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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

BrainerZ - The world's first knowledge-based gaming platform operating in the blockchain

The daily routine, of course, makes us saturated. Surely all need the entertainment to refresh themselves. One simple and easy way that many people do is play games. A game is a game that becomes entertainment from our daily activities. By playing games, we refresh our brains from boring routines. Then is there any social game based on knowledge ??? Of course, the answer is there. Namely named BrainerZ.

Before discussing BrainerZ, it's good we know first what is the game-based social knowledge ??? The answer is A concept designed to challenge the brain in a gameplay environment with more than one player. Then what is the relationship with social game blockchain ?? Of course, there is a connection, which is built on trust, transparency, and fair play in everything. After understanding this, more will be explained about BrainerZ.

Introducing BrainerZ

BrainerZ is the world's first knowledge-based gaming platform operating in the blockchain, enabling users around the world to compete in skill-based microgames and get BRNZ tokens. The BrainerZ platform uses interactive feeds with a variety of social games designed for peer-to-peer groups, individuals, and competitors. This allows users to play high-level games that involve skills, strategies, knowledge and give them a chance to get a BRNZ token.
BrainerZ own goal is to provide excitement and fun by letting crypto players try to win game tokens, peer-to-peer challenges, social puzzles, and group games. With a wide range of knowledge-based games, BrainerZ offers a genuine playground for millions of potential users around the world.

How does it work???

Because the BrainerZ platform game has a high transaction rate, BarainerZ uses a state channel solution off the chain. Off-chain channels use asymmetric signatures. Users who submit tokens in a platform transaction will receive a note containing the data field - the balance of the wallet, the time stamp, the inactivity, and any other relevant types of information.

When the client-side signature, the client code stores a local copy (can be exported if desired) and return the signed agreement to the platform. From then on, any action that changes the user's balance (entry fee, prize, etc.) will activate a similar action for approval and sign the new amount. When a user requests the withdrawal of a wallet, this entry goes to a smart contract, which checks the validity of the records before giving a request.

BRNZ Token

BrainerZ launches a token named BRNZ token. The Token BRNZ is an Ethereum-based ERC20 token. Token will be a reward for participating and winning BrainerZ crypto games and allowing BrainerZ players to play any game featured on the Playground. Other tokens that collaborate with BRNZ will have limited functionality on the platform, accessing only simpler or more centralized crypto-game versions. Token BRNZ, on the other hand, opens every game and will be a prize in the flagship competition. Token will have a security mechanism to prevent fraud, such as lock time after the win and current retraction if fraudulent activity is detected.

There are several key functions of the BRNZ token, including:
  1. Can be exchanged with other token-crypto on third party exchanges
  2. Entrance fee to participate in a BrainerZ game or challenge
  3. Gifts at the end of the game session, according to the performance and success of crypto-gamers
  4. Payments for upgrades, levels, directions, or other in-app content offered at BrainerZ Playground, either by paying or by locking them
  5. Integration in advanced smart-contract blockchain games
  6. Can be exchanged with other token-crypto on third party exchanges
That's the description of BrainerZ. Maybe useful.


Team & Advisors

  • Daniel Shoshani - Co-Founder & CEO
  • Yonatan Chelouche - Co-Founder & CPO
  • Matan Cohen - Co-Founder & CTO
  • Adam Shoshani - CFO
  • Gur Tene - Marketing Strategy
  • Ilkin Jafarli - Community Growth & Partnerships
  • Oded Margalit - Digital Marketing
  • Dan Chamizer - Chief Riddler
  • Hadar Rottenberg - Tech & Blockchain Consultant 

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writen by : Ludmilla
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