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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Forever Has Fallen - Creates an indisputable market space, creating an unprecedented entertainment experience

Forever has fallen is Blockchain gamification using transmedia and a blockbuster story. Giving rise to an engaged global online/offline economy supported by forever coin. Blockchain technology provides value for playing games. The use of strategy allows to complete the game and provide support to forever coin into the future.

Forever coin improves gameplay and offers unique advantages for token owners in the game Forever Has Fallen. As a utility token, Forever coin is not an investment security and does not grant any ownership rights in the company or business.

Forever Has Fallen

Forever Has Fallen is a new category of entertainment, a blend of 'gaming' and transmedia broadcasts, supercharged by high-end concepts. The backbone of this strategy is to create an indisputable market space, creating an unprecedented entertainment experience. By leveraging pre-existing technologies and platforms and by making calls into existing consumer behavior and demand for entertainment, the creation of an undeniable new market space comes at a low cost, high buyer value, providing a sustainable business model. Forever Has Fallen has been designed to be an interesting 'blockbuster' story for the technology industry. Forever Has Fallen is rewarded for attracting mass markets, but also to ensure a sustainable business model.

Business Model

The Forever Coin model is very easy to understand. Participants in the community only buy, generate, trade or sell tokens while playing games and progress through the experience of transmedia. Blockchain and Smart Contracts provide tools and frameworks to create new types of gameplay experiences, linked to transmedia stories. The Forever Has Fallen experience will provide a number of Smart Contracts that will be used to facilitate award and token earning capabilities for dedicated players. In this case, the most active players will get more tokens and gain in-game status, which encourages other players to participate.


The token can be redeemed or used to purchase goods/services in the real world. Features contained in the token are:
  1. Inventory of closed token
  2. High-end concepts and attractive global games create high demand
  3. Forever Coin is used in the community
  4. Community members have a clear stake in growing token popularity, by helping to grow the community
  5. Real-world purchasing power with partners.
The advantages of to ever coin token sales are as follows:
  • The model is easy to understand
  • Being entertainment / game-based, the risk is very low and can be assessed quickly by potential buyers, simply by reviewing existing marketing materials and strategies.
  • Minimum technological risk. No complex technology or large development teams are needed. Innovation lies in the model.
  • Protection against aggressive speculation as token buyers will usually also become members of the community, playing games, watching content and growing the community.
  • Long-term trust in token stability and token growth was driven by the community, which uses tokens in the game to pay for services, experience, and status.
 That is the description of forever has fallen. May investors be interested in joining this project.


Token Allocation

Total of 1 billion tokens to be created. No additional tokens will ever be created. The token will be issued via the ERC20 Standard. They will be sold for 1 ETH = 10,000 Forever Coin (FC) tokens. 

Team & Advisors

  • Kimon Lycos - CEO and Founder
  • Pier Stamatogiannis - Head of Strategy and Creative
  • Aditi Mohan - General Manager
  • Samah Elgohary - Head of Marketing
  • Michael Ziersch - Head of Development
  • Emma Hackett - Head of Design
  • Susan Bonds
  • Phil Mayes
  • Alexander Mitrovich
  • Al Jawhari
  • Adrian Smith
  • Joakim Holmer
  • Anastasia Haysom Varpenius
  • Ralf Gerteis
  • Anders Larsson
  • Bogdan Fiedur

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