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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Code of Talent - The world's first blockchain micro-learning platform, designed to inspire people's motivation to learn

With the development of the age in the education world that continues to change significantly so much to change the mindset of educators, from the mindset of the lay and rigid, become more modern. Responding to that educational experts criticize the way express and the actual education theory to achieve the goal of real education. The purpose of education is to create a quality person and character so that it has a broad view of the fore to achieve a goal that is expected and able to adapt quickly and precisely in various environments. Because education itself motivates us to be better in all aspects of life.

Education is an effort so that human beings can develop their own potential through a learning process and or another way is known and recognized by society. Thus, as an institution, education in principle assumes the mandate of "future ethics". But for people who are competent in the field of education will realize that the world of education is still experiencing "problems". The educational world that has this problem is due to education that should make human beings human, but in reality, it is often not so. Often education does not humanize humans. Human personality tends to be reduced by the existing educational system.

To prevent such related educational issues, an ICO project is now coming up that will provide solutions by utilizing blockchain technology. The project is called "Code of Talent". This project will create micro-revolution in the landscape of Education and empower educators to increase student motivation during class or as a follow-up, allowing anyone on the planet to join, contribute, and learn.

Code of Talent

Code of Talent is the world's first micro-blockchain learning platform designed to motivate people to learn by generating rewards as they study, 10 minutes of daily learning sessions and interacting with direct teachers in groups of up to 40 participants. The platform will use the Ethereum smart contract to incentivize contributors with tokens, based on a community-validated reward system. Students, anywhere in the world, will be rewarded for their progress and achievements while educators will receive tokens based on the quality, interactivity, and engagement of their micro learning content.


Code of Talent aims to create equal opportunities for everyone on the planet, by encouraging their motivation to learn and develop their skills and talents. Otherwise, they have no chance in the world of the future. The Code of Talent will be used in schools and universities everywhere by teachers who want to improve their motivation and knowledge of assimilation during class or after school. This platform will also be used by anyone in the world who is willing to educate others or learn from others. Together with blockchain technology, it will have the power to change the current educational paradigm.

Why Code of Talent?

Because by using micro blockchain, Code of Talent has the power to trigger motivation that creates a sense of student achievement through 3 principles: earning while learning, 10 minute short sessions and direct teacher interaction with small groups with a maximum of 40 participants. It is able to create learning habits, leading to an efficient assimilation of knowledge and skill development. This should be used in the classroom or as a follow-up session by teachers or trainers to improve motivation and accelerate learning.

Code of Talent builds a digital micro-learning platform based on Ethereum's smart contract that spurs people's motivations around the world to learn. To achieve this, the Talent Code focuses on three pillars:
  • Earning as you learn
  • 10 min of daily learning sessions
  • Direct teacher interaction within groups of maximum 40 participants
All programs on the platform can be built easily using a micro-learning framework, including the best techniques of breeding and interaction. There will be a 10-minute learning session every day and direct interaction with educators, in groups of up to 40 participants. Sessions will be a brief burst of exciting learning experiences, organized together as modules. Each content provider (educator) will be able to use images, videos, and other interactive elements, following a framework designed to stimulate, engage, and empower students. Educators will be able to use interactive tools to communicate in real-time with learners and vice versa, altering the learning process in a dynamic experience where everyone can contribute.


There are key features for learners 
  • Accessible from any device
  • Involves learning trips consisting of milestones, levels, and missions
  • Allows feedback and support from private teachers
  • Community and social features including open debate space and private messaging
  • Gamification Mechanics utilizes energy scores, points, and badges
  • Real-time engagement and metrics
  • Instant notifications both within the user interface and via email
There are key features for teachers
  • An easy and intuitive configuration of training trips that can be flexibly designed
  • Availability of several creative themes for digital board games such as travel
  • 8 types of Missions available to provide a diversity of learning experiences
  • An intuitive interface that allows evaluation, acknowledgment, and appreciation of participant responses to missions
  • Real-time video streaming feature for trainers that can be used for special delivery at the end of every milestone, special guests, etc.
Other major product features 
  • Real-time tracking of the level of involvement of participants in the learning process
  • Training history per participant in the platform
  • Multi-language capabilities
  • The platform is delivered as a hosted SaaS solution in the Amazon Web Services cloud that provides the highest standards of security, scalability, and continuity
  • Communication over the internet is also secured, encrypted via SSL


Code of Talent provides the following key benefits to its users:


The main actors of the Code of Talent platform are learners, educators, premium content providers, entrepreneurs, advertisers, and sponsors. These are the people who can potentially contribute and benefit from a decentralized, unchanged, personalized, interactive and prize-oriented system with:
  • Provide valuable content and interactive services to global classes and communities
  • Learn easier and faster from shared knowledge, develop skills and potentially gain employment
  • Recruit people with the right skills
  • Advertise corporate branding
  • Sponsoring courses to support talent
In addition to educators and learners, Code of Talent allows integration within the platform of several other actors, to create a sustainable ecosystem and token economy: Premium Content Providers, Entrepreneurs, Advertisers, and Sponsors.


The Code of Talent platform will use Ethereum's smart contract mechanism to incentivize its users on a benefit-based system by allocating specific tokens for this purpose.

Token incentive system

The Code of Talent micro-learning platform will provide a number of special tokens, on a regular basis, with the aim of providing incentives to educators and students active in the digital learning ecosystem. This allocation is carried out by the incentive mechanism of the Code of Talent token, based on parameters that take into account the quality of the course, involvement, and completion of the student's course. Students will receive tokens depending on how far they are in the course, how many milestones they have completed in the course and how well they have answered the course questions. Ratings are updated regularly by platform. The higher the rank, the higher the potential token award will be allocated to educators or learners.


ICO Details

509,090,909 CODE TOKENS
280,000,000 CODE TOKENS
$ 0.1 (0.10 USD)

Token Allocation

Team & Advisors

  • BOGDAN CIUBOTARU - CEO & Co-Founder Code of Talent
  • VLAD GRIGORIU - Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder Code of Talent
  • MARIUS OPRIS - Chief Learning Alchemist & Co-Founder Code of Talent, Partner Ascendis
  • ADELA GRIGORIU - Business Development Director & Co-Founder Code of Talent
  • ADRIAN ICHIM - CMO Code of Talent, Serial Entrepreneur, Co-founder IDEOLOGIQ
  • Florin Radulescu - Micro-learning Knowledge Manager & Partner Ascendis
  • Sorin Paun - Micro-learning Content Development Lead & Partner Ascendis
  • Adrian Apostol - Digital Strategy Expert & Co-founder IDEOLOGIQ
  • ANDREI GOSU - COO Code of Talent, Managing Partner Ascendis
  • Sudhir Chepeni - Chief Technology Consultant Code of Talent

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