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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

CGCX - An advanced hybrid platform that provides four platforms that are rolled into one to offer a wide range of services to their customers

Cryptocurrency has become popular in the community. Technological advancements blockchain bring many enthusiastic parties to use it. No other in the banking world, financial institutions and companies have used it in the form of platforms that lower transaction costs and improve security and reliability. This time comes to a platform that utilizes blockchain technology called CGCX (Calfin Global Crypto Exchange).

CGCX is a high availability exchange platform that offers the easy-to-use and easy interface for individual investors, as well as institutional traders. CGCX aims to be a leader in financial services for the cryptocurrency, as well as Singapore's top hybrid exchange platform.

Calfin Global Crypto Exchange (CGCX), offers an advanced hybrid platform. Unlike most exchanges that only offer cryptocurrency trades, CGCX places itself apart in the blockchain world by providing four platforms that are rolled into one to offer a wide range of services to its customers. The platforms are:
  1. Crypto exchange
    CGCX offers a 24/7 trading platform with robust security and an architecture that supports trading around the clock. The CGCX platform can also support seamless real-time trading settlements across all financial instruments.
  2. Smart Contract
    The CGCX platform has the ability to program smart contracts, which can make payments automatically without human intervention. All tradable assets that may be represented through digital token and may be traded public may be used in this smart contract, subject to regulatory requirements. Each smart contract will be written by an experienced solidity developer, and, as an additional security measure, they will also be reviewed by a professional Etherealum Whitehat team prior to deployment.
  3. Merchant Solutions
    The CGCX Payment System helps merchants to accept cryptocurrency as a way of payment in their PoS system. If you have an online eCommerce store, you can integrate it with our trade plugin or through the API. As a member of CGCX, you will benefit from the best prices, discounts, promotions, and participate in CGCX global loyalty program
  4. ICO Platform
    ICO Voting provides initial coins that offer team members with the ability to register their ICO on the platform. The CGCX team will perform the necessary Legal and KYC checks before adding ICOs to the voting pool. Users can then use the information provided to determine if they believe in the project.

Main Feature

The main feature of CGCX is the user-friendly front-end interface for new and professional merchants. A typical exchange function will be presented with intuitive visual feedback that is common to the prevailing exchange platform. The CGCX high-performance exchange platform is modular, lightweight and extensible. This ensures that CGCX provides the best service for all users while maintaining usability and productivity. Protocol interoperability is another major feature of the CGCX platform.

CGX Token 

CGX tokens can be used to pay transaction fees for trading executed on the exchange and get discounts on transaction fees according to the attached table.
This discount is not available to other people who pay transaction fees with other currencies. CGX tokens can be used to select the preferred coin to be included in our platform. These can be used in our Smart contract platform as well as in Merchant Solutions to take advantage of discounted prices on products and services from various merchants. CGX tokens are only intended for such utility purposes and are not intended to be used by buyers as an investment tool.


Details of Token Sales

Token Sales Schedule 1 - 30 June 2018
Purchase Token Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bankwire
Price Token8500 CGX / 1 ETH
Bonus -
Total Supply Token CGX


RAMI SULIMAN - Head of Business Development
NABILAH YAZID - Project Manager
ARAVIND S - Client Relationship Manager
ANKUR SHARMA - IT Specialist
SAM - IT Specialist
GOKUL R - Blockchain Specialist
SOORYA NATH - Blockchain Specialist
GRACE PANG - Creative Designer
Advisors VIN MENON

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