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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Cryptfunder - Decentralized funding source for ICO startups and blockchain companies in other stages

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) has recently become more and more intense in its development in 2017, many developers are using this method to raise funds for the sake of developing their projects. Funds collected are not half-hearted can get millions of US dollars. Last year was a huge year for ICO, and this trend will probably continue its rapid growth pattern to 2018 and beyond. It presents opportunities and difficulties. The problem that has been faced this year is that the inclusion of large ICOs is difficult to monitor, leading to many large projects now labeled as fraudulent and deceptive by crypto communities that receive large amounts of funds before closure. This is a type of trend that can negatively impact the market, undermine investor confidence and divert funding.
So with it was born a project called Cryptfunder that will provide solutions to this problem by dedicating this work to find projects increasing the number and opportunities for those who filter every project carefully. Cryptfunder is a decentralized funding source for ICO startups and blockchain companies in other stages. Cryptfunder will offer ICO funding to start their projects, improve their security, get better servers, build technology or other related activities in exchange for either a pre-ICO token or as a result of negotiations from their initial ICO launch. This can create a harsher climate for ICO in general, which in turn brings its own opportunities for Cryptfunder because ICOs that must comply with more stringent regulations will require more capital to get out of the ground. Cryptfunde provides much-needed services as a discount currency exchange that is expected to increase in value on Cryptfunder analysis.


The goal of Cryptfunder is to provide funds to carefully selected and selected ICO startups and enable them to reach their maximum ICO launch potential, which takes place to meet their project objectives and contribute to growing markets. The ICO market is only increasing and the quality of technology that disrupts the pipe world change will present many lucrative opportunities for Cryptfunder and its participants.

Cryptfunder Strategy

In return for startup funding in the form of cryptocurrency, Cryptfunder will negotiate to receive pre-ICO tokens or as a negotiated outcome of their initial ICO launch from several ICO startups per month, increasing our token ownership to a large extent and potentially holding profitable investment gains on tokens -token this and multiply this advantage into investment and further funding. Cryptfunder believes that blockchain will represent disturbing technologies and advantages such as NXT, Ethereum, Stratis, IOTA, and others are the norm rather than the exception.

Cryptfunder Benefit

The potential in the ICO market is MASSIVE and only increases in the near future. Cryptfunder will take advantage of these lucrative opportunities that are present every day in the form of a troublesome ICO startup now and in the future.

CFND Token

The Cryptfunder token (CFND) is a decentralized cryptocurrency token used to fund startup ICOs, cryptocurrency companies or other related industries achieve their funding requirements for their needed infrastructure. Alternatively, Cryptfunder will help a post-ICO token in other areas such as marketing, security, launching a new product or and other technology or activity that the established ICO may be needing.


ICO Crowdsale

Cryptfunder will launch the token crowdsale ICO, starting in Q2 2018 with a clear two-year roadmap into the future and a steady and increasing growth curve for the participants. The growth and value attached to the underlying tokens are independent of unproven and undeveloped technologies or future platform sales for the business sector.
Cryptfunder ICO Sale Overview
Token Total Supply
40,000,000 tokens
Token ICO Supply
20,000,000 tokens
Token Symbol
Initial Token Value
0.003 ethereum per token
ICO Start Date
25 May, 2018, 9:00 pm UTC
Duration of ICO
45 Days, Ending: 8 July, 2018, 9:00 pm UTC
1 Round, 4 Bonus Stages, 1 Regular Stage
3000 ethereum
60000 ethereum
Methods of Token Purchase
Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH)

Team & Advisors

  • Kevin Sarisky - CEO
  • Robert Laguna - Operations
  • Michael Hadzipanajotis - Finance
  • Ronald Aai - Technology
  • Santosh Singh - Blockchain
  • Rahul Bhatnagar - UI/UX
  • Warren Whitlock - Marketing
  • Sumit Kumar Pradhan - Community Manager
  • Conor Maloney - Copyrighting
  • Hakar Sulaiman - Graphic Design
  •  Nathan Christian - Biz Dev & Strategy Advisor
  • Ismail Malik - Marketing & PR Advisor
  • Illia Pashkov - Blockchain Advisor
  • Giannis Stathopoulos - Exchange & Post-ICO Advisor
  • Brennan Bennett - Fintech Strategy Advisor
  • Sean Brizendine - Security & Risk Advisor
  • Debra McCann - Social Media Advisor
  • Aleksi Mäkinen - Investment Strategy Advisor
  • Alex Kosik - Entrepreneur-in-Residence Advisor
  • Ron Ribitzky - Technology & Healthcare Segment Strategy Advisor

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