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Friday, March 30, 2018

Bittwatt - The first platform to facilitate cooperation between all market operators

In the blockchain world, there are many ICO projects with the same ultimate goal being to achieve the success of the team and the project which then becomes the source of income. This time it will be discussed ie ICO project named Bitwatt. For that is just the summary of Bitwatt.

Bittwatt is a matchmaking platform that connects producers, energy suppliers and savvy consumers (and prosumers6) to transact energy in a structured way. It is the best flexible system of all available resources and ability to meet the needs of customers much more efficiently.

Bittwatt envisions the world of smart consumers in sustainable energy systems with minimal cost to all parties.

The mission of Bittwatt is to be the first international platform to integrate and facilitate cooperation between all market operators for the benefit of consumers. 

to achieve this goal, Bittwatt is committed to:
  • creating a simple, transparent blockchain energy trading market, and delivering value to all of its users.
  • growing globally (London, Bucharest, and Singapore are under development).

Excess Bittwatt is found in: 
    Bittwatt allows fast, transparent, and reliable settlement between market participants. Based on consumer profiles, Bittwatt matches demand with market supply every hour of every day.
  2. Demand Supply is Smart Response
    Bittwatt uses artificial intelligence to learn and adapt to what the grid says. This allows the demand system to be a response that simplifies supply for all parties, from power plants to savvy consumers.
  3. Commercial Platforms
    Bittwatt integrates regulatory and data information shared among energy suppliers, network operators, and savvy consumers thereby bridging the broader software ecosystem and real-world business.

Things that might be done by Bitwatt are: 
    A secure multilateral framework for international energy cooperation (in areas such as production, conversion, transportation, distribution, settlement of transactions under smart contracts, and energy use).
    With an energy purse, users can utilize energy storage capabilities by buying cheap and selling at the highest price by using Bitwatt cryptocurrency online, exchange and trading system.
    Europe's single border charging network for electric vehicles enables smart consumer identification and completion of Bittwatt wallets.

Business Model

The Bittwatt business model begins with active power suppliers for each participating country (ie in every country where Bittwatt operates), registered on the Bittwatt platform after successfully meeting a set of qualifications and onboarding requirements.

the main benefits brought by Bittwatt are:
  • Cost reduction compared to other energy transfer systems;
  • Transaction speed increases;
  • Scalability (Bittwatt provides the possibility of expansion to a large number of participants/ users/transactions);
  • Disintermediation (making a business model possible that does not require intermediaries).

Bittwatt Token

By using Ethereum as an abstract base layer, Bittwatt is able to implement all its features and protocol rules directly into smart contracts, which are then propagated and processed by the network. Above Ethereum, the service is created using Geth which is a multipurpose command line tool running a full Ethereum node implemented in Go. In this case, it runs on a proprietary Linux server without an open RPC / HTTP port. Bittwatt will develop an ERC20 token named BWT token. This will be the foundation for all operations within the ecosystem. Total token supply is 400,000,000 BWT.

BWT tokens represent a transferable token equivalent of 1 kWh. BWT tokens are used to pay for electricity on the Bittwatt platform, regardless of geography or suppliers (as long as energy suppliers are Bittwatt partners).

The main uses of BWT tokens include:
  • Payment for products and services offered by Bittwatt
  • The settlement between energy produced and consumed for prosumers
  • The foundation for the development of tokens used in certain geographies


The Bittwatt coin sale goal is the equivalent of $36,000,000.00 (US). The minimum funding goal is the equivalent of $30,000,000.00 (soft cap). The price of one BWT in the token sale is $0.12 (average equivalent of 1 kWh). The split of caps, bonuses and available tokens in the various stages is illustrated in the table below:
Bittwatt has the strong potential to provide a solution for the energy sector by ensuring the following solutions to today’s problems:
  1. Multiple parties share data – multiple participants can view shared information;
  2. Multiple parties update data – multiple participants can take actions that need to be recorded and change the data;
  3. Requirement for verification – participants can trust that the actions that are recorded are valid;
  4. Intermediaries add cost and complexity – removal of central authority record keeper intermediaries will reduce cost and complexity;
  5. Interactions are time-sensitive – reducing delay has business benefit;
  6. Transaction interaction – transactions created by different participants depend on each other.
 That's a summary of Bitwatt. For more details can be seen on web Bittwatt.



Team & Advisors

  • Cristian Hagmann – General manager & Co-founder
  • Daniela Cristina Stoicescu – CEO & Co- founder
  • Tudor Stomff – ICO Manager
  • Alexandru Ioana – Content Manager / Creative
  • Cristina Maria Banu – Marketing Specialist
  • Adrian Asevoaia – Project Manager
  • Marius Posa – Business Developer for East Europe
  • Iulian Bobes – Research and Development Officer
  • Dan Cearnău – Advisor
  • Ioana Frîncu – Advisor
  • Andrei Popescu – Co-Founder of COSS.IO and Seasoned Blockchain Tech Start-Ups Investor/Advisor
  • Rune Evensen – Rune is the project’s champion directing and supporting the team.
  • Cristopher Bridges – Legal Advisor
  • Ionut Scripcariu – Co-Founder at CardBlue – first independent prepaid card issued in Romania
  • Martin Ermenkov – Country Partner Serbia
  • Hristo Yanutsev – Country Partner Bulgaria
  • Natasa Dogramadzieva-Maneva – Country Partner Macedonia
  • Olosz Szabolocs – Country Partner Hungary

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writen by : Ludmilla
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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Cool Cousin - Provides convenience to travelers to get services and information

In this growing world, it is not uncommon for everyone to travel for refreshing from the saturation of their activities. To support that, of course in need of an agent or travel agency that offers various facilities and security for the tourists. Therefore, there is a blockchain technology that supports this is called cool cousin.

Introducing Cool Cousin

What cool is that cousin ??? Cool Cousin is a VC supported company that enables local residents to earn a living from their knowledge while making it easier for travelers to improve their travels. Launched in 2016 is used by over 500 thousand travelers worldwide. Enhanced as an upcoming travel service by the New York Times, Guardian, USA Today, National Geographic and TechCrunch, Cool Cousin enjoys double-digit monthly growth and is well positioned to become a major player in the $ 2.3 trillion travel industry.


By using the cool cousin app, travelers get city guides on demand that suit their style and needs right from the locals. Now, millennials have an optimized service. Cool Cousin has established itself as an alternative for travelers where they can easily access the information they need by directly connecting to the local's alias Cousins. By building a decentralized ecosystem of locals and travelers around the world, backed by a new cryptocurrency called CUZ, Cool Cousin is building the foundation for a new travel agency.

In this ecosystem, Cool Cousin makes it easy for travelers to get tailor-made services and information tailored to their tastes while allowing local residents to use their unique knowledge as a source of income. Using this service, travelers can search through the list of Cousins ​​in over 65 destinations, and find the ones that are right for them. Each Cousin has a different guide to their city with their favorite neighborhoods and local businesses, available online and offline. Tourists who are looking for something specific, such as cheap tickets to nearby football games or bars that host a cool local band, can also contact their Cousins ​​directly for personal assistance on demand. Cool cousin launches web and ios apps that can be accessed to help travelers.

Cool Cousin has a unique insight into what tourists want and need. User feedback and data analysis from hundreds of thousands of travelers, enabling it to continue optimizing platforms and services to provide users with the best products possible.

Cool Cousin For Tourists

Cool Cousin is on its way to becoming a revolutionary and decentralized travel agent for Millennial and Gen Z travelers: Using blockchain technology and powered by CUZ tokens. Cuz tokens are created for the exchange of travel services and unique local information.

Cool Cousin faces the challenge of upholding content standards and controlling manipulative marketing strategies while generating profits for the Company and incentivizing the Community. Revenue from transactions will go directly to the service provider or Company as detailed in the affiliate's fees and solutions for the business), less the commission fee to be shared between the Company and the Community.

Cool Cousin Growth

In its growth, the cool cousin showed very rapid progress. With over 100 thousand users per month, Cool Cousin has grown in double digits since it was first introduced in 2016. Named by National Geographic, New York, The LA Times, The Guardian and USA Today as "mandatory apps for travelers, cool cousin has managed to stand out as a promising new player in a very crowded travel arena. In terms of users, cool cousin shows steady growth since it was launched in 2016. While in the interaction, in the last 6 months cool cousin has witnessed a 310% growth in the number of quality interactions between cousins ​​and travelers.


Cool cousin also introduces an open source cryptographic token named CUZ, which is created for the exchange of travel services and unique local information. Cool Cousin faces the challenge of upholding content standards and controlling manipulative marketing strategies while generating profits for the Company and incentivizing the Community. Revenue from transactions will go directly to the service provider or Company as detailed in the affiliate’s fees and solutions for the business), less the commission fee to be shared between the Company and the Community.
The CUZ token supply will be limited to 300,000,000 million units and allocated according to the following:
ICO details

HARD CAP : 17,500 ETH


The vision of cool cousin is to be a decentralized ecosystem that uses smart contracts to ensure the exchange of knowledge and direct and secure services between tourists and locals around the world. While his goal is to spread a fantastic travel experience.

That's a quick review of the cool cousin. Maybe useful.



Team & Advisors

  • Itay Nagler – CEO
  • Gil Azrielant – CTO
  • Nadav Saadia – CMO
  • Shachar Cotani – CPO
  • Itamar Weizman – COO
  • Danielle Zilberberg – Head of Content
  • Yotam Ofek – Head of Back-end development and DevOps
  • Rotem Vahnnich – Partnerships
  • Guy Levi – Head of Front-end development
  • Or Chen – Head of iOS Development
  • Ofer Feder – Back-End Developer
  • Nimrod Yoely – Front-End Developer
  • Jonathan Brotzen – QA engineer
  • Yotam Arad – UX Designer
  • Gili Noy – Content Marketing
  • Guy Ben David – Growth Marketing Manager
  • Callum Hale-Thomson – Global Community Manager
  • Pete hancock – Former Head of National Sales @ Yelp
  • Bärí A. Williams – Operations Advisor
  • Asaf Shavit – Co-founder @ Digital Asset Partners
  • Ori Magen – Dir. Global Growth @ Automattic / Former Global Head of Growth & Marketing
  • Eric Sheinkop – Business Advisor
  • Itai Elizur – Partner & COO @ Market Across PR
  • Asaf Meir – Founder & CEO @ Solidus Labs
  • Amir Feder – Crypto Economist
  • Sebastian Stupurac – Co-founder @ Wings Stas Oskin – Core Dev & Biz Dev
  • Ariel Kedem – Product Consultant
  • Ron Matzkin – Market Analysis Expert
  • Lior Prosor – Investor, Partner @ Elevator Fund
  • Ori Glezer – Investor, Partner @ Elevator Fund
  • Tom Bronfeld – Investor, Partner @ Elevator Fund

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writen by : Ludmilla
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Monday, March 26, 2018


Passengers around the world can spend several hours waiting for their flight to airport terminals. Most of them are subjected to delays, extended transfers, or long check-in times and are forced to spend their time in a busy, bustling terminal with little, to no privacy. In a recent survey that was conducted on 10,000 international travelers by Skyscanner. In total, 36% of respondents wanted to see sleeping pods at airports.

The AirPod Capsule

Present alternatives are simple, AirPod will give its users a balanced. For the first time, travelers will have the opportunity to read their favorite book, watch movies, listen to the music or just get that extra bit of sleep to help them recharge and relax. AirPod Sleeping Pod (hereinafter referred to as AirPod) is a private “capsule style” unit designed to be installed in public spaces. It is an ideal solution for people who are seeking an area while still in a public place.

Key advantages :
  • Innovative Design offering convenience, comfort, privacy, security and superior facilities
  • Space efficiency - relatively small space for installation (5,22m2)
  • Comprehensive integrated high technology enhancements focused on the business traveler
  • External noise reduction
  • Affordable and value-added product for the global traveler
  • Highly mobile - can be positioned anywhere within the airport

Key features :
  • Free access to Amazon Fire TV
  • Free High-speed Wi-Fi for all users
  • Sound, visual and scent relaxing/anti-stress programs
  • Booking via the internet, IOS and Android mobile application on the spot or in advance
  • Power sockets (USB/electricity)
  • Working desk
  • Luggage and personal belongings storage
  • Air Condition & HEPA filter (fresh air and constant temperature)
  • Alarm clock
  • Flight status information
  • The high-quality seat that can be transformed into a bed
  • Self-disinfection LED system

The technology and range of services available in an AirPod fills a gap in the market for luxury services at affordable prices and offers a very similar alternative to the various already existing VIP lounges at airports.

Cost comparison: (on a basis of 3 hours waiting time)

Example 1: One of the world's largest independent airport lounge access program with over 1000 lounges at airports.
Example 2: Heathrow airport Lounge. Cost for 3 hours: 100 GBP.



The current competitors are only in major transport hubs, and only offer a single solution - a sleeping area. Here are some of AirPod’s nearest competitors : 


The APOD Token

Blockchain also plays a huge part in the use of the AirPod units, with users being able to pay for rent with the APOD token. The APOD token will be a digital asset (known as a Cryptocurrency) that is built on the Etherium Blockchain and uses decentralized ledger technology to track and verify transactions. AirPod Blockchain will be made open source so all users can see, understand, and get to know our technology.

The APOD utility token (hereinafter referred to as APOD token) will be used in AirPods initially set to be distributed in airports worldwide. Tokens will be issued with a Smart Contract on the Ethereum network (Token) in a limited amount at Token Generation Event/s (TGEs) followed with distribution.

Rent Calculation

AirPod hubs will be available for rent at prices, expressed in a local fiat currency of the country, where the hub will be stationed. A minimum renting period is one hour, while the smallest time step of half an hour. The customer will be able to choose either to use APOD Tokens for renting or pay for the service with a credit card.

t (h)*P(LC)*ER*DR
number of APOD Tokens, needed for renting an AirPod hub
t (h) =
renting period in hours
P(LC) =
price for renting (per hour), expressed in the local currency
ER =
exchange ratio between the local currency and APOD Token on the online exchange
DR =
discount ratio, this is a discount for customers that choose to provide APOD Tokens for renting the AirPod hub

The ICO Stages

Pre-Sale is the first time that tokens will be made open to the “general public”. We are looking to reward those who participate the earliest by giving them the most number of tokens. The earlier you participate the more tokens you will receive.
Crowdsale is the main event where everyone can participate. Much like the Pre-Sale period those who participate earlier will receive the bigger number of tokens for their contribution. You can find out more information about these periods below.
ICO Soft Cap  
The soft cap for this ICO raise will be $2.700.000 (Two Million Seven Hundred Thousand). We have calculated this number based on the work that has already been undertaken and the work needed to get the project where we need it to be.
ICO Hard Cap  
The hard cap for this ICO raise will be $20.000.000 (Twenty Million). Like the soft cap, this number has been calculated based on the sum we feel would enable us to achieve all of our objectives and more for this project.
Token Cap 
A total of 250.000.000 APOD Tokens (“Total Cap”) will be generated at the first block and distributed according to  Token  Distribution  Plan.
Crowdsale information: 
  • Start of Token Crowdsale: March 2018
  • Duration: 30 days
  • Token symbol: APOD 
  • Token standard: ERC-20 
  • Soft Cap: $2.7 million 
  • Max. Hard Cap: $20 million 
  • Total supply: 250.000.000 APOD 
  • APOD Distributed in the Crowdsale: 200.000.000 APOD (80%) 
  • Token price: $0.10

Bonus allocation

  • Bonus 30% of Tokens will be attributed during this phase to each contributor until we raise 2,7 million USD. (Soft-Cap)
  • Bonus 18% of Tokens will be attributed during this phase to each contributor above Soft cap, up to 140 million APOD tokens, which is Pre-Sale hard cap.
  • Those who contribute in first 48 hours: 12%
  • Week 1: 9%
  • Week 2: 6%
  • Week 3: 3%
  • Week 4: 0%


  • Grega Mrgole - CEO, Co-founder
  • Miha Meolic - COO, Co-founder 
  • Jure Jakomin - Bounty Manager 
  • Misa Podpecan - Digital Media specialist
  • Miran Pavlic - Communications Manager 
  • Ales Jazbec - Tech & Visual Support 
  • Dejan Cerni - Technical support 
  • Andrej Kregar - Product Development Manager
  • Janez Skobe - Multimedia Support
  • Vladimir Nikitin - Strategic ICO/ Compliance Advisor 
  • Nikolay Shkilev - ICO Advisor
  • Nathan Christian - ICO Advisor 
  • Amarpreet Singh - Blockchain & ICO Advisor 
  • Dusko Pavasovic - Crypto analytics Advisor 
  • Tomaz Lorenzetti - BUSINESS ADVISOR 
  • Iztok Franko - AIR TRAVEL ADVISOR

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writen by : Ludmilla
bitcointalk profile :;u=1064448;sa=summary
myetherwallet adress : 0x29ac4A201C36b7922430F0A37976C1bA1c617339

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