - Quantitative Developer
  • Jesse Beohm - Senior Risk Analyst
  • Jeremy Swan - Managing Principal, CohnReznick
  • James Anfossi - Senior Risk Modeler
  • Josh Hebb - Senior Technical Consultant
  • David Lorek - Senior Software Engineer 

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