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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Chozun 途赞 - Build a minded tourist community with the same tastes and interests

 In the blockchain world, there are many ICO projects, one of which is related to the tourism industry named Chozun 途 赞. To get to know what Chozun 途赞 is, I will explain it below.
Chozun 途赞 is a travel destination experience, service & lifestyle ecosystem supported by blockchain technology & smart contracts. The ecosystem is there to ensure tailored travelers with the best-personalized experience & localized service using AI & exclusive Data Sciences, which lets users build loyalty across a variety of verticals and globally. Chozun 途赞 focuses on independent millennial travel markets and specifically caters to the growing millennium outbound travelers in China. Chozun 途 赞 builds a minded tourist community similar to tastes & interests alike. Chozun 途赞 has released beta products to market, thrive, listen to initial user feedback and is ready to bring the product to the next evolution level.

Chozun 途 赞 Design

Chozun 途赞 is designed by technology veterans, covering e-commerce, travel, health, fitness, and entertainment. Chozun 途赞 creates a powerful business model that provides incentives to providers and industry leaders with an existing customer base. to join the Chozun 途赞 network and drive traffic to the network. Chozun 途赞 uses 'original judgment', meaning only those who transact with the provider or engage in loyalty with those who can provide feedback.

CZN Token

The Chozun 途赞 Platform is available on iOS & Android. Chozun 途赞 launches a token called CZN token. All network activities use the CZN token as the primary form of cost and collateral, serving as the primary currency used to purchase experiences, goods & services, predict & reward loyalty. CZN is a sustainable economic driver in which demand is growing as more users and providers join the ecosystem.
CZN Token can be used to:
    Users who own CZN tokens, interact with the platform and make bookings  will enter our decentralized loyalty system and earn CZN as they interact. The loyalty system aims to disrupt current centralised systems that lock users into one vertical or locale. In addition, the exchange of loyalty from peer to peer is possible.
    The booking of experiences and services through the platform. chozun途赞 has already built relationships with over 3000+ providers across 22 cities with more being added every day. These include exclusive experiences and access to: dining, local tours & guides, experiences, shops, private drivers, laundry, beauty, grooming & pampering, wellness, fitness, technical support, style & nightlife, Instant, fast & efficient.
    As users perform more activities in the ecosystem they will be rewarded with CZN tokens or fractions thereof . These will be determined by the market value  of the token and will relate directly to the user action. Rewards will be offered to users who reach the level of influencer within their ‘travel squad’. Influencers are also able to create ‘journeys’ or ‘experiences’ and exchange them for tokens to other peers. Peers can request custom journeys and experiences with influencers. If bookings are made at the providers, a small percentage of token will be rewarded to the influencer who created the experience.
    Travel challenges incorporate challenges between members of your ‘travel squad’ or friends. Users are able to set each other challenges based on their own achievements using tokens as incentives for completing the challenges. Multiple users are able to create challenges, creating bigger prize pots per challenge. Chozun 途赞 may also set challenges and create a token bounty for completing them.
    The purpose of a travel pool is for users to create trips with friends and build a pool of both experiences & resources. This allows a group to book a trip or experience over time, essentially enabling them to book the trip or experience with a small ‘downpayment’ of CZN, and completing payment within the group before the trip.  A travel pool is created by one user whom then invites more members to their travel pool. The creation of a travel pool requires a downpayment of tokens.
    chozun 途赞 has negotiated access across the world to some of the most hard to get into venues, members clubs and experiences. Being a CZN holder allows you access to these venues as well as exclusive experiences money cannot buy. Being a member of chozun 途赞 and owning CZN opens the door to being a member of the world's best travel club. In addition to real world experiences and transactions there will also be limited digital travel collectibles issued by chozun 途赞 and partners - these assets will able to be traded, bought, sold and collected. Initially these will be generated by chozun & partners but the opportunity will open up to the community.
The tokens will represent smart contracts and be choosing to redeem them in the app will trigger the transfer of funds from chozun途赞 to the provider offering the service. Initially, this will be in the form of a pre-agreed method of payment but providers are able to choose to accept payment in the form of 'tokens future'.

As demand for CZN from users increase and adoption increases, the value of the tokens will reflect this increased demand. There is some reassurance in that CZNs are backed by real products that have a real-world value which will support the value of CZNs. In terms of value fluctuation. therefore the user has essentially received a discount on the experience they are exchanging the CZN for. This means users have the opportunity to get experiences at lower than market rate by purchasing the CZN token. Of course, the value of CZN can also go down - however as chozun途赞 is already building from a solid base of users and providers the risk of this is much lower as demand will only increase as the community grows.


Chozun Token (CZN)
100,000,000 (100 million) tokens

Tokens will be available from ICO website: To receive tokens transfer ether to the provided ICO contract address and the corresponding token amount will be distributed in July.

  • Pre ICO Price:
    50c (USD) Length: 1 month
  • ICO Price:
    60c (USD) Length: 1 month 
  • ICO Bonuses:
    • 30,000 tokens awards buyer with 10% extra and premium level loyalty
    • 70,000 tokens awards buyer with 15% extra and premium level loyalty
    • 140,000 tokens awards buyer with 20% extra and premium level loyalty 
The tokens will be distributed in August 2018 post ICO closing. Any tokens from the initial ICO remaining unsold at the end of the sale period will be held for resale in minimum 6 months time, likely for 12 months. Part of the funds generated during the ICO will be used to build out functionality, with a view to having tokens fully integrated and available for use on the platform by end 2019.
  • Supply style:
  • Format:ERC20 compliant 
  • Divisibility:
  • Trade-able between users:
That's a review of chozun 途 赞. Interesting right? therefore we invite you to join in this project for the sake of mutual success.

Team & Advisors

  • Teresa Truda - CEO & Co-Founder
  • Zia Word - CEO & Co-Founder
  • Wil Pringle - CTO
  • Louis Cronin - AI, Data & Blockchain Engineer
  • Ryan Blunden - Dev Ops
  • June Domingo - Full Stack Engineer
  • Lynn Xue - Asia Business Director
  • Kate Wong - Social Media Manager
  • Saffron Otter - Community Manager
  • Stefan Petersen - Marketing & Influencer Manager
  • Darren Camas - Advisor
  • Emily Chang - Advisor
  • William Bao Bean - Advisor
  • Bethanye Blount - Advisor
  • Charly Duffy - Advisor

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