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Friday, May 11, 2018

Gese - The system of protection against counterfeit product

In consuming food or drink, Of course as a buyer we must be wise and meticulous in using the product. We must know the quality of these products in order not to get fake products that adversely affect health. Therefore, blockchain technology comes as a solution through an ICO project called GESE. Immediately the explanation of GESE will be discussed below.

What is GESE?

GESE is a unique community of ordinary consumers who want to ensure the quality of goods purchased. Gese is a marketing tool that provides reliable statistical data for brands, as well as social applications that allow consumers not only to protect themselves from fake production but also to gain rewards in the platform. Gese is implemented using NFC-tagging and blockchain technology, which enables it to trace every bottle from manufacturer to consumer while filtering out counterfeit products. In general, Gese is an ideal platform for promoting products among target audiences.

Gese is a tailor-made project for the market, containing information about products produced and functioning as platforms to build thematic communities. Maintenance systems require blockchain technology that has two key properties:
  1. Bandwidth and high scalability;
  2. The ability to work with smart contracts.

Gese developed border solutions that absorb the best quality of economy and speed of POS block boxes, smart contracts for the Ethereum platform, and its ERC standards. The products developed by gese combine the advantages of two blockchains of POA and Ethereum architecture to provide the best solution for managing tasks.
  • POA architecture
    platforms inherit the speed and logic that enable it to perform a comparable number of transactions, limited only by the technical characteristics of the equipment, not by the software platform itself.
  • Ethereum
    The platform adopts the security of financial transactions and transactions, guaranteed thanks to smart contracts.
The approach used in the development of the Gese blockchain is based on the manifest to build a highly loaded system (


The Gese platform is built on one of the fastest types of blockchain. All system payments and wallets are stored within the platform's blockchain. Users can use their wallets to store platform's native tokens as well as tokens created within the system by other users. The platform allows to instantly transfer funds from one wallet to another as well as use these funds for payment within the system or applications that work with the Gese API. All types of currencies can be traded on the internal crypto-exchange.


Ethreum token release platform

Type of token:
Name of the token:


minimum amount of investment:
0.1 ETH
3818 ETH
7857 tokens per ETH
15 days


minimum amount of investment:
0.1 ETH
basic price:
5500 tokens per ETH
49,090 ETH
30 days

Team & Advisors


  • Alexey Pechkin - Team leader
  • Georgy Rozhkov - Marketing Expert
  • Mikhail Dergachev - PR
  • Alexander Strakh - Engineer
  • Arkady Davidov - Front-end developer
  • Natalia Yurkovets - Engineer
  • Pavel Boboshik - Founder
  • Martin Kratky-Katz
  • Polina Sazonova
  • Alexander I

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