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Thursday, April 26, 2018

eMarketChain - The e-commerce market that can buy and sell various products without paying commissions to intermediaries.

In the internet world, you may have often heard the term e-commerce. Especially for those online business actors such as online buying and selling, online marketing, online payments made electronically such as the internet then the activity can be regarded as e-commerce. In general, e-Commerce or electronic commerce is also an activity related to the purchase, sale, marketing of goods or services by using electronic systems such as internet or computer networks.

eMarketChain Technology

The presence of blockchain technology through eMarketChain changed the market today. eMarketChain is an e-commerce market where anyone can buy and sell various products without paying commissions to intermediaries. EMarcketChain technology uses the ledger information through a peer-to-peer network that validates the information. Data exchange is very affordable, and security is also unmatched. The validity of the information is unquestionable because of the underlying blockchain technology, where the same piece of information is stored in millions of computers. Utilizing blockchain as the foundation, eMarcketChain aims to catch up and beat the current market leader or in other words reduce the price for consumers and increase the merchant's profit.

eMarketChain.co will become the official market provided by eMarketChain. With an intuitive and easy-to-use design to create platforms where customers can easily find items they're interested in and merchants will have the ability to instantly register the items they offer.


The platform is designed for business-to-consumer (B to C) and consumer-to-consumer (C to C) sales. This means that both large-scale companies, and small businesses or individuals who create their own goods, will have a place to offer their products. The purpose of adapting eMarketChain to match the two models mentioned above relates to our desire to have various items available from which users will be able to easily browse through different categories of goods, both through the web and mobile apps for major mobile platforms.

The emergence of a new e-commerce platform raises questions about trust and rating. At eMarketChain.co, customers completing a purchase will have the opportunity to rank to merchants or purchased items, as well as general review. eMarketChain aims to create a stable market and community, where people do not have to worry about potential fraud. eMarketChain.co will focus on creating a more straightforward, faster, and cheaper payment environment. With the advent of blockchain technology and the idea of ​​decentralization, we can create alternatives to the payment methods used today. The benefits of such a solution will be perceived by customers and merchants. Focusing on decentralization, the main method of payment is through an EMAC Token. Using this method, there will be no commission fees for the parties involved.

Thus, customers expect to save up to 15% per purchase, compared to regular platforms. This price reduction will naturally increase the purchasing power of users, allowing them to save money and/or use that amount on additional purchases. Benefits for merchants are also proven. They no longer have to deal with the fees associated with each incoming transaction. And by adopting a decentralized payment model, transaction speed will greatly increase. If before traders have to wait for days, if not weeks, to receive payment for their product purchase, now the transaction speed will be reduced to minutes. Finally, merchants will be able to register as many items as they want, without having to pay after reaching certain threshold/limitations that exist in many standard e-commerce market platforms.

Of course, adopting such a model takes time. That is why the team will implement alternative payment methods in eMarketChain.co. The goal is to enable users (both customers and merchants) to benefit fully by using EMAC tokens. But the team also does not want to hinder people by applying just this type of payment. Therefore, the team implemented an option for customers to purchase goods with BTC, ETH, and Traditional Fiat Payments.

Each of the above-mentioned alternatives will not benefit fully from the 0% commission charge, For BTC and ETH, the fee to be paid is determined by the application of each cryptocurrency. With each fiat will also operate at the standard cost associated with it.

Business Model

There are two business models eMarketChain, among other:
  1. Freemium
    As mentioned earlier, each eMarketChain user may use a completely free platform either as a customer or a merchant. However, with the freemium model, we give traders the opportunity to earn more from eMarketChain.co. With additional payments, they will be able to increase the visibility of the products they have listed. In addition, custom dashboards and analytics will be available, with the goal of optimization.
  2. Subscription-based
    This model is solely for merchants. Subscription settings, it will get the following benefits:
    • promotion of goods with better quality images that are automatically compressed by the eMarketChain platform, together with the machine broader advice for the goods or services offered
    • weekly suggestions on how to improve advertising, provided by specialist marketing specialists
    • similar to the freemium approach, it is possible to register a higher bid in the results shown to the customer.
So, it can be concluded that eMarketChain changed the current e-commerce market.

Token Information

Token Pre-Sale Event
Main Token Sale Event
Pre-sale will start on 15th April 2018 and will automatically end when the date becomes 29th April 2018 or Hardcap of 18,000 ETH equivalent in EMAC tokens has been reached (whatever comes first).
Total EMAC HARDCAP (Pre-Sale + Main Event) of 32,000 ETH equivalent in EMAC tokens. Main token sale starts on 29th April 2018 and will end when the date becomes 29th May 2018

For the first 10,000 ETH, a single ETH will grant 11,500 EMАC tokens. If we reach between 10,001 and 20,000 ETH, a single ETH will grant 11,000 EMАC tokens. For next milestone - 20,001 to 30,000 ETH, a single ETH will grant 10,500 EMАC tokens. And finally, between 30,001 and 32,000 ETH, a single ETH will grant 10,000 EMАC tokens.



  • Martin Shoilev - Developer and Co-Founder
  • Aleksander Petsoranski - PM and Co-Founder
  • Konstantin Hadzhiev - CTO and Co-Founder
  • Andrea-Franco Candela - Chief Communications and Marketing Officer
  • Léa Ly Cambiaggio - Marketing Executive
  • Jeffrey Sova - US Market Advisor
  • Viktor Pavlov - Asia Market Advisor
  • Daniel Petrov - Social Networks Commercial Coordinator
  • Ivailo Daskalov - Solidity developer
  • Borislav Bliznashki - Front-end developer
  • Antonela Elmazova - UX & UI Designer
  • Katerina Kuzmanova - Financial analyst
  • Boyko Yordanov - Legal Advisor
  • Petyo Yakov - Legal Advisor

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