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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Korona coin - Develops the most reliable, cost-effective decentralized market based on revolutionary Lightning Network technology

E-commerce takes over the world of commerce. The e-commerce marketplace is the distribution, purchase, sale, marketing of goods and services through electronic systems such as the internet, television, blog sites, or computer networks. E-commerce expands the reach of prospective customers with unlimited market targets, simplifies marketing and promotion of goods or services, making business transactions easier as they are everywhere and available every time and Global Reach. Therefore, the e-commerce market becomes the axis of the world of commerce.

In parallel, it is the ICO project that brings the blockchain technology underlying all forms or aspects of e-commerce. The project is named Korona Coin. Korona Coin Develop the most cost-effective, decentralized free market based on revolutionary Lightning Network technology. Korona has the advantage of other competitors that transactions in the corona to be faster and cheaper because of the solution of lighting technology.


The corona has an ecosystem. The corona ecosystem is a fully functional network of applications and features to support private and business users in using the benefits of a blockchain payment solution. The main components of Ecosystem are as follows:
  • Implement new digital payment technology
  • E-commerce payments
  • Selection of wise products and markets
  • Corona payments in stores
  • Redeem
  • Integrated service pack
  • Business wallet
  • Integrated marketing support
  • Temperament of short-term volatility
  • Price reduction for users
Korona launches token. This token works for:
    Transaction fees will be deducted from each payment. The cost reduction will be shown in the final price of the purchased item. 
    Consumer prices will also decrease. When building the Ecosystem, participating shops will be given an incentive to provide additional price reductions continuously and/or sometimes to Korona customers. Similarly, for existing consumer networks, token holders will find price reductions ranging from an additional 5-20%. Instead, stores that provide additional deductions or occasional "price" pricing will be highlighted for users and token holders will receive information about the drop in prices online or on their smartphone.
    User token will receive a free tokens award. As an incentive, but also as a reward, Korona token users will receive a Korona token bonus based on their use of their digital payment system.
    Protect clients from fraud. To protect customers, but also provide security for the e-commerce store, new features will be designed to protect not only transactions but also delivery.


ICO and Token

The Korona team members have been monitoring Bitcoin and all the evolution of cryptocurrency, from birth to current status. After analyzing a lot about ICO in the past, and they have learned how to create more value for tokens in a transparent and obedient way.

ICO is designed on three pillars: value creation, practicality, and effectiveness. The total number of tokens in the pool is 300,000,000. The total token number has been determined in a way to serve our existing and potential client base in the long run.

The distribution of tokens will be the following:
Korona tokens will be distributed to each contributor’s Korona wallets after a contribution is received during ICO. The distributed tokens will be activated after successful KYC procedure. For proof of concept, some products and services in Central-Europe will be instantly available in exchange for these tokens - for more information please see updated information on the Korona website (www.koronacoin.com).


Team Member

  •  Jean-Marc Stiegemeier - Head of Management
  • Attila Bustya - Chief Technology Officer
  • István Lőrincz - Systems Engineer
  • Gábor Hajdu - Legal Expert
  • Róbert Balázs - Head of Market Development
  • Felicia Flóra Kovács - Head of Communication
  • Roxana Ionescu - Program Coordinator
  • Zsolt Kolumbán - Head of Sofware Development
  • László Simon - Financial Consultant
  • Dr. Trinh Anh Tuan - Adviser on Blockchain Technology

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