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Friday, April 20, 2018

MF chain - Create sustainable cryptocurrency payment systems that consistently add value to traders and consumers, thereby eliminating payment system issues

In everyday life, shopping has become the needs of all people. The usual payment system is cash, debit or credit. However, the development of blockchain technology built a new system by presenting the Modern Finance Chain (MF Chain).

Mf chain is a platform that allows consumers to buy goods and services from merchants by creating cost-effective eco-system cryptocurrencies that reward consumers and merchants. MF chain creates an ongoing cryptocurrency payment system that consistently adds value to traders and consumers, thus negating the payment system issues associated with traditional payment transaction traders and consumer protocols.

Purpose Of MF Chain

In accordance with the purpose of MF chain is to expand the utility cryptocurrency so that consumers, traders, and small and large companies can take advantage of the comfort and security provided by cryptocurrency and blockchain. While the big vision of Modern Finance Chain is MF Mainnet with smart features namely:
    Multi-blockchain integration
    Achieve government compliance when necessary with user-controlled privacy features
    It is possible that ICO projects receive a number of cryptocurrencies in the event of creating a direct token
    Multi-language intelligent contract programming with compilers for C ++, C #, Java, Python, NodeJS & Solidity
    Corporate-level private blockchain that allows companies to apply ownership codes on private chains
    Cross-chain transactions without the need for the centralized exchange or third party authority
    Prebuilt intelligent contract library
    Incubator innovations that provide brilliant thoughts with resources to enliven their ideas



MF chain issued tokens ie MFX tokens. MF chain uses the Open Zeppelin library to write secure smart contracts in Ethereum in the Soliditas programming language. The sale contract of the MFX token, described as follows:
  1. Smart Contract
    Smart token contracts are held in the public repository available for review here: 
  2. ICO_Controller
    The purpose of the contract is:
    • Add/remove accounts from the whitelist (only whitelisted accounts will be able to purchase tokens)
    • Add rewards to devs
    • Count the number of accounts participating in ICO
    • Returns the user's Ether if ICO has not reached the soft limit
    • Release Developer Reply and Marketing on random dates
    • Create an ICO contract with custom parameters
  3. ICO_Crowdsale
    This is a standard ICO contract with some additional features like whitelist and token lock escrow. Check with an ICO controller contract to determine whether the account that will purchase the token is whitelisted. Also enforces the ability to burn unsold tokens.
  4. Holders
    Multi-owned contracts that hold 50% of Ether raised during token sales. The contract releases funds only if the owner confirms the release under the escrow agreement. 
  5. Token
    The token intelligent contract is a standard ERC20 implementation with the addition of ERC223 securing the token holder from accidental token loss if sent to an unqualified contract. Thus, transaction events become easier. 


ICO Token Sale

Token Sales Schedule May 26 - June 25
Purchase Token Ethereum
Price Token8500 MFX / 1 ETH
Bonus 10% - 20%
Total Supply Token 521.000.000 MFX



Members Viacheslav Shybaiev - Blockchain Lead
Benamara Oualid, PhD - Cryptographer
Piers Lawrence, PhD - Applied Mathematician
Kat Campise, PhD - Data Scientist
Jeff Green, PhD - Market & Legal Research
Jack Lloyd - Crypto & Security Expert
Nick Ivanov - Python & Crypto Dev
Serhiy Movchan - Web UI/UX Designer
Sergio Andronik - Project Manager
Sofia Shybaieva - Software QA
Pep Dekker - Marketing & PR  
Advisors Bogdan Fiedur - Advisor
Naviin Kapoor - Advisor
Hristo Piyankov - Advisor 


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