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Monday, April 30, 2018

BitNautic - Decentralized platform, based on Ethereum Blockchain, to match demand and supply delivery services for all industry stakeholders

In the world of the blockchain, there are many ICO projects, one of which is a project about sea freight forwarding services called BitNautic. What is BitNautic and a full explanation of BitNautic I will discuss right here.

Every country has its own way to meet its own needs. However, the efforts of each State in meeting its needs, sometimes not in accordance with its ability. Therefore, both developed and developing countries need to work together. One of them through international trade. International trade is the activity of relationship and purchase and purchase transactions between countries, which includes export and import.

Industry Challenges

In running this international trade, sea transportation is the main role. However, many challenges to be faced by the shipping industry include:
  • Armed hijacking and robbery
  • Greenhouse effect and hazards to aquatic life
  • Overcapacity

To overcome this challenge is, blockchain technology presents BitNAutic as a solution. BitNautic is a decentralized platform, based on Ethereum Blockchain, to match demand and supply delivery services, to all industry stakeholders, both freight forwarders, shipowners, tenants, brokers, importers, and exporters.

Delivery using BitNautic is global, reliable, secure, easy to use, smart, transparent and multi-currency.


BitNautic is a real-time ship broker system that allows carriers and ship owners to register ships, update locations, and thus get shipping instructions and find new customers. BitNautic offers its users the possibility to advertise and trade wholesale goods. On the Wholesale E-Commerce platform, users unite and have trade agreements, negotiate their own terms. The payment system is based on cryptocurrency, fast, easy, and guaranteed by the escrow service.

BitNautic offers a special Escrow service. When Buyer initiates an escrow transaction, its BTNT tokens are locked in a smart contract. Once the Buyer confirms that the Seller's obligations are met, he may issue funds to the Seller. BitNautic, acting as Escrow Agent, oversees the transaction. In the event of a dispute, the Escrow Agent may intervene and refund the money to the Buyer, or issue funds to the Seller.


BitNautic issued a token named BTNT token. BTNT is a hybrid token, has utility properties, as well as payment token properties. BTNT is the final token to be used in the BitNautic ecosystem (Cargo Booking, Broker System, Tracking System, Wholesale E-commerce platform).

BTNT is designed to facilitate efficient transactions of various services on the BitNautic platform, while also operating as a medium of exchange and store of value that can become more valuable as the user grows and the increasing use of the platform.

Benefits to be gained from this token are:
  1. Can be used in various jurisdictions, maintaining a uniform settlement method
  2. Using a blockchain based token enabling to perform settlements automatically and irrefutably in smart contracts
  3. It is possible to manage incentives in a manner that encourages the Ecosystem effect for the benefit of all participants in the BitNautic Ecosystem (BTNT).

That explanation of BitNautic from me may be useful for us all. Especially for investors may be interested in joining this project.

Token Sale Details

Token Sales Schedule June 1 - July 30, 2018
Purchase Token Ethereum
Price Token500 BTNT / 1 ETH
Bonus 10% - 40%
Total Supply 50.000.000 BTNT



Members       Gianfranco Pierini - Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder
Richard Zoni - Chief Technology Officer
Anmol Bajwa - Co-Founder
Francesco Oliverio - Project Manager
Muhammad Salman Anjum - Chief Relationship Officer
Garry Singh - Chief Information Officer
Ashton Addison - Chief Marketing Strategist
Paolo Angelini - Lead Back-end Engineer
Carlo Vespa - Lead Front-end Engineer
Saverio Salaris - Head of Marketing
Ciro Borrelli - Community Manager
Nicolai Zaccariello - Community Manager
Edward Melikyan - Marketing Strategist
Cristian Slivca - Community manager, Czech Republic
Suzat Fernandes - Business Development Manager
Beata Sudar - Investor Relations
Akshay Patil - Bounty Manager
Advisors Jay Addison - President, EventChain
Capt. Savio Gomez - Marine Consultant, ICO Advisor
Amarpreet Singh - ICO Advisor
Ndane Faye - Shipping Advisor
John Van der Vos - ICO Advisor and Entrepreneur
Oliver Ko - Financial Advisor
Pankaj Gupta - Corporate Advisor
Marcus Dreyer - ICO Advisor
Marco Sala - Legal Advisor
Thomas Contin - Legal Advisor
Rosheel Baig - Blockchain Advisor

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