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Friday, March 9, 2018

DocTailor - Creating a new ecosystem designed for the advancement of blockchain in the legal industry.

In the blockchain world, there are many projects, one of them is DocTailor. Each project must have the same goal that is to succeed the project. Well, it will be discussed all DocTailor here.

DocTailor is a unique and customized legal contract platform, enabling lawyers, individuals, and organizations to post and create smart contracts and agreements aligned with legal rights on blockchain without the developer experience.

The purpose of the technology is to create a new ecosystem designed to show ways in which the progress of blockchain can be used in the legal industry. 

DocTailor aims to:
  • Improve the accessibility of smart contracts that are customized
  • Enhance ease of development of smart contracts, acquisitions, and distribution
  • Offer easy payment options, save crypto and fiat money
  • Facilitate the use of other DocTailor and/or crypto DOCS tokens
  • Operate on P2P, B2C, and B2B as needed
  • Integrate with a business infrastructure to deliver value to real-world situations
  • Manage and monitor smart contracts and deployed obstacles
DocTailor was introduced as a viable long-term solution to the problem that hindered the widespread adoption of blockchain technology. Focuses on weaknesses of existing smart contract apps - user experience - DocTailor allows easy access to the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and smart contracts. This platform will support third-party API integration, enabling smart contracts tailored for inclusion into third-party systems. The idea is simple and straightforward for businesses to create and implement smart contracts while benefiting from the cryptocurrency economy.

Doctailor issued a token. This token can be used to purchase custom-made legal documents, as well as additional features included on the platform. Those who use tokens in fiat money will be rewarded with additional time added to the account, and access to exclusive documents and templates. 

The characteristics and advantages of DocTailor are as follows:
  • Clause Selection: Users can select more than 10,000 pre-made legal clauses.
  • Merger Clause: The selected clause can be merged into the existing document structure.
  • Document Arrangement: New contracts can be built for users quickly and efficiently.
  • Format: Documents can be downloaded in various formats (eg Word, HTML, XML, PDF).
  • Blockchain: Templates are stored in the blockchain, maintaining clarity and transparency.
  • Tracking: Users can monitor the use of the contract and the recipient's participation (eg authorization).
  • Contract Management: Documents can be stored and managed online as needed.
  • Authentication: Alerts are used to mark the signing of documents and contracts.
  • Smart Contract: A secure agreement is used to protect both parties in financial transactions.
That's a quick review of the doctailor. DocTailor's success relies heavily on larger adoption of the blockchain, not only from individuals but also from organizations and legal professionals. 



Team And Advisors

  • Sam Enrico Williams – Founder and CEO
  • Dominic Brown – COO
  • Alexandrine Masse – Senior Legal Officer
  • Saffron Weale – CMO
  • Marco Zaratta – Italian Legal Counsel
  • Pavel Rubin – Blockchain & Software Developer
  • Victor Khomiak – Front-End Developer
  • Khaja Aleemuddin – Data Management
  • Chadwick Palmatier – Certified Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Professional
  • Petro Levchenko – Cryptocurrency Advisor
  • Krystelle Galano – Crypto Marketing Advisor – Asia
  • Abhijith Naraparaju – Blockchain Solution Architect
  • Sash Jeetun – Research and development Analyst
  • Marco Mengele – Blockchain Compliance Executive
  • David Drake – ICO Adviser
  • Vladimir Nikitin – Legal Advisor – Russia
  • Michael Buchbinder – Crypto Exchanges & Liquidity
  • James Sowers – Advisor & Crypto Expert

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