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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

AKAIITO - Combines everything necessary for effective use of cryptocurrencies

In the blockchain world, there are many ICO projects that essentially have the same goal that is to the success of the project and their team. One of them is ICO project named AKAIITO. AKAIITO is a P2P platform that uses the C2C business model. Akaiito unites 4 parts: Online Market, Rent (car and apartment), Service and Online Map.


The online market is the main platform for users, who want to buy or sell goods with cryptocurrency.
In the online market, there are some things to know are:
  1. Process
    The seller presents his own merchandise, estimating the price for it. Buyers look for merchandise and buy it for cryptocurrency (AIC).
  2. Taxation
    Taxation will occur in accordance with the user's location rules and regulations.
  3. Goods
    All items will be divided into categories for easier searching.
  4. Price
    The token rate will remain when the buyer agrees to purchase the goods. The seller may set a fixed price or a floating price, based on an exchange (risk of a price reduction or increase in accordance with the exchange adjustment to be taken into account).
  5. Reviewing
    System Reviews will be related to buyers in the same way as for sellers.
  6. Blocking
    The AKAIITO online market will surely comply with strict policies that block the blocking of illegal goods and dishonorable users, what will be provided to other users with a feeling of security.

While the advantages of AKAIITO, among others, as follows:
  1. One for all
    The AKAIITO platform combines everything necessary for effective and convenient use of cryptocurrencies. One of them with just one click is able to do all the desire.
  2. Safe shopping
    Opportunity to review. Each user can affect another user's reputation by leaving a review or score, but only after the deal is closed. Smart Contract will follow the interests of both parts of the deal. When purchasing a payment token will be ordered. When the product is shipped, by scanning the QR code, ensuring that it accepts delivery and the deal can be successfully closed. After that, the token is moved to the seller. This function guarantees the purity of the agreement.
  3. Low Commission
    Commission only 3%. Of the 3%, will be returned to 1% buyers in AIC's with cash back system. So, basically, the commission is only 2%.
  4. Money back
    Stimulate reward program, if 1% of total purchase amount will be returned to a buyer after the deal closed. Each buyer, who has confirmed the deal and reviewed the seller will get back 1% of the total purchase amount.
That's a quick review of AKAIITO. Hopefully useful for all of us.

АIC tokens

For successful realization of AKAIITO project will be launched sale of AIC tokens. AKAIITO will release 30 million of AIC tokens. For Sale will be released 22.5 million of AIC tokens. The whole amount of tokens sale will be divided into 2 steps: Pre ICO and ICO. During Pre ICO sale will be released 1 million of AIC tokens and during ICO sale will be released 21.5 million of AIC tokens (amount of released AIC tokens will depend on ETH rate).
Tokens Distribution AIC Share
Tokens amount 30 000 000 100 %
Sale of tokens Up to 22 500 000 75 %
Marketing Up to 2 100 000 7 %
Bounty, consultants Up to 900 000 3 %
Team Up to 4 500 000 15 %

Tokens amount 30 000 000
Price 1 ETH = 1000 AIC
Minimum purchase 10 AIC = 0,01 ETH
Minimum (SOFT CAP) 1000 ETH
Maximum (HARD CAP) 20 000 ETH
Start 13.03.2018
End 15.04.2018
Smart contract https://github.com/cromleh g/AKAIITO

Investment Bonuses (BIG DEAL BONUS)
For big investments will be used ladder system of bonuses. Bigger investment amount – bigger percent of ac-crued bonuses (bonuses are calculated from in-vestment amount):

+1% +2% +3% +5% +8% +10% +15% +20%
10 ETH 51 ETH 101 ETH 151 ETH 201 ETH 301 ETH 1001 ETH 1501 ETH




Team & Advisors

Team Sergey Brek – Founder Vladislav Garbuzenko – Lead Developer
Ksenia Deina – SMM
Katja Krolova – CEO
Zahar Deina – Blockchain expert
Dmitriy Polozkov – SMM
Denis Kanavin – Co-Founder
Serhii Yelchenko – Project Manager
Eduard Shultzik – SMM
Andrei Tšerednik – Lawyer
Bohdan Novikov – Web Developer
Muhammad Netto – Support
Aleksandr Rakutin – Senior Developer
Tamara Bazylko – QA Engineer
Alexandr Karmyzov – System administrator
Advisors Francesco Redaelli – Advisor Deniss Boroditš – Advisor
Thibault Launay – Advisor
Romain Girbal – Advisor


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