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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Streamity - Creates a robust cryptocurrency exchange that includes a range of services

Nowadays, we have entered the digital world, everything possible can be controlled from any place through internet network with gadget/smartphone device. It further facilitates human mobility in daily activities including in the business world, especially in the field of creative economy, so this phenomenon further solidifies the world toward the digital economy. For example, we simply know the email, the use of websites, applications, product management online, and online transactions. The rapid growth of the Digital Economy increases the demand for online payments. Thus, cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular solutions to meet the requirements of the Digital Economy.
Cryptocurrency is a money-exchange medium that applies the science of securing communications to validate and secure financial transactions within the network. If called the original currency, it is not. However, cryptocurrency is now a common term where people use it as a medium of money exchange, buying and selling of goods and services, some even until a financial investment is converted into cryptocurrency. Therefore the term is now defined as a digital currency.
Cryptocurrencies are dominated by purchases from cryptocurrency owners for fiat currencies. Most exchanges allow crypto that can be purchased with other fiat or cryptocurrencies. Price quotes can differ significantly based on the platform used. Most countries do not have a crypto-cardiac law. This means that the cryptocurrency exchange platform is not required to obtain a money service license, and transactions with such exchanges are not regulated. Thus, trading platforms sometimes misuse trust to make a profit.
Because this practice is profitable, there is a surge in the emergence of an unfair trading platform. However, there is a defense against such a platform that is decentralization. The exchange must be conducted directly between interested parties without the use of intermediaries. STREAMITY believes in crypto decentralization. Everyone is free to manage their finances without any third party interference. The STREAMITY project embodies the idea of ​​an honest exchange of cryptocurrencies between individuals.


The Streamity Project is a powerful source of technology and information covering all aspects of blockchain technology and created for the free development and massive distribution. The STREAMITY project is focused on creating a robust cryptocurrency exchange that includes a range of services. The goal is to ensure users can benefit from developments in the cryptographic market, reducing the risks arising from cryptocurrency ownership, transfers, and exchanges. The key element of the STREAMITY project is the STREAMDESK aggregator. StreamDesk is an innovative P2P platform based on blockchain technology because its security and transaction conditions are profitable and allow users to manage their time more effectively. STREAMDESK ensures the exchange of cryptocurrency for fiat currencies using the safest and most efficient smart contracts by combining market capitalization and pricing data from key crypto exchanges. STREAMDESK provides significant benefits for investors and users. There will be a clear display of market data and costs, coupled with a fair, transparent, and secure exchange.


The mission of streamity is to contribute to the development of community security cryptocurrency. Streamity will develop a fair and transparent STREAMDESK service that enables the exchange of cryptocurrency for fiat currencies without intermediaries. This will help users save money, and will protect them from fraud through the use of contracts.
STREAMITY raised funds to launch the STREAMDESK decentralization app (DAPP). Streamdesk is a P2P cryptocurrency exchange platform. STREAMITY also plans to develop an investment resource of information, analysis, and education for STREAMITY.ORG and its services.


The STREAMITY Token is named STREAMITY token (STM). STM is the internal currency of the STREAMITY project.
The number of STM tokens will be issued on the Ethereal platform.
The advantages of STM are: 
  • STREAMITY project is a one-stop shop for cryptocurrency services;
  • The development of STREAMITY services and the inclusion of new users will create strong and steady STM requests;
  • STM will be available on the main key crypto exchange, allowing users and investors to trade instantly;
  • Because of the convenience of STREAMDESK, low commissions, and efficient market interest rates, STREAMDESK enables economic conversion between fiat currencies and STMs;
  • The risk of STM level manipulation is minimized because of the reserve fund;
  • Any user holding more than 1250 STM will receive a set of privileges, including lower commissions on the STREAMDESK platform.
To gain project success, the team invites investors to join the project.




  • Vladislav Kuznetsov – CEO Founder
  • Dmitry Martianov – CTO Co-Founder
  • Oles Sribny – Head of Investment 
  • Maxim Yarushin – Business Development Manager  
  • Sergey Kolomiec – Online coach & Investment 
  • Sergey Bevzenko – Team lead Back-end Developer  
  • Egor Okhterov – Software Engineer 
  • Nikolay Stepanov – Blockchain Developer
  • Pavel Demidovich – Front-end Developer
  • Fridrih Mel’nichuk – Fullstack developer
  • Valerij Kolomiec – Backend developer
  • Nikolaj Pet’ko – Backend developer
  • Ilya Rozin – Designer
  • Olga Prosalova – Marketing & Community
  • Daniil Lobov – Content Manager
  • Albert Bolshakov – SMM manager

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