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Monday, May 14, 2018

Productivist - Smart-Manufacturing empowered by the Blockchain

Technological developments have brought us in an increasingly advanced direction. One of them is the presence of blockchain technology that creates transparency. This time, the ICO project that uses blockchain is named Productivist.

Productivist is closely related to manufacturing. Manufacturing is an industrial world where raw materials are converted into finished goods on a large scale. The Blockchain Productivity project aims to develop ways of working by creating new standards for the production of smart manufacturing. By using Blockchain, the open ecosystem will manage the manufacturing chain of command 4.0 by decentralizing production.

Smart Devices

To develop all hardware connectivity, the team created a smart device that allows any machine or system to connect to the Productivity Blockchain Project. Connecting a manufacturing machine to a blockchain Productivist will benefit the owner. Not only does it have remote access to its production schedule, but if "commercial mode" is enabled, it will be possible, to send production instructions directly to the machine and fill in the void of production time without interference. Optimizing the production capacity offered by our solutions will bring economies of scale into saturated markets.

The Blockchain Productivist project will also enable to integrate Freelabster in the system as the first brick of commercial use of blockchain and develop Productive Solutions for larger manufacturers and achieve the goal of creating a global manufacturing capacity map. Smart devices act as partners who will have the ability to validate blocking. By mining Blockchain Productivist, the use of the system becomes free of cost. Intelligent devices will integrate the wallet to accept orders and files for the system.

To ensure maximum connectivity, the Blockchain Productivity Project offers global solutions with different layers accessible to participants with customized applications and inter-reactive web interface, manufacturers will be able to change official apps and realize their own branded and customized applications.

PROD Token

Productivist launches a token called token producToken (PROD). This token will be used as the primary currency in blockchain with the aim of ensuring smoother transactions at lower costs. To benefit from a Token Sale, potential buyers should visit and register at It will be possible to purchase a PROD token using Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash. All purchased PROD token will be used in the Productivist platform. To obtain a PROD token, an ERC-20 compatible wallet such as My Ethereum Wallet will be used (distributed at the end of the token sale). As part of the KYC Producer process, and in accordance with, users may also be required to provide additional information and documentation to verify their identity.

That's a little explanation of productivist. For more details just look in the productivist web page. may be useful

Productivist's Token Sale

Start Date
To 1st May
Token Name
Token Standard
Exchange Rate Token
1 PROD = 0.1€
385,000,000 PROD
Min Purchase
Hard Cap
Equivalent of 20 Million € EUR
Soft Cap
If less than the equivalent of 2 million € EUR in proceeds have been received by the Token Sale End Date (the “Minimum Raise”), then all funds raised will be returned to participants.
Total Supply

Initially 238 million PROD tokens (61,7%) are allocated to the Token Sale. The final amount will depend on the bonuses that would be applied to the token sale. All unsold tokens will be burned.
Tradable & liquid
ProducToken is ERC-20 compliant, thus making it liquid and tradable on all exchanges. A Productivist employee will be fully dedicated to the promotion of the token and maintaining relations with exchange platforms

Team & Advisors

  • Benjamin Pestel - Co-Founder & CEO
  • Stanislas Gobert - Co-Founder & CTO
  • Mélissa Ibghi - Co-Founder & CLO
  • Mazen Gharbi -Co-founder & Full Stack Engineer
  • Álvaro Canton - Co-founder & Head of Communications
  • Martha Scott - Strategy & Business Developer (EN)
  • Han xu wang - Additive Manufacturing
  • Benoit Benich - System Administrator
  • Nicolas Merle - Blockchain Leader
  • Luc Yriarte, phd - Blockchain Engineer
  • Jeremie François, phd - Blockchain Engineer
  • Zine-eddine Hasni - Blockchain Engineer
  • Marcos Carvalho - Digital Strategist
  • Sandro Tavares - Designer / UI/UX
  • Ana Sousa - Designer / Illustrator
  • Nicolas Trimardeau - Traffic Manager
  • Patrick Musso
  • Jean-Marie Le sueur
  • Daniel Doppler
  • Sébastien Griffon
  • Julien Gobert
  • Mathieu Pesin
  • Benjamin Fuentes
  • Alexandre Capetta
  • Luca Benevolo
  • Kirill Kazakov
  • Nikolay Syusko

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