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Friday, March 16, 2018

CHERR.IO - Optimizing the fundraising process

In the blockchain world, there are many projects. One of which will be discussed here is the ICO project called is different from the usual project because is a project dealing with humanity and conscience which is nothing but charity work. Let's just go on to discuss a little about

What is CHERR.IO?

The CHERR.IO platform is a B2B (business-to-business) platform that caters to charitable organizations by extending reach, optimizing fundraising processes and rebuilding donor trusts with internal transparency mechanisms. The platform is designed on top of the Ethereum block to ensure full transaction traceability and audit capabilities. By using the voting mechanism, the decision is awarded to donors that enable them to choose and control where their money should go to make the biggest impact. The idea of ​​ is removing advertising needs for traditional charity campaigns and reducing campaign costs by a significant margin. introduced the CHR token used during the fundraising process. In the CHERR.IO platform consists of 3 stages of activation phase, fundraising, and conclusion.


The goal of is to make technology available to all charitable organizations by creating a universal platform that improves and extends existing fundraising processes, enhancing transparency and strengthening the trust of people in charitable organizations.

There are several key features for donors in the platform, which are:
  1. Traced
    With the help of blockchain, funds that go to the recipient can be traced so as to increase trust in people.
  2. Safe
    Mathematical security built into the overall blockchain is far superior to previous digital security solutions and ensures unique and unchanging data.
  3. There is no intermediary
    To reduce the number of transactions and administrative costs, these intermediaries have been eliminated completely.
  4. Anti-fraud protection
    Intelligent contracts are the basis upon which funds will be released gradually to the beneficiary on the basis of evidence of progress and public voting.
  5. Helpful
    The reward system is simple: the more evidence you use to support the cause, the higher the reward in it for you.
  6. Emergency pool
    Tokens for campaigns that will not attract enough attention will be placed in emergency ponds, which will provide quick relief in special crisis situations.
That is a brief explanation of For that, we invite you all to join in this charity project in order to help alleviate the less fortunate.

Token Sale

The CHR token is fully compliant ERC20 token generated for use on CHERR.IO platform. Integrated within the Ethereum smart contract, it will serve as the utility token of a decentralized autonomous organization – known as CHERR.IO platform. CHR token will act as the underlying fuel driving all participants to show their best charitable effort with self-initiative and humanitarian actions.

CHR tokens will not give token holders any right to:
  • Ownership of the company
  • Profit sharing of the company
  • Participate in decision making, unless options are put up on voting.
Base token price in Pre-ICO will be set to 10000 CHR for 1 ETH. 24 hours before the main sale we will open a Proof of Charity Bonus Sale for all validated users. The price will be set to 8000 CHR for 1 ETH. The price for the main sale will be set to 7000 CHR for 1 ETH at soft cap. When the soft cap is reached, the token price is changed to 5200 CHR for 1 ETH. The exchange rate will be locked a week before crowdsale and will be valid for the entire time of the crowdsale.
  • Total number of generated CHR tokens: 200.000.000
  • 60% of tokens will be sold in the ICO
  • SOFT CAP / minimal goal: 3.000 ETH
  • HARD CAP: 12.000 ETH
  • Date of crowdsale start: TBA
  • Date of crowdsale end: 21 days or until hard cap is reached
  • Token distribution date: up to 7 days after ICO ends

 Team & Advisors

  • David Tacer – Co-Founder, B.Sc.
  • Mario Markovic – Co-Founder, B.Sc.
  • Aljaz Straser – Co-Founder, B.Sc.
  • Alen Breznik – Art director, UI/UX. Chief Designer at QLINK
  • Simon Furman – Blockchain Developer, B.Sc.
  • Bostjan Kovac – Consultant, PhD
  • Simon Sovic – PR & Business Developer, B.Arch.
  • Rok Klancnik – Visual and video production
  • David Perger – Marketing Strategist, B.Ec.
  • Denis Gorican – Marketing Strategist
  • Eva C. Zimet – Digital Marketing Manager
  • Uros Horvat – Web developer
  • Jacob Papageorgiou – ICO Strategic Advisor
  • Goran Krajacic – SEM & Cryptoeconomics Advisor
  • Niko Slavnic – Business Angel of Slovenia
  • Melinda Woolf – Future of Humanity

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