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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Element - Creates a fully transparent and trusted ecosystem for the e-commerce market, built on the principle of a blockchain

E-commerce has taken over the world of commerce. The e-commerce market is the dissemination, purchase, sale, marketing of goods and services through electronic systems such as the internet, television, websites, or computer networks. E-commerce Broadens the reach of potential customers with unlimited target markets, simplifies marketing and promotion of goods or services, making business transactions easier as they are everywhere and available every time and Global Reach. In contrast to traditional markets that have been very clear require a long time and certain time also. Therefore, the e-commerce market becomes the axis of the world of commerce.

In line with that, there is an ICO project that utilizes blockchain in the world of e-commerce called elementh. Elementh was founded in Singapore. Elementh develops blockchain for e-commerce, which is a list of ownership of goods, with the ability to write a distinctive smart contract and use nomenclature standards to quickly make decentralized and centralized apps for e-commerce. Elementh also allows anyone to access real-time stock inventory and price data from vendors within blockchain. The belief and decentralized nature of Elementh blockchain give consumers the opportunity to find the best dealer and dealer to do business faster.


Elementh own vision is to create a fully transparent and trusted ecosystem for the e-commerce market, built on the principle of the blockchain. customizable and easily scalable. While the goal is to implement blockchain technology into e-commerce, creating a standard and integrated product classification platform that allows setting and rapid scaling of e-commerce projects.

Elementh will accomplish this by creating blockchain with the Turing-complete built-in programming language. This will allow anyone to write smart contracts and decentralized apps. Also, this will allow the use of integrated product cards, e-commerce transactions, and proprietary transfers. To achieve this goal, Elementh will virtually digitize all items by creating product cards and unique IDs for each product.


Token Element (EEE)

The Elementen Token is a utility token, which keeps moving inside the system. More than 70% of tokens (71.78% will be sold through ICO) will belong to system participants and will continue to move within Elementh. The initial token distribution between companies and end users will be done through ICO. The Elementh Foundation will exchange these tokens for ETH or BTC which, in turn, is used for blockchain expansion, development, attracting new investors and maintaining the entire system. The Elementh Foundation accepts EEE tokens as the cost of any transaction in the system.

From 75% to 99% of the fees received will be paid by Elementh Foundation to master nodes for system maintenance. Up to 25% of the cost will be maintained by Elementh Foundation for daily operations, business promotion, and technical development. Service providers pay fees in the system and receive tokens in turn from companies that need their services. Any interactions, such as access to required company data, will be paid for with EEE tokens in the system.

End users may fully or partially pay for products or services from companies in the system with EEE tokens. Users can be rewarded with tokens to maintain and develop systems, such as matching algorithms or product card learning and detecting counterfeit goods in the system.

Blockchain projects have their own advantages over traditional businesses. The advantages are transboundariness, trust-free basis, decentralization, low cost, transaction speed, etc. Therefore, I invite investors to join in the success of this project.

Token sale Details

Token Sales Schedule 1 - 30 April 2018
Purchase Token Ethereum, Bitcoin
Price Token5000 EEE / 1 ETH
Bonus 15% - 30%
Total Supply 217.500.000 EEE



Members          Sergey Ryabov - CEO
Dmitriy Bereznitskiy - CTO
Vitaliy Mengeshev - COO
Kirillov Artem - Blockchain Developer and Architect
Aleksandr Vasilev - Data Scientist
Sergey Morozov - Blockchain Developer
Eugene Prigornitskiy - Go Developer
Peter Gashitsky - UX/UI Designer
Alexander Kholodnykh - Backend Developer
Lubov Bruk - PR manager
Advisors Naveen Yannam - Tech Advisor and early contributor
Proorocu Aurel George - Marketing Advisor
Ilya Anikin - ICO, Investment and Strategy Advisor
Michael Averbach - Financial Advisor
Sergey Fradkov - Legal Advisor


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