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Thursday, April 19, 2018

AIREXE - Ensure increased security of client funds and provide direct support to customers

In the blockchain world, there are some problems experienced in cryptocurrency exchanges. Among others are:
  1. Security of customer funds in exchange
    Security in exchange is the most important thing. Because if the security is not maintained tight, it can experience loss or theft resulting in bankruptcy or closing of the stock.
  2. Lack or weak cooperation with government and regulators
    Companies can have the latest technology and the safest software, however, if the company does not comply with the regulator, it is vulnerable to regulatory risks, and it carries risks like all its clients. 
  3. Bad Customer Support
    Most exchanges are primarily lacking the right customer support services. Problems and problems occur and there is a change. It is important to provide prompt responses to every customer request and solve problems in a timely manner. The current customer support services provided by most exchanges are often very slow and unresponsive, or even nonexistent.
  4. A long waiting period for new coins and tokens to get support
    exchanges are made to trade. If some cryptocurrency or token is issued in exchange, people will use other exchanges to trade. Sometimes a customer requests an exchange to add a new trading partner from a famous coin or token, but the exchange is ignored. This leads to customer dissatisfaction and ultimately the loss of business. 
  5. Less simplicity
    "beginners" require a simplified customer interface and running tutorial, which can explain the process of entering the market. Of course, for an experienced trader exchange must provide a fully marked interface and trading function.
  6. Team and ownership are not transparent
    Some exchanges quickly gained popularity. however, they are set for a completely different purpose, that is illegal. Often, stock ownership is not transparent and hidden through complex structured offshore companies, which do not provide assurance or security to customers. This leads to high regulatory or even criminal risks to exchange customers, which may ultimately lead to loss of assets or disruption of services provided. 
  7. Lack of mobility
    Smartphones or very helpful, let alone features the app. Because the customer must have instant access to his account or exchange with whatever device he likes, a truly neutral exchange of devices.
Therefore, Airexe comes as a solution. AIREXE is a new modern crypto-fiat currency exchange. AIREXE focuses on ensuring increased client funds security, providing customers with responsive, high availability and high accessibility. AIREXE strictly follows and complies with government regulations, licensing requirements, taxation and will operate fully legally.


The vision of airexe is to be the easiest exchange for beginners and for professional traders by providing both professional functionalities with all the features available and simplified for beginners in crypto and commerce.

AIRX Token

Airexe launches a token named AIRX token. As for how to use AIRX guaranteed by Airexe, which is as follows: 
  • AIREXE exchange will receive trading fees on AIRX
    Paying a trade fee in an AIRX token will be much cheaper than in other cryptocurrencies.
  • Purchase time for 0% total sales cost in AIREXE
    Buy a zero commission period for your needs. one week, one month, three months or more. Save on day commissions by buying free commission periods with AIRX tokens.
  • Use AIRX to access Advanced and Professional functionality
    For merchants or professionals, AIREXE will have advanced Professional functionality. Access to this function will be provided for an additional fee. It is best to pay with an AIRX token for Pro functionality, as it will be much cheaper than paying in other cryptocurrencies.
  • Payment for listing on AIREXE
    Projects - ICO, ITO, TGE, TAO or blockchain and orks cryptocurrency can pay AIRX to register tokens and coins. AIRX paid projects for the list will be a high priority for the rocessing request list and assigned a personal manager to continue with the rocess list and support list afterward. 
  • Payment to access the advanced Projects Ratings Agency functionality
    Buy our research on registered cryptocurrency or on a project that does a cryptocurrency fundraiser. The research will be based on the company's fundamental indicators and incorporate methodologies from classical rating agencies (Fitch, Moody's, S & P) and crypto communication activities.
  • Sell the AIRX token on the exchange
    Sell ​​and buy AIRX token on the exchange.
That was a little review of AIREXE. Hopefully those interested in joining this project can go directly to their official website at


Team & Advisors

  • Sergei Zubkov - General management
  • Alexey Kuzmin - Software development head
  • Aleksey Gordienko - International business development
  •  Alex Xu - Crypto-assets trading expertize
  • Alex Belko - Web front end
  • Ivan Lisenkov - Risk management and trading expertise
  • Artem Marko - Content management
  • Vladislav Kirilenok - Web Front-End
  • Krzysztof Kluszczynski
  • Valery Matulenko
  • Oleg Micewicz
  • Aleksey Dyatlov
  • Alexey Stankus
  • Andrey Zolin

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