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Sunday, April 8, 2018

SAFEIN - Eliminate excessive registration and KYC procedures

In the blockchain world, there are many projects, one of which will be discussed is Safein. Safein deals with online trading. For more details Immediately here is a description of Safein. 

Introducing Safein 

Safein is a digital identity and a single-on payment wallet. Safein will allow users to store their identities, as well as cryptocurrency and currency in opened accounts on the safein platform. Safein top priority is to eliminate excessive registration and KYC procedures. At the same time, Safein will standardize crypto payments on all e-commerce websites. At present, there is no large-scale Payment Service Provider (PSP) that accepts fiat and crypto payments.

Safein will solve this by allowing its users to pay for their goods directly using their Safein purses regardless of the currency stored in the account (cryptocurrency or banknote). Transactions will be automatically converted to the currency required by the merchant. Conversions will be made at the best available level in the market with only 0.5% markup above by Safein. This is a unique solution in the market that will enable the payment of crypto to reach a global scale, eliminating current loss of payment for traders, high network costs, the need to convert fiat manually, and large convergence fluctuations.

The revolutionary way to pay online with safein is as follows:
  1. Get access to the website with one click
    Safein allows users to sign up and log in to a new website with one click. With user consent, safein will send data to the new website.
  2. Data control
    With Safein, users can control what the website knows about itself. Users can either log in anonymously, online or simply share data that the website actually needs. One click will permanently revoke their access. In the safein web and app panel, the user will see the entire activity history, including signing up, signing in and paying.
  3. Pay with fiat or crypto with zero effort
    Once signed in with Safein, users can also make payments without providing any additional information. Save your money in any traditional currency or crypto, and Safein will automatically convert and deliver funds in a way that the merchant likes. Because every payment is processed within the limits of Safein, they are instant, safe and cheap.


The advantages of safein are:
  • Single account for any website
  • Verify a one-time ID to cover all sites
  • Low or free fee for the token holder
  • Risk-free payments
  • Full control over your personal data
Safein is useful for users and merchants. The benefits are as follows:
  1. Instant access provided by multi-factor authentication solution
  2. Reduce merchant fees for user onboarding and verification.
  3. Reduce transaction costs and may remove the problem of having to manage lost passwords for customer support.
  4. Merchants get easy access to crypto payments at one of the lowest commission fees on the market with a completely free identity verification tool.
  5. Merchants who have Safein tokens in their wallets will be able to process payments without commissions
  6. Help improve user confidence and conversion rates and protect them against unintentional violations of increasingly complex data protection rules and processes.
Safein plans to become a fully licensed EU electronic money agency with the ability to receive and process payments in accordance with the law.

SFN Token

Safein launches tokens named SFN token. There are some Safein token Features and their functions are:
  1. 100% free payment for merchants who have Safein tokens
  2. Money back monthly for users who pay with Safein token
  3. Login Pool to provide Safein usage incentives among users and websites
  4. Pool Registration to reward new users
  5. Referral Pool to grow the user base quickly
That is the description of Safein. may be useful for all of us.




Team & Advisors

  • Vladas Jurkevičius – Co-Founder, Business
  • Audrius Slažinskas – Co-Founder, Legal
  • Lukas Deksnys – Co-Founder, Operations
  • Mushegh Tovmasyan – FinTech
  • Joseph Steinberg – Cybersecurity
  • Mario Ovcharov – Business Development
  • Arthur Zubkoff – Marketing and growth
  • Jean-Baptiste (JB) Daguené – Sales and Business Development
  • Pierre Roberge – Cybersecurity
  • Jonas Tirevičius – Senior IT Project Manager
  • Bogdan Kuštan – Senior Development Team Lead
  • Ilya Tereshin – Senior Ethereum Blockchain developer
  • Prof. Dr. Vilius Benetis – Cybersecurity
  • Vilius Semėnas – Business development
  • Dr. Joseph F. Borg – Regulatory
  • Marius Miškinis – Finance
  • Justas Brazauskas – UX/UI/Data


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