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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Soundeon - Decentralized and Vertically Integrated Blockchain Music Platform

Blockchain has played a role in various fields. This time, blockchain comes in a music world called soundeon. Soundeon is a decentralized blockchain based music and multimedia platform built on the ecosystem. Soundeon is also a protocol for modern media. Soundeon deals with key issues that plague the performing arts industry with radical transparency, equitable ownership management, improved artist funding mechanisms, and fair event tickets.

Soundeon uses a multiprong approach to eliminate inefficient and old-fashioned market practices that are bad for both artists and fans online and offline.

Through the original adoption of CSC (Creative Smart Contract) proprietary technology, Soundeon Protocol solves the problem by developing an application layer, as follows:
  • Sales of Music Tokens
    Opportunities for artists to launch Token Sales and finance personal projects through the support of the Soundeon community.
  • Soundeon Exchange
    a decentralized intellectual property transfer and exchange where everyone can buy or sell their royalty income with the opportunity to create a diversified personal music royalty portfolio.
  • Soundeon Tix
    a fan-centric smart blockchain-based ticketing platform embedded in the Soundeon environment. Dynamic QR Code and Creative Intelligent Contract eliminates ticket scalping, fraud, and empower organizers to fully control ticket sales in both primary and secondary markets.
  • Soundeon Monitor
    Collection of royalty data from Soundeon and third-party providers, with an integrated data analysis covering all aspects of the artist's creative output (including: copyright, royalty collection, ticket sales).
  • Soundeon Player
    Music player using blockchain technology for transparent royalty distribution.
The mission of soundeon is:
  1. To find talent and empower the creators
  2. To control their work by developing a single, uncorrupted, unchangeable, fair, transparent block of intelligent media contracts and management rights based on a single blockchain and fostering closer relationships between artists and music enthusiasts
While the vision of soundeon is To create the best entertainment experience by bringing transparency and innovation to the music industry.


Soundeon launches a token named soundeon token. This token is used to provide incentives and reward initial users who add value to the platform through network effects. The benefits of the existence of the soundeon token are as follows:
  1. The Soundeon Token is a prepaid payment mechanism for services provided within the platform (Sale Token Music, Soundeon Exchange, Soundeon Player, Soundeon Tix) as well as through a partner channel integrated with the Soundeon environment.
  2. Soundeon Tokens ensure the friction-free characterization of tokenization.
  3. Tokens allow micropayments with low transaction costs for more accurate separation, greater value for listeners and liquidity facilitation mechanisms for artists (which can then use token in other layers and platform partners). 


  • Oct, 2017 - Idea originates
  • Dec, 2017 - Securing a pre-seed investment round (US$ 600,000) from a Singaporean venture fund
  • Apr, 2018 - Platform alpha version launch
  • Jun, 2018 - Soundeon Token Sale
  • Aug, 2018 - Beta version launch
  • Nov, 2018 - Token Sale for all users launch
  • Feb, 2019 - Full compliance with regulations Soundeon Exchange layer launch
  • Jun, 2019 - Soundeon Tix layer beta version launch
  • Sep, 2019 - Soundeon Monitor launch
  • Dec, 2019 - Fully working platform Worldwide Expansion
  • Mar, 2020 - Soundeon Protocol launch for External Services 

Token Sale Details

A special smart contract will be developed to automate the Initial Token Sale process. The Initial Token Sale smart contract parameters include :
  • Soft Cap:
    The contract will have a safety measure for contributors. Should the soft cap of the offering not be reached, Soundeon will not have the ability to access these funds. Furthermore, a full refund will be made to the contributors.
  • Hard Cap:
    Soundeon strongly believes in efficient use of resources, hence we are against uncapped token sales. Only the amount required to reach roadmap goals should be raised. From existing case studies, we observe a harmful dynamic of uncapped projects driven by greed and facilitated by the hype.
Soundeon takes on a holistic approach to improving both existing practical deficiencies within the music and ticketing businesses as well as creating a blue ocean of music tokenization. In order to achieve this ambitious feat, Soundeon undertakes a disciplined and layered approach to its crowdsale, with uniform alignment to its realizable project development cycle. Hence, depending on the amount raised in the crowdsale. 

Team & Advisors

  • Vadim Kurochkin - CEO
  • Vladimir Avdeev - CVO
  • Egor Bushlyakov - CTO
  • Anastasia Liberman - Head of Product
  • Ruslan Guseynov - Strategy & Development
  • Aram Abgaryan - Business Development
  • Anna Tolstochenko - Head of Marketing
  • Tim Guseynov - Creative Consultant
  • Alina Shaposhnikova - Art director 
  • Alan Sorensen
  • Christopher Nolte
  • Hayk Ayrapetyan
  • David Drake
  • Anton Abduhamidov

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