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Saturday, February 10, 2018

TOKENLEND - Blockchain-powered lending platform

In the world of the blockchain, there are many projects one of which will be discussed here is Tokenlend. Immediately, here's a quick review of Tokenlend. Tokenlend is a platform that provides the ability to invest in real estate loans using crypto and fiat currencies. Tokenlend removes the uncertainties faced by small investors by helping secure loan-based investments and providing a competitive, predictable and consistent rate of return.

The mission of the Tokenlend is to make the loan market for everyone. Therefore, the team is planning the creation of a blockchain-powered loan platform aimed at helping users to earn profits by lending funds easily and quickly.

the excellence of Tokenlend

TokenLend gives you the ability to invest in real estate loans using crypto and fiat currencies. This platform contains a carefully selected list of carefully selected loan and pre-checks available for investment. TokenLend will only receive from trusted EU loan originators. The presence of a legal entity as a counterparty will allow us to take the necessary precautions in advance to receive timely payments by the lender and reduce the risk of default. TokenLend personnel will re-validate information received by the lender, including personal data of the borrower, appointment information, appraisal and LTV ratios. Loans will only be listed on the platform if they meet TokenLend strict loan selection criteria.


The platform provides a suite of tools for potential investors and lenders through an easy-to-use web interface. The core features contained in TokenLend are:
  1. The loan market where the lender will offer the opportunity for the user to invest and receive income.
  2. Market Loan Participation Note (LPN) is a "Secondary Market" where users can trade in sustainable investment for liquidity.
  3. Payment gateways that allow users and lenders to deposit and withdraw funds from their accounts.

How Tokenlend Works

  1. The originator of the loan adds a new loan to the system through the Dashboard. Once loan details are validated and successfully verified by platform personnel, smart loan contracts are created and published to the platform.
  2. Users purchase Loan Participation Notes (LPN) for a particular loan by transferring the desired amount of TLN to the loan address. The loan smart contract then generates an LPN contract with a principal amount equal to the amount of TLN transferred by the user as well as a personal repayment schedule based on LPN time stamps and loan terms.
  3. LPN is related to the ETH wallet address of the user as the recipient of the interest payment. The total amount of TLN received from all users is transferred to the Originator Credit account as the principal of the loan.
  4. According to the schedule of smart loan contracts, the lender sends interest payments and principal payments (if applicable) to the platform.
  5. After the last transaction by the lender, the LPN contract closes the repayment schedule and sends the interest along with the remaining principal of the TLN loan to the respective account.
  6. The loan is then deemed to be closed, then the association of the wallet address is issued and the LPN contract is considered fully executed
That's a quick review of Tokenlend. Hopefully, it can be useful for readers and for investors to take steps to participate in the success of this project.

 TLN Token

Tokenlend has a token of lend coin (TLN). TLN can be used to invest in loans registered on the platform and receive revenue. The TLN token holder is guaranteed a share of the company's profits.


Total supply:

473 466 667 TLN
ICO supply: 350 000 000 TLN
Token price: 1 ETH = 2 500 TLN
Soft cap is: 20 000 ETH
Hard cap is: 140 000 ETH


Tier 1: 0 >= 3000 ETH – 10% bonus tokens
Tier 2: 3000 >= 9000 ETH – 7% bonus tokens
Tier 3: 9000 >= 21000 ETH – 5% bonus tokens
Tier 4: 21000 >= 45000 ETH – 3% bonus tokens



Team Ivan Kovtun – Chief Operating Officer
Sergei Naiden – Chief Executive Officer
Vitaliy Russkih – Chief Technical Officer
Aleksandr Petrov – Blockchain Architect
Maria Viter – Business Development Officer
Tanya Chuh – Chief Community Officer
Advisors Leo Matveev – CEO & Founder at SearchInform
Maksims Matulevics – CEO & Founder at Money Express Credit
Nikolajs Timofejevs – CVO at Money Express
Anton Kolomyeytsev – CEO & Co-Founder at StarWind Inc


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