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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

DeNet - Decentralized data storage & web hosting service

Hi, friend. The article today is still with the same discussion, which is about the ICO project. This time we will discuss the related project about Hosting. Hosting is a service that can be used by individuals, organizations or companies to store various data websites so that it can be accessed via the internet. In other words, hosting is a place rental to accommodate the data required by a website and so can be accessed via the Internet. Data here can be files, images, emails, applications/programs/scripts, and databases.

In line with that, Attend ICO project related to hosting by using a secure blockchain decentralization technology. The project is named DeNet. What is DeNet? and what the benefits of DeNet and all about DeNet will be explained here.

DeNet is a decentralized network capacity server that makes it possible to store websites, data, applications, and be able to complete other IT tasks over the long run. This is a technical protocol that enables clients to get web-hosting services worldwide in a one-stop-shop mode as easy as possible, as well as a standalone market that enables any user with the relevant equipment to make a profit by providing empty server capacity and the results of its use.

Why DeNet?

The reason why we should use DeNet for hosting because DeNet has 6 advantages you should know. Here are 6 advantages of DeNet:
  1. DeNet allows every Web user to rent data storage and web hosting that is completely private and secure.
  2. DeNet allows each user to use unused capacity and receive income with little difficulty to lease computing power & bandwidth.
  3. DeNet will launch Web decentralization from one of the most centralized frameworks - web storage and be hosting.
  4. DeNet is a decentralized network with a transparent settlement system that takes into account user contributions and reputation. This is for the benefit of the user to work in good faith here.
  5. DeNet provides maximum protection and comfort for clients. Maximum active time at a very reasonable price.
  6. DeNet is not looking for investors into ideas - we are looking for partners to work together on platforms at the MVP stage that has been launched.

Vision of DeNet

In line with DeNet's vision of providing an open network that delivers secure and secure services to its users with the help of other stakeholders, capacity providers. DeNet's plan is to become an 'on demand' platform for decentralized infrastructure for secure, cheap, and high quality data and web hosting.

DeNet products allow users to lease server facilities in "on demand" mode aimed at completing the following tasks:
  • Data hosting (static data storage on a file server).
  • Websites hosting. It includes disk space, database management systems, web server, integrated software for working with PHP and other languages of dynamic markup of web pages).
  • Website hosting with replication around the world, based on specified parameters.
  • Rent of VPN nodes and various backup capacity for Internet access.
  • Rental of capacities for solving computing problems (later).
  • Rental capacity for video rendering (later).

Two Networks owned by DeNet

DeNet selects two semi-centralized and decentralized networks. This is related to the fact that every major project starts with a demonstration of the main operating options. That is why DeNet shares development in 2 stages, with a semi-centralized network already operating as MVP.
  1. The first (MVP) is a set of master-node servers that accept requests and offers and commuters. These servers are located all over the world but are considered semi-centralized, because they belong to DeNet.
  2. In Phase Two, centralized intermediaries (DeNet master nodes) will be excluded, with order monitoring and processing functions transferred to multiple servers on the network, the choice will be based on reputation. A network which executes the server, in the process of generating a reputation, will be able to raise the rankings and perform monitoring functions on the network, as well as directly accessing the customer's server will be built.
Compared to traditional centralized hosting or cloud solutions, DeNet products have the following significant advantages:
  1. Easy to use.
    You can rent a hosting in just a few minutes starting from one hour usage time.
  2. Economy
    DeNet experience shows that the cost of hosting on our system is several times cheaper than the centralized solution. DeNet proposes payments only for facilities used, which means that clients will never pay more for idle capacity as they do in traditional cloud services.
  3. Energy
    A cautious attitude towards the planet's resources through a decrease in energy consumption.
  4. Security and privacy
    We use all the tools available to maintain the security and privacy of clients, developed to date. Additionally, because of the distribution of risk across multiple servers, the overall possibility of gaining unauthorized access to information from multiple websites, as is often the case with centralized companies, decreases significantly.
  5. Minimum trust to the server
    At DeNet, users only need to trust the operation of network protocols, published as open source code in Github that anyone can verify and verify.
  6. Without states, borders, and discrimination on a national basis
    There is no territory or restriction on the DeNet network, anyone can become a member of the network, receive revenue and service orders.
  7. Maximum work quality and client security
    The DeNet network is developed taking into account a collection of negative attack scenarios and poor performance from capacity providers. In this view, the reputation model, bonus funds, security deposits and other functions that stimulate the server to provide the highest quality services integrated into the system, and in the event of failure to commit, the funds are refunded and the reputation may get lost.
  8. Well designed network connectivity model
    One of the decentralized network problems is high ping and other delays due to bad connections. In the web hosting industry this is unacceptable, that is why the DeNet network has been developed in maximum connection mode via VPN and sub-VPN servers.
  9. Introducing the package solution
    Due to the large number of DeNet servers that participate in the provision of capacity, it is possible to hire a set of servers according to established criteria for building personal server solutions. This can be a VPN network and website replication and other tasks.
  10. API (application programming interface) for developers
    We have developed an app for leasing computing power

DNET Token

DNET Tokens are developed on the ERC-20 standard on the Ethereum blockchain. The ERC-20 standard defines a set of rules to be followed in order for tokens to be received and to connect with other tokens on the network. Unlike other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Litecoin, the ERC-20 token is tied to Ethereum, using its network address format and transmitted using Ethereum transactions. Thus, transactions with the ERC-20 tokens can be tracked in the Viewer block.

The number of DNET is limited mathematically and embedded in the source code. Users interact in the system, exchange tokens or submit them to the network (i.e. to master the server). Users can interact P2P within the IT capacity lease frame (send token outside master server), but in this case, the protocol includes a notification mechanism for the master server to start operating to monitor uptime and improve the accrual's reputation.

Token Sale

Team & Advisors

  • Rafik Singatullin - Co-founder/CEO
  • Olga Belonozhko - Co-founder/COO
  • Pavel Litvyakov - Co-founder/CBDO
  • Amir Malikov - Business development Asia
  • Maria Titova - CFO
  • Denis Shelestov - CO-founder/CTO
  • Iskander Nizamov - Project manager
  • Danis Sabitov - Core Developer, backend, security
  • Adil Amirov Core Developer, backend, security
  • Faeel Zaripov Core Developer, backend, security
  • Anton Polikasov Core Developer, devops, miner-apps
  • Ramazan Mardigallyamov - Designer
  • Meret Danatarov - Front-end Developer
  • Kirill Nikolaev - Adviser, Switzerland
  • Victor Michaelson - Adviser, Canada
  • Jim Blasko - Adviser, USA
  • Simon Cocking - Adviser, Ireland
  • Dave Carlson - Adviser, USA
  • David Hwang - Adviser, South Korea
  • Andrei Kulik - Adviser, Switzerland
  • Andrey Bogomolov - Adviser, USA
  • Enrique Martinez - Adviser, USA
  • Vasily Sumanov - Adviser, Russia

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