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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

TIP Blockchain - The only platform that addresses mass adoption issues using a holistic approach from the point of view of discovery

In the world of blockchain, there are many projects one of which will be discussed is the blockchain tip. Immediately without further ado this is a review of TIP blockchain. 

TIP is the only platform dealing with mass adoption issues using a holistic approach from the point of view of discovery, and building applications that connect end users to businesses. TTip is a Third Generation Blockchain that connects users through peer to peer networks, and merchants with payment solutions making it easier to transact using cryptocurrency. 


The main features of TIP are: 
  1. Smart Address
    The first solution presented by Tip is a unique, easy-to-use address or alias address.
  2. Merchant Solutions
    The sales point system for merchants is used to receive cryptocurrency payments from customers, saving transaction and time costs.
  3. Transaction Metadata
    Metadata allows the storage of random data that a user chooses to specify.
    Metadata storage on Blockchain Tip will support both private and public data. Public metadata will be stored in plain text on the network, as such, will be accessible to anyone on the network. Personal data will be encrypted by the caller and stored on the network. This data can then only be decrypted and viewed by the private key holder, the account owner. Arbitrary data attached to transactions can be used for various purposes, including identifying info, memos for payment, confirmation of receipts and more.
  4. Search and Discovery
    Tip Blockchain is a fully indexed and searchable platform.
    Users can then find other users and new content on the network by searching through data using a client application. Developers will be able to build decentralized applications (DApps) that store and access this information on the network. DApps will be able to create their own custom fields and protocols to extend platform usability.
  5. Peer-to-peer Instant Messaging
    Instant messaging will be a key feature of the app, since the main purpose of Tip is to encourage mass adoption of Blockchain Tip, and instant messaging provides a way to do that. Users will be able to send transactions directly from within a messaging conversation, or by using a traditional wallet interface. Users can also find other users or businesses with usernames (aliases) by searching the network, and by adding contacts from their phone address book. Various messaging formats will be supported, including:

    • Text message 
    • Picture messages 
    • Voice messages 
    • Animated gif 
    • Video call.
    All messages will be exchanged via peer to peer connection without being directed through a centralized server. So Chatting with friends and family through peer-to-peer connections becomes more secure. 
  6. Mobile Wallets and Lightweight Desktop
    The lightweight desktop wallet makes sure to connect to the Tip network and start sending transactions wherever you are.

The Goal

The goal of the tip is to provide a solution to start the process of mass market adoption. Due to the fact that Ethereum does not provide an elegant solution for storing data offline or off-chain, the Ethereum Tip solution will be combined with a distributed off-chain database that will provide name registration, indexing and information. Once Tip Blockchain is developed, data stored outside the chain will be migrated to the new blockchain. A snapshot of the network state will be used in the creation of the genesis block. The ERC20 TIP Token will then be converted to a new network token at a rate of one to one. 


TIP issues a token called a TIP Token. This token is the native currency in the network used to pay transactions, storage, and other services on the network. TIP is a utility token for users. 

Some uses of TIP tokens are:  
  1. Transfer between peer to peer. 
  2. Buy goods in the real world with merchants receiving TIP.
  3. Save data on Decentralization Tips database. 
  4. pay transaction fees on the network.
  5. Give rewards to developers to create applications running on Tip Network
  6. Choose a delegate to secure the network.
  7. For delegates to stake their coins and get prizes to secure the network. 

That's the tip of the blockchain tip. may be useful for all of us especially the investors to be interested in joining the success of the project.

Token Sale

Token Type: Ethereum ERC20 
Purchase with: ETH 
Base Price: 1 ETH = 10,000 TIP 
Hard Cap: 50,000 ETH


Team & Advisors

  • John Warmann - Founder and CEO 
  • Garlam Won - Chief Strategist
  • Walter Pareja - Head of Information Security
  • Carolyn Jiang - Community Manager
  • Hassan Qureshi - Head of UX Design
  • Victor Guedes - Full Stack Developer
  • Jasper Hellman - Marketing Advisor
  • Benoît Morelli - Chief Advisor
  • Carl Nunez - Investment Advisor
  • David Sabo - Token Advisor

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