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Monday, May 28, 2018

CryptoBank - The latest innovations are made to the parallel between the concept of fiat and cryptocurrency

Although it has long been using the internet, probably many of you who do not know Cryptocurrency. Yes, Cryptocurrency itself is a digital currency managed by peer to peer technology networks and is made with encryption techniques. Like the real currency, this digital currency also has various types. However, in every country does not have its own digital currency, but a currency that can be used and circulated around the world. Cryptocurrency was created not long ago as an "electronic payment system based on cryptographic evidence" that allows two people to interact directly with each other without the use of trusted third parties, rather than entrusting your money to the central authority.

However, there are a number of reasons why the use of cryptocurrency can create inconvenience in non-technical user ownership. Also, if you want to use cryptocurrency in everyday life to pay for small purchases every day, the effort becomes less profitable and riskier due to uncontrolled cryptocurrency mining, and speculation by wholesalers and large market shareholders involving all components of capitalization. In addition, there is a theory that the total amount of lost bitcoin is about $ 50 billion. Based on the above factors, there is often more misunderstanding or inadequate understanding of the behavior of the technology market and sometimes lack usability for non-technical users. As a result, this often leads to panic and the market goes down at a speed that the company has never felt in the traditional stock market. To provide solutions to the problem above now comes to the newest innovation named CRYPTOBANK.


Cryptobank is the latest innovation made to a parallel between the concept of fiat and cryptocurrency. It assumes that the assets will be stored and transmitted using software based on open source bitcoin code, cryptographically safe, and using distributed ledger technology, as the true value of cryptocurrency. Even Cryptobank provides a solution to all issues related to the volatility of cryptocurrency through connecting "CryptoBank Coins" to fiat. All CryptoBank Coins based on the blockchain protocol code have been released in the first block and transferred to cold storage wallets, which are managed by independent Board analysts and consultants. After that, each CryptoBank Coin exists as a cryptocurrency and is under a constant analytical department audit.

Each CryptoBank Coin can be issued only after the support ratio will be one-to-one (ie 1 CBD - 1 USD, 1 EUR CBE - 1, 1 CBR - 1 RUR 1 CBY - CNY), that is in accordance with the fixed unit of currency owned and can be diversified in various cryptocurrencies. CryptoBank Coins may be exchanged for the underlying fiat currency ratios in accordance with CryptoBank's policies. On this basis, each CryptoBank Coin becomes liquid, based on the reserves obtained through exchange transactions between CryptoBank tickers and cryptocurrency in the fiat they link.

Implementation Cryptobank has advantages compared to other cryptocurrencies. The advantages of Cryptobank are as follows:
  • CryptoBank coins based on bitcoin core 0.12, and not on the less developed and tested crypto "altcoin" currency, or in closed source code software, are launched in a central private database.
  • CryptoBank transaction processing mechanisms such as bitcoin, running on P2P, pseudo-anonymous, decentralized, cryptographically encrypted environments, which are security axioms. СryptoBank Coins is a stable cryptocurrency that has no volatility and every coin can be issued only after its support ratio will be one to one fiat currency in question (ie 1 CBD - 1 USD, 1 EUR CBE - 1, 1 CBR - 1 RUR 1 CBY - CNY), which corresponds to fixed currency units held and can be diversified in various CryptoBank cryptocurrencies.
  • Merchants, exchange and wallet services can integrate CryptoBank Coins as easily as Bitcoin.
  • Cryptobank inherits the properties of the bitcoin protocol code version 0.12, which includes: decentralized exchange transactions, open source, wallet encryption, transparency, multiparty system and reporting functions, full ownership of accounts without third party involvement, inability to cancel transactions.
  • 100% protection against multiple expenses.
  • Cryptobank uses a simple yet effective approach to reserve confirmation, which significantly reduces the risk of the opponent as an asset reserve.
  • CryptoBank token publishing is limited, but the volume is sufficient to avoid shortages, while the release of coins will be closely related to price or liquidity. Users can buy or sell as many coins as they want, fast and with low commissions.
  • CryptoBank coins will not face market risks, such as the debt crisis theory of "The Black Swan", etc., Because the reserves remain in the ratio of one to one and diversified in various cryptocurrencies, are under constant audit professionals.
  • Audit interaction with non-volatile and official mining programs.
  • Innovations made by CryptoBank simplify non-technical user access to cryptocurrency, unlike provisioning methods or derivative strategies.
  • Technology issued certification for computing products in CryptoBank blockchain enables you to avoid various types of attacks on CryptoBank blockchain.
  • A decentralized and civilized approach to scalability through CBMT voting.
At any time the balance of cryptocurrency stored in our backup will be equal to (or greater than) the number of CryptoBank tokens in circulation. This simple configuration is the easiest to support a powerful "Proof of backup and payback" process - a very important process for price maintenance between the circulating channel and the base currency, which is stored in the reserve. Users will be able to purchase CryptoBank tokens on support websites that have chosen CryptoBank as a payment instrument ( or co-branding project, created by the CryptoBank team such as, supported by CryptoBank. Users can also send and store CryptoBank coins in a light and anonymous purse available on the website Other exchanges, wallets, and retailers invited to contact the server for the latest version of the wallet are temporarily only available at if your GitHub repository listed on the official website access has been restricted or temporarily restricted.

Cryptobank has created a base for building future innovations and for the development of the "CryptoBank" concept without volatile crypto assets, overcoming losses, creating robust platforms for new products and services, supporting the growth and usefulness of blockchain technology over the long term.

Some of these innovations include:
  • Simplified and decentralized payment of payments between customers and third parties, including users and other merchants.
  • Direct and accurate transfers of fixed value between decentralized parties (eg, mass exchanges), without involving third parties for transactions.
  • Integration of smart contracts and opportunities to further improve the overall process ensures transaction security, reserve confirmation and the inclusion of new features in each CryptoBank blockchain.
  • The introduction of concepts such as certified mining or miner permits on complex calculations in blockchain networks to avoid various types of attacks on the CryptoBank blockchain network while maintaining indestructible, enabling the discovery of new blocks verified only by independent votes from miners.
  • The Mining Algorithm includes additional authorization functions that depend on the CBMT signal from the CryptoBank network and managed through a decentralized DNS database.
  • Decentralized accounting of all types of CryptoBank earnings between owners of CBMT (CryptoBank Master Token)
  • Voting via CBMT platform and voting based on consensus by CBMT owners for stable CryptoBank infrastructure development. CryptoBank is an altcoin based on bitcoin that is not regulated by a central authority or any other law. Therefore, exactly, anonymous cryptocurrencies have important differences such as non-volatility and multicurrency with reference to the world's fiat currencies.

Stacks and technical processes

Each issued CryptoBank coin is supported in an equivalent amount, at a one-to-one ratio with the corresponding fiat currency (USD, EUR, RUR, CNY), stored in CryptoBank reserve. An independent team of consultants and CryptoBank analysts act as the third party responsible for maintaining these assets. To have the right to make an organization survey related to the development of the CryptoBank system, the investor must have at least 0.1 CryptoBank Master Token.

At the same time, independent teams, responsible for managing stable assets CryptoBank constantly examines market analysis and community dynamics, as well as CryptoBank demand among companies and individuals, the dynamics of growth in the number of transactions, inflation control, and, if necessary, create the decision to support another cryptocurrency relating to the national currency, for example, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland or any other country's currency by an independent expert team considers it necessary to issue, and, of course, if the Currency is approved in selecting the owner of CryptoBank Master Token. Thus, the community itself controls all processes within the CryptoBank company and makes decisions through the voting holders of CBMT. CBMT tokens can be purchased at cryptocurrency exchanges and personal services. The owner of CryptoBank Master Token is not profitable to act contrary to CryptoBank's interests because each holder of CBMT is guaranteed a percentage of profit from Cryptobank, calculated on the last day of each month. 1 CBMT = 0.1% of platform revenue.

Cryptobank Tech Stack

The technology pile includes 6 stages and 5 different blockchain hierarchies, each of which has unique functions that are best shown in the chart.

Stage 1 
It consists of 5 different blockchain algorithms: 4 fiats and 1 tech.
  • CBD Blockchain is an individual algorithm tied to the US dollar.
  • 1.2 CBE Blockchain is an individual algorithm that is tied to the EURO fiat currency.
  • 1.3 CBR Blockchain is an individual algorithm associated with Russia's fiat ruble currency.
  • 1.4 CBY Blockchain is an individual algorithm bound to the Chinese Yuan fiat currency.
  • 1.5. CryptoBank Master Token Blockchain - a network with a limited number of coins, 1000 of which are distributed during CryptoBank's initial coin offer at a price of $ 1000 per coin; current CBMT token is traded free on the trading platform, or exchange.
Phase 2 
The decentralized administration consists of advisers, analysts, auditors, development teams and communities with CBMT. The main influence on decision making provided by the community has 70% of the vote. At the same time, analysts, auditors, and advisors accounted for 5% of each vote. While the development team formed the remaining 15%.

Stage 3
Reserves include:
  • CBD Blockchain aggregate reserves are 1.1 trillion coins, stored in CryptoBank reserves.
  • 1.2 CBE Blockchain aggregate reserves are 1 trillion coins, stored in CryptoBank reserves.
  • 1.3 CBR Blockchain aggregate reserves are 60 trillion coins, stored in CryptoBank reserves.
  • 1.4 CBY Blockchain aggregate reserves are 8 trillion coins, stored in CryptoBank reserves.
Stage 4
Online Voting System (Democratic platform of Decision Making).

Stage 5
The official service of, which operates according to the instructions, issued by voting on 4 stages made in 2 stages. The service acts for management for uninterrupted release and CryptoBank exchange support in blockchain networks among private clients and companies that have made deposits in fiat equivalents.

Stage 6 
It is a fully decentralized network that includes individuals and companies, where everyone can choose an easy method to manage their own accounts and participate in a decentralized free market, managing their own funds without the involvement and interference of third parties.

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